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Heroes Commentary 3x21 - “In Asylum”

Three storylines. One hot. One wet. One surprising. And it's all good baby, it's all good.

Wow… ok first off, let me just say that I don’t even ‘ship Nathan/Claire, but DAMN. Seriously. The writers have to have been trolling around the communities, because that was kinda ridiculous.

Ok, back to the front.

Why does Nathan speak Spanish? I mean, he’s a military guy, but did he really have much call to learn that particular language? Claire knowing it, I could totally understand, because she’s a native of Texas, recently transplanted to California, but Nathan? Eh… whatever. Not playing by the same game plan (few days/one day) is funny in any language.

The expression on Claire’s face when the dude asks her if they were paying by the hour was just, “Ew! Gross! No!” Hee hee! I mean, Nathan is a sexy, sexy man, particularly in a suit, with a vest, with stubble and flight!hair, but she pretty much hates his guts, and I’m pleased to see she’s still respecting her convictions.

Also, I’m pleased to see Claire correct Nathan’s “father” to “biological father.” Because Nathan is naught but a glorified sperm donor to Claire’s existence, and it’d kinda piss me off if someone who was essentially a stranger was claiming the kind of closeness and implied love that being a real father entails. Claire’s father is Noah Bennet, and Nathan better not forget it!

Poor Nathan, saying he’s going to “make some calls.” To who? To say what? I’m just looking at him and know that he’s going through the motions, saying what politicians are supposed to say, when he has exactly zero resources to call his own. No money, no power, trapped south of the boarder with a biological daughter that doesn’t like him, Nathan’s kinda hit the bottom of the barrel. But he hasn’t started scraping yet. That comes later in the episode!

Oh dear… Later has arrived, and now it’s time for ridiculousness to happen. Claire, smartly, has converted jewelry into cash. Nathan wants to make more cash through trickery. He spots college kids doing shots. This can only go downhill from here.

Nathan: “Claire, I want to prove to you that I can be a good provider, and worthy of being a father figure. To do that, I will call upon skills I learned as a serviceman ten years ago, and as a fall-down drunk last year, and try to drink four college-age men under the table. Yes, that’s right, not even your dad would drink himself into a stupor to try to win your affection. I hope you appreciate this.”

Claire: “Or, you know, the girl with the regenerating liver could do it…”

Nathan: “No, no, really, I have to do this, to prove to myself that I still have some worth…”

Claire: “Uh… ‘kay. I’ll try to make sure you get back to the hotel room in one piece. Loveable dork.”

(Though for one heart-stopping second I thought one of the college frat boys was West. EEEK!)

And then, wow. Oh wow. Claire has to haul Nathan back to the room, drag him out of the closet, UNBUTTON HIS CLOTHES and get him on the bed. Jeeminy Christmas. I’m not made of stone here people.

It was so heartbreaking when Nathan confessed that he pretty much hadn’t been able to do squat, and everything he’d tried to do for Claire was a failed attempt to win her over. And then Claire gives the best spine-stiffening speech I think I’ve heard on this show, describing that she used to think of Nathan as Superman. Now, Superman may be overly idealistic, but that’s a hell of a better moral blueprint than Arthur Petrelli. Go Claire!

Loved, LOVED Nathan selling his watch to get Claire’s necklace back. That was classy, compassionate, and also marks Nathan acknowledging his role in Claire’s life. Though was anyone else expecting Nathan to fly off right in the middle of the street? Because that would have been kinda awesome.

Angela and Peter, so much family conflict in such a pair of small packages. Peter may be the “good son,” but he’s got his ANGRY eyes on tonight! And he’s now sopping wet, so, you know, that’s a plus.

Poor Angela can’t get to sleep, so seeks the solace of the church. There’s irony pretty much slammed up against most of her statements, so we’ll just let that slide for now.

“Not even God can has it in him to forgive me,” says Angela. Wow. Now I know where Peter gets his emo tendencies. Not to be outdone, Peter does a full on William “The Cleaner” Banks-style talk to God while Angela prays, to ask him why he hasn’t held up his end of the deal.

But before God can answer, HRG enters the scene… Well, he’s kind of like God. Heh, Angela and Peter hide in the confessional (instead of, oh, I dunno, having Peter fly them up into the rafters?), and when HRG finds them, he’s just gives them a look like, “Sigh. You crazy kids. Get on home now before I call your dad.” I love HRG.

Hmm, Sylar waiting for Danko in the car was… interesting. Creepily so. No, not like that, even more creepy than normal. Him saying Danko “fascinates” him? Uh… Just bend over a little farther Sy-Sy, you’re a foot or two short of Danko’s crotch.

(The use of “Runaway” was pretty funny, and the shot of Sylar in the rain on the roof? Totally gratuitous, but it gives us wet Sylar, so I’m not complaining.)

What is it with Sylar and figures of authority? Seriously, he practically bows down and licks the boots of anyone in a position of power, and this is no different. Danko needs a little more persuading, but Sylar makes a convert out of him yet!

Danko, I will say, has some chutzpah. Because he goes on and on about the three people the shapeshifter killed, and how they all have to pull together to bring this guy in for their dead comrades, and the what, TWO DOZEN AGENTS Sylar killed don’t even warrant a mention? Not at all?

Ok, this is what I don’t get. Sylar has clairsentience; he got it from Bridget way back at the beginning of the season. So why’s he all, “I can figure this shapeshifting dude out without my powers?” Because Sylar has been all about the powers since day one. So why not just USE them? Showing that you’ve managed to become a profiler in your time off may make you look smart, but I don’t think Danko gives a shit.

(The club is called Garden of Eden. Clever! Sylar goes after the one power he’s always wanted in the place named after the first person’s power he was forever denied.)

Heh, the shapeshifter using Danko’s form at the club? GLEE! The expression on Real Danko’s face? Priceless.

And doubly amusing when Sylar gets to act out his own death scene. Hmm, the expression on Sylar’s face when Danko tells him the shifter is alive, and just to not leave a “Sylared!” mark was very much, “Daddy’s letting me stay up an extra hour past bedtime! Oh joy!”

Now Sylar has shapeshifting. Ok. I thought there was a reason that Sylar wasn’t given Candice’s illusion power was because it would make it far too easy for him to get past the rest of the Heroes and kill them. And while shapeshifting doesn’t seem to be as fast or easy as illusion, it still opens a lot of nasty doors. Eh… this could end poorly.

I don’t know how I feel about this Sylar/Danko partnership. Because one of them is going to have to kill the other in very short order. And Sylar seems a little too on-board with all of this. I just hope that there’s a really awesome death scene for Danko somewhere on the very near horizon.

Next week, a Petrelli family reunion! My TV may not be able to cope with such epic levels of hotness on one screen…
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