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Master List Part 1

Here is a list of all my fiction (primarily fanfiction) and commentaries. Please do enjoy! Mind that there is some explicit adult content in my journal, and every piece of fic is clearly labled with American movie ratings (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17) as well as with other warnings. If something is not your bag, or you're underage, don't read it!

My friending policy can be found below as well.

The Master List is currently under construction as I finish organizing my Journal and ‘porting over stories from FF.net and AFF.net.


War and Peace In Mind series - A first-person Sky High fanfiction from the perspective of Warren Peace. With his friends at his side, he tries to overcome his shaded past and find a heroic future, even as a great danger comes to threaten the entire superhero community. It's a hard R rating overall for violence and language, though the majority of the chapters hover more around the PG-13 rating. I would describe it as a drama with several heavy action elements.

War and Peace In Mind is a fanfiction I wrote over the course of two years, from November of 2006 to August of 2008 and originally published on FanFiction.net. It's over 348,000 words long, and was an intense labor of love, just FYI.

Thanks to Beserker Nightwitch for spontaneously making this lovely banner for me (and she even included her choices for Joy Peace and Tobias Battle in there, eee!).

Chapter 1: Origins
Chapter 2: Confessions
Chapter 3: Hero’s Journey
Chapter 4: Friends
Chapter 5: Christmas and Confrontations
Chapter 6: Discovery
Chapter 7: Conspiracy
Chapter 8: Guardians
Chapter 9: Gauntlet
Chapter 10: Homecoming
Chapter 11: Debriefing
Chapter 12: Interlude – Cutter’s Crew
Chapter 13: Turnabout
Chapter 14: Opening Up
Chapter 15: Firelight
Chapter 16: Being Normal
Chapter 17: Family
Chapter 18: Necessary Evil
Chapter 19: Don’t Panic
Chapter 20: Seniors
Chapter 21: Side Effects
Chapter 22: Consequences of Power
Chapter 23: Growing Up
Chapter 24: Graduation Gift
Chapter 25: Battle’s Battle
Chapter 26: Identity
Chapter 27: History
Chapter 28: Unwelcome Surprise
Chapter 29: Silence of the Lambs
Chapter 30: Senseless
Chapter 31: Revelations in the Gray Zone
Chapter 32: Disconnection
Chapter 33: Interlude – Joy Peace
Chapter 34a: Tempus Fugit
Chapter 34b: Tempus Fugit
Chapter 35: Necessary Good
Chapter 36: Anticipation
Chapter 37: Uncovered
Chapter 38: Shindig
Chapter 39: Dinosaur Rodeo!
Chapter 40a: Shoe-Dropping Promises
Chapter 40b: Shoe-Dropping Promises
Chapter 41: Interlude – Saving Me
Chapter 42: Captured
Chapter 43: Phase Two
Chapter 44a: Inside Job
Chapter 44b: Inside Job
Chapter 45: Blood and Bones
Chapter 46a: Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 46b: Darkness Before Dawn
Chapter 47: M is for Massacre
Chapter 48a: Heroes and Villains
Chapter 48b: Heroes and Villains
Chapter 49: Epilogue, Etc.

Red and Black - This story is a cut scene for the Epilogue of WaPIM, an NC-17 het piece.

WaPIM Ancillaries – These are several stories, mostly humor, that fit into the WaPIM timeline, but were too different in tone to put into WaPIM itself. Most of them can easily be read as stand-alone stories.

Warren Vs. The Cats - Warren Peace, Layla - [PG] - [2,066 words] - Layla wrangles Warren into volunteering at an animal shelter. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Warren Vs. The Birthday - Warren and the gang - [PG] - [2,583 words] - The gang finds out when Warren's birthday is and become determined that he have a good time. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Warren Vs. Trixie - Warren Peace, Trixie, Mrs. Evans - [PG] - [1,468 words] - Warren's cat has something she needs to tell him, so she enlists the help of Layla's mom. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Warren Vs. The Road Trip - Warren and the gang - [PG] - [3,009 words] - Warren goes on a road trip with the gang. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Warren Vs. The Fireworks - Warren and the gang - [PG] - [1,984 words] - Warren gets roped into doing his patriotic duty. Wacky hijinks ensue!
The Book of the Dead - Veronica Powers, Kane Adams - [PG-13] - [3,614 words] - Principal Powers knew Sky High had to change. What did she turn to for inspiration?

WaPIM Transitions – These three stories are meant to bridge the time gap between WaPIM and its sequel, We are Legend, which I am currently writing.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, WaPIM Transitions 1 - Cutter's Crew, Son of Silver, Veronica Powers - [R rating] - [3,009 words] - The sworn enemies of our Sky High graduates have escaped. Defeated, wounded, and on the run, they mean to swear their revenge...
Warren Vs. The Weddings, WaPIM Transitions 2 - Warren and the gang - [PG-13] - [4,611 words] - Warren has to help Will get ready for his wedding, and also his own! Romance, friendship, and a few wacky hijinks ensue!
Redeemers' Grace, WaPIM Transitions 3 - Monica, Warren, Redeemers - [R rating] - [7,550 words] - Monica's new group of reformed villains has yet to face a hero's trial, and she's not sure if they can...

Non-WaPIM Sky High Gen

Little One - Magenta and the gang, Mr. Grayson/Stitches - [R rating] - [4,470 words] - Woken up in a trap. No way out. And only one way to survive...
Little One, Fly Away - Magenta, Mr. Grayson/Stitches, Royal Pain - [R rating] - [3,329 words] - When asked to free a trapped child, Magenta learns she cannot face the truth of her own making...
Little One, Fly Apart - Magenta, Mr. Grayson/Stitches - [R rating] - [1,941 words] - A supervillain always has to have a plan. Stitches can only hope that this time he's able to make it work.

Sky High [Adult Section]

Purify Me, Part 1 and Purify Me, Part 2 - Will’s first solo mission goes horribly wrong. Can Warren help him deal with the consequences before it’s too late? [non-con, hurt/comfort, slash]
Unleashed and Unleashed 2: Slow - Warren and Will indulge in a little role-reversal. [slash]

The Stop series is a story of the relationship between Warren and Will, from first kiss, to telling their parents, and beyond… [slash, seriously, like a heaping amount of nearly PWP slash. And romance.]
Stop Chapter 1
Stop Chapter 2: Morning After
Stop Chapter 3: Proof of Love
Stop Chapter 4: Rocking the Boat
Stop Chapter 5: Burning Bridges
Stop Chapter 6: Happy Birthday

Dark Stop - This is a dark and twisted alternate second chapter to Stop. [slash, threesome, dubcon, Warren being a bastard]

Heroes Gen
A Time Traveler In the Nursery - Angela Petrelli, Hiro Nakamura - [PG rating] - [700 words] - Angela has a most unexpected visitor where she least expects it.
Swift Road To Nowhere - Daphne Millbrook, Arthur Petrelli - [PG rating] - [699 words] - Daphne cannot run from her troubles.
Surprise Party - Claire Bennet, Angela Petrelli, Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Noah Bennet - [PG rating] - [638 words] - People try to organize a birthday party for Noah Bennet. Hijinks ensue!
Mama Grizzly - Angela Petrelli, Sandra Bennet - [PG] - [1,998 words] - Angela gets a call to help Sandra with a problem she knows very well. But the solution turns back on her in a way she couldn’t have expected.
Light Not Hidden Under A Bushel - Monica Dawson, Micah Sanders - [PG] - [434 words] - Micah and Monica try to spread some Christmas cheer.
Written In Crayon - Nathan Petrelli, Angela Petrelli - [PG-13] - [782 words] - Someone out there wants Nathan to remember.
Familiar As Home - Rene (The Haitian), Sandra Bennet/Noah Bennet - [PG-13] - [782 words] - The Haitian has to do his usual duties.
Normal - Gabriel, Luke - [PG-13] - [2,049 words] - Two friends try to work out how special each is going to be. Sequel to Special.
Catharsis - Nathan, Tim Kring - [PG-13] - [2,697 words] - [For the prompt: “The character gets PISSED at what he's been put through over the past few years and goes APOCALYPTIC on his creator's ass. Catharsis ensues.”] - Every creator has wondered what their creations would say to them free of the page or screen. Meeting Nathan one evening doesn’t quite go how Tim Kring had imagined.
Nathan Petrelli, Animal Doctor - Nathan, Peter - [PG rating] - [4,321 words] - What if Nathan had never become a lawyer? What if he made a stand for himself and chose something completely different? Because of that, everything changes.
The Bar At Then End Of The Universe - Caitlin, Charlie - [PG rating] - [1,503 words] - Charlie’s day has just gotten that much stranger when she meets someone else marooned in time.
Love and War Stories - Luke/Elle, Matt/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Sylar, implied past Sylar/Elle, also includes Molly, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Monica, Eric Doyle, West, Alex, Peter, Nathan, Noah Bennet, Angela, Claire - [R rating] - [31,880 words] - (This a sequel to Killing with Kindness) - Written for the 2009 heroes_bigboom, After being rescued by Mohinder, Luke joins up with a group of rebels led by Peter Petrelli. Luke finds himself intrigued by another damaged rebel, Elle, as all the rebels struggle to free other specials, hide from the hunters, and keep themselves sane. But when an unexpected turn of events have things going from bad to worse, Peter realizes the rebels will have to enlist the help of the strongest special any of them knows. By making a deal with the devil, can the rebels stop the war and manage to keep themselves from turning into monsters? Can the rebels hold onto what's good in their lives throughout this time of war?
Pride - Mohinder - [PG-13] - [1,355 words] - Mohinder’s memories are the only thing that remind him of why he’s here.
Special - Gabriel, Luke - [PG-13] - [2,694 words] - Two outcasts find their friendship could be threatened by being special.
Long Distance Relationship - Micah/Molly - [PG rating] - [2,857 words] - We all knew Micah and Molly were behind the organized rebellion. Here’s how they got started.
Heroine - 3x25 "An Invisible Thread" alternate ending - Claire, ensemble - [PG-13 rating] - [3,394 words] - An alternate ending, an alternate fate, an alternate route for the Heroes to take… (Click on the link for further Author’s Notes, and then scroll to the story!)
Holding Onto Flight - Peter-centric [PG rating] - [698 words] - Peter wants to keep flying, even at a cost.
Gabriel’s Decision [WIP] - Gabriel, Maya, Alejando - [PG-13 rating] - [2,650] - Gabriel makes an unusual decision in the face of the kindness of strangers.

Heroes Slash

Noah/Nathan – Power Play
Thickening the Thread [NC-17] - [2,440 words] - Noah’s trust of Nathan hangs by a very thin thread.
Sharing Strength [NC-17] - [2,600 words] - Nathan's shame has made him weak...
Letting Go [NC-17] - [3,898 words] - Noah learns to let go.
Dropping the Mask [NC-17] - [1,976 words] - Noah Bennet is having a difficult day.

Nathan/Peter – Brotherly Devotion
Heroes Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Nathan/Peter, Matt, Adam - [NC-17] - [5,270 words] - When Adam releases the Shanti virus, it doesn’t do what he expects. While the world is ending in a zombie apocalypse, Peter tries to believe he can do anything to make a difference.
Another Perfect Win - [NC-17] - [2,033 words] - Nathan and Peter, CEOs of Petrelli and Petrelli, engage in their weekly wager.
Closer - [NC-17] - [719 words] - If Peter can get closer, he can keep Nathan with him.
The Rest of My Life - [NC-17] - [1,437 words] - Peter can’t accept the insane truth of what he and Nathan learned.
Want and Need - [NC-17] - [1,627 words] - Ricky wants something. Peter needs something.
Semipublic Private Lives - [NC-17] - [1,380 words] - Nathan has something much more in mind when Peter drops in for an unexpected tryst. (Pre-series)
Gladiators - [NC-17] - [7,938 words] - Nathan/Peter, ensemble in supporting roles - An AU where Nathan, Peter, and many other “gods-touched” are part of fighting stable of gladiators in ancient Rome. When a horrible fate is to befall one of their own, the two brothers must use their hard-earned fame to gain the influence they need to spare one of their brothers-in-arms…
Lucky Number Seven [NC-17] - [1,516 words] - Peter demands forgiveness, and Nathan has to believe this seventh time will work…
Pact and Promise [NC-17, D/s] - [4,756 words] - Nathan and Peter have a great deal of trust between them, even for brothers. (pre-series, Dom!Peter, sub!Nathan, Nathan in a collar)
’Til Death, and After, Always [NC-17] - [1,260 words] - Peter trusts his brother to the bounds of death, and beyond. (CONSENSUAL "snuff", Peter with his healing powers)
Submit [NC-17] - [1,017 words] - Peter shows up at Nathan’s office one evening, with more than one bone to pick with his brother…
Teaching Nathan [NC-17] - [1,968 words] - Peter discovers Nathan isn’t as good at everything as he thought he was. (For the prompt: “Peter/Nathan -- First time. Tracy wasn't lying. Nathan really is lousy in bed, and now Peter is disappointed. Can progress into LESSONS between Peter and Nathan if necessary.”)

Sylar/Luke - Master and Apprentice
Fairy Tale Show - Gabriel/Luke - [NC-17] - [1,856 words] - Gabriel tells Luke a sexy fairy tale with a very happy ending. Sequel to Private Show and Very Private Show
Normal - Gabriel, Luke - [PG-13] - [2,049 words] - Two friends try to work out how special each is going to be. Sequel to Special.
Constant Friction - [NC-17] - [6,111 words] - Sylar decides to keep Luke around, and realizes beneath the talkative brat is someone he actually wants to know.
Best Day Ever - [NC-17] - [2,992 words] - Luke had the best day of his life at a carnival… [For the prompt: Luke meets Sylar at the carnival and helps his remember how awesome killing is. And by "helps him remember" I mean sucking his cock.]
Very Private Show - [NC-17] - [3,680 words] - (Sequel to Private Show) After two months of working together, Gabriel decides it’s time for a boys’ night out.
Special - [PG-13] - [2,694 words] - Two outcasts find their friendship could be threatened by being special.
Private Show - [NC-17] - [3,649 words] - Luke just wants to earn some extra money as a stripper, but finds himself with a much better job offer after his interview. Stripper!AU
Sleep Therapy - [NC-17] - [831 words] - Sylar and Luke know a way to deal with nightmares.
Hatchling - [R rating, wing!fic] - [4,923 words] - When Sylar rescues Luke from being a test subject, neither of them are ready for the aftermath.
Pimp Me Now - [NC-17] - [2,429 words] - Luke’s been making money by selling himself to men who look like Sylar. When the real deal shows up unexpectedly, an appreciative audience gets the show of a lifetime.
Playtime - [NC-17] - [1,040 words] - When Sylar agrees to let Luke use toys on him, he discovers a very different part of himself.
The Bigger They Are... - [NC-17] - [1,279 words] - If Luke was compensating for something, fine, but he didn’t need to resort to such ridiculous pranks... (For the prompt: "Luke and Sylar get to rutting and having a gay old time, when they find out that *gasp* Luke's is actually bigger than Sylar's...”)
Summer Heat - [NC-17] - [1,124 words] - The AC went out in the car, and Luke’s really, really hot…
Needy - [NC-17] - [2,027 words] - This was the best game he'd ever played. (For the prompt: : “D/s but switch it up, Luke’s the dom, Sylar’s the sub.”)
Rekindle All Your Dreams - [NC-17, knifeplay] - [9,526 words] - Luke’s been left behind one too many times, and this time he just wants Sylar to notice him. When he sees an opportunity, he stops at nothing to make sure he won’t be forgotten.
Moneypenny - [PG-13] - [4,591 words] - Agents Gray and Campbell are on the trail of a superpowered killer. He shouldn’t be too hard to find, if only Agent Campbell could keep his mind on the job… (This is an AU fic where Gabriel and Luke are undercover FBI agents.)
Anointed - [Hard R - NC-17] -[1,343 words] - In an unusual place, Luke makes a choice, and is marked for it.
Becoming the Master - [R rating, torture, gore] - [1,029 words] - Luke learns the real meaning of power.

Matt/Mohinder - More than just roommates
A Marvelous Adventure - [PG-13] - [5,177 words] - When the noble Lord Suresh and his servant Matt are traveling towards their destiny, they meet a priest who had much to teach them. Sequel to The Gauntlet.
Cupid - [NC-17] - [1,273 words] - And accident ends up with Matt and Mohinder having a very appropriately themed Valentine’s Day.
The Gauntlet - [PG-13] - [5,272 words] - Down-on-his luck caravan guard Matt gets into an inadvertent duel with the noble Lord Suresh.
Dr. Feelgood - [PG-13, non-violent stalking] - [5,844 words] - When Matt goes to the Company for help, his doctor takes a very personal interest in his well-being…

Other Slash Pairings
Victory Celebration - Claire/Elle - [NC-17] - [796 words] - After a win in the arena, Claire must compete in a very different kind of challenge with Elle. This is in my Gladiators verse.
Pristine - Claire Bennet/Gretchen Berg - [PG-13] - [537 words] - Claire can’t show who she really is.
Halfway Point to Everywhere - Luke/Lyle - [NC-17] - [2,237 words] - Luke is two years into the most intense schooling of his life, and that’s a milestone worth celebrating. It’s a milestone for Lyle too, and Luke wants to make this celebration doubly special. A sequel to Get Your Money's Worth.
Get Your Money's Worth - Luke/Lyle, Sylar, Claire, West - [NC-17] - [9,739 words] - A slave named Lyle is bought for a college student named Luke, who didn’t want him in the first place. And if he can’t be what his master wants, how can he get what he needs?
Unequal Trade - Nathan/Sylar - [NC-17] - [2,720 words] - Sylar will capture Peter for Nathan, if he’s willing suffer for it…
Interrogation Session - Sylar/Mohinder, Noah, Angela - [NC-17] - [2,680 words] - (Sequel to Insatiable) Noah Bennet uses Sylar's new power and need to interrogate Mohinder.
Insatiable - Sylar/Bennet - [NC-17] - [3,172 words] - Sylar takes a new power that has very unexpected consequences for him, and everyone around him. [For the prompt: "Sylar gains a new power that pretty much makes him a nympho.”]
Happily Ever and Ever After - sequel to Rapunzel - Adam/Peter - [NC-17] - [911 words] - After rescuing themselves, Adam and Peter know the right time is now, and always.
Guilty Pleasure - Nathan/Hiro - [NC-17] - [1,125 words] - Being Nathan Petrelli never means having to say you’re sorry. And never feeling guilty. Unless you have nothing to apologize for.
Rapunzel - Adam/Peter - [PG-13] - [1,355 words] - An imprisoned love in an inaccessible place, a dedicated lover trying to set them both free, and an evil guardian determined to see them both pay for their love…
Those Who Don't Learn From History... - Matt/Adam - [NC-17, dubcon] - [1,490 words] - Adam has a proposal for Matt, and Matt has to ferret out the truth of Adam’s lies…
Killing with Kindness - Luke/Mohinder - [NC-17] - [4,475 words] - Luke has no idea what Mohinder wants from him… (For the prompt, “Mohinder/Luke, Mohinder shows Luke what love/affection/caring really is. Slow, sweet sex. Luke overwhelmed and unsure how to deal with his emotions & a relationship that isn't abusive.”)
Thinking Loudly - Matt/Peter - [NC-17] - [1,590 words] - Matt needs a massage. Peter needs a little more than that… (For the prompt, “Matt/Peter - a massage leads to their first time. Submissive Peter please!”)
Breaking and Entering the Heart - Sylar/Mohinder - [R rating] - [1,583 words] - Sylar breaks into Mohinder’s house, but not for the reason Mohinder believes.
Grace Note - Sylar/Bennet - [NC-17, dubcon] - [1,348 words] - Sylar wants revenge for what he knows is about to happen. He wants to show Bennet what he really is.
Five Times Noah Bennet Trusted Claude Rains and the One Time He Didn’t - Noah/Claude - [NC-17] - [3,492 words] - Trusting your partner can be hard…
Slave - Nathan/Baron Samedi - [NC-17, non-con] - [2,450 words] - Nathan is captured by Baron Samedi, who shows Nathan how to break.

Heroes Het
Ball and Chain - Adam/Monica - [Light R rating] - [367 words] - Monica and Adam celebrate a dinner, and a little bit more…
Kiss - Peter/Emma - [NC-17] - [340 words] - Peter wants to show Emma something new.
Dangerous Toy - Sylar/Elle - [Hard R/NC-17] - [367 words] - Elle has to be hard to get what she wants.
Rock, Paper, Scissors - Peter/Emma - [PG-13] - [492 words] - Peter loses a bet with Emma.
Can't Tell A Killer From A Savior - Implied Claire/Gretchen, Gretchen/Sylar - [NC-17] - [2,124 words] - After Claire’s jump, Gretchen begins to think things are going well between them. In truth, she couldn’t be more wrong.
For Science! - Elle/Mohinder - [NC-17] - [799 words] - Mohinder has a night out. With Elle. This is the aftermath. He tries to deal with it scientifically.
Once Upon A Time In Ancient Japan - Adam/Monica - [NC-17] - [1,138 words] - In 15th century Japan, Adam has never been happier to have Monica fighting at his side.
Pick Your Poison - Nathan/Angela - [NC-17] - [2,598 words] - Angela wants her son to be strong. Nathan has to choose how strong he can be.
Earthen Embrace - Samuel/Claire - [NC-17] - [947 words] - Claire just can’t have a normal fantasy. [Written for the Sullivan Bros. Carnival Kink Meme for the prompt: "Claire can't help but have fantasies of hot, rough sex with Samuel as the dom."]
Pandora - Peter, girl!Peter, girl!/Peter/Noah Bennet - [NC-17] - [6,811 words] - Peter wants to walk a mile in her shoes. [For the prompt: “Peter, shapeshifting, acquires a female-shaped alter-ego and tries to deal with male and female.”]
Love and War Stories - Luke/Elle, Matt/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Sylar, implied past Sylar/Elle, also includes Molly, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Monica, Eric Doyle, West, Alex, Peter, Nathan, Noah Bennet, Angela, Claire - [R rating] - [31,880 words] - (This a sequel to Killing with Kindness) - Written for the 2009 heroes_bigboom, After being rescued by Mohinder, Luke joins up with a group of rebels led by Peter Petrelli. Luke finds himself intrigued by another damaged rebel, Elle, as all the rebels struggle to free other specials, hide from the hunters, and keep themselves sane. But when an unexpected turn of events have things going from bad to worse, Peter realizes the rebels will have to enlist the help of the strongest special any of them knows. By making a deal with the devil, can the rebels stop the war and manage to keep themselves from turning into monsters? Can the rebels hold onto what's good in their lives throughout this time of war?
Glory of My Right Hand - Sylar/Claire - [R rating] - [3,066 words] - Claire is finally ready to take control. [For the prompt: "Claire/Sylar – Sylar is Claire's pet psycho. The leash is both metaphorical and literal."]
Compelling - Matt/Eden - [PG-13] - [594 words] - Prequel to Stray. Eden wants to persuade someone to help her. Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.
Chains of the Ages - Sylar/Claire - [R rating] - [1,052 words] - Claire wanted to be normal. After so much time hunting Sylar, she realizes she never will be. [For the prompt: "Claire/Sylar – a countdown to her giving in and loving him."]
Fragile - Nathan/Heidi - [Hard R] - [1,155 words] - Heidi wanted to prove she could be touched without being moved. [For the prompt: "Heidi/Nathan with Heidi discovering she has a power."]
Impossibly Perfect - Luke/Elle - [R rating] - [691 words] - Two first kisses make the third (and first) impossibly perfect.
Long Distance Relationship - Micah/Molly - [PG] - [2,857 words] - We all knew Micah and Molly were behind the organized rebellion. Here’s how they got started.
Strawberries - Luke/Elle - [NC-17] - [1,551 words] - Luke needs something special, and Elle is just the girl who wants to give it to him.
Pearls - Matt/Daphne - [NC-17] - [1,242 words] - Officer Parkman catches the thief Daphne Millbrook red-handed, and has to handle her personally…
Stray - Matt/his pet - [NC-17, dubcon] - [1,926 words] - Matt has a pet at home, and he really wants to make sure it’s happy.
Beautiful Dreamer - One-sided Angela/Issac - [PG-13] - [916 words] - Angela has found another person in her dreams, and he sees things far differently than her…
Living a Lie - Adam/Monica - [NC-17] - [1,642 words] - Monica puts Adam in a compromising position, but the compromise runs both ways.
Dream - Adam/Angela - [NC-17] - [1,839 words] - Adam wants to know what Angela dreamt of him.
New Kind of Normal - Matt/Daphne - [NC-17] - [3,158 words] - Matt and Daphne re-evaluate the definition of “normal.”
See No Love - Meredith/Claude - [Hard R - NC-17] - [1,305 words] - This was written for the promt: "Claude is secretly working with Meredith to help Claire, and helps her deal with the consequences of the shipping container."

Heroes Adult Other
Bring Her Home - Claire/Gretchen/Elle/Sylar - [NC-17] - [1,191 words] - Sylar wants to bring Claire into his fold. Elle and Gretchen are more than happy to welcome her.
Occam's Razor - Matt/Peter, Matt/Luke, Matt/Gabriel, Matt/Mohinder, Matt/Emma. Everyone/Everyone - [NC-17] - [2,238 words] - When everyone in Matt’s life needs him all at once, he decides that the simplest solution is the best.
Respect - Matt/Peter, Adam/Monica/Elle, Hiro/Ando, Tracy/Jessica/Barbara/Nathan, Claire/West/Alex, Sylar/Mohinder, Isaac/everyone, others implied - [NC-17] - [2,132 words] - Matt has always had respect at the club, but when his main rival shows up, Matt has to show why he deserves respect.
Celebration of Flesh - Nathan solo in Sylar's body - [NC-17] - [700 words] - [For the prompt: “Sylathan wank fic, bonus points for Nathan thinking about how new and sexy this body is, feeling himself up in the carnie hall of mirrors!! Double bonus for getting turned on by all his chest hair!”] - Nathan finds himself with a new lease on life.
Flayed Heart - Sylar/Peter/Nathan - [NC-17] - [2,913 words] - President Petrelli has a weekly appointment he wouldn’t miss for the world. Because it is his world.
Becoming Visible - Luke/Lyle/Jeremy - [NC-17] - [3,515 words] - Lyle’s always been invisible, but there are some things he's willing to make a choice and take a stand for.
Want and Need - Peter, Peter/OCs, implied Peter/Nathan, implied Peter/Simone, implied Peter/others, Caitlin, Ricky
- [NC-17] - [1,627 words] - Ricky wants something. Peter needs something.
Pandora - Peter, girl!Peter, girl!/Peter/Noah Bennet - [NC-17] - [6,811 words] - Peter wants to walk a mile in her shoes. [For the prompt: “Peter, shapeshifting, acquires a female-shaped alter-ego and tries to deal with male and female.”]
Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine - Nathan/Daphne, Nathan/Charlie, Nathan/Isaac, Nathan/Matt/Mohinder, implied Nathan/Tracy/Jessica, Janice, Bennet, Peter - [NC-17] - [3,440 words] - A day in the life of Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine. [For the prompt: “How about some prostitute!Nathan fic - Nathan being his normal calculating, arrogant self; Nathan getting off on it because he *wants* to - i.e. no humiliation in it; Nathan's services being procured by two people. If you could work Peter in - even if not sexually - it would be nice.”] This is in the same Stripper!AU ‘verse as Private Show and Very Private Show.
Hollow Man - Peter Petrelli, the Haitian, Arthur Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Peter/OMCs - [NC-17, dubcon/noncon] - [4,634 words] - The Haitian knew Peter would remember what had been done to him. Peter only knew he needed to be used.
New Reality - Nathan/Peter/Sylar - [NC-17, dubcon, blood] - [1,424 words] - Peter suddenly finds himself in a new and different reality, just by accepting the impossible and the unforgivable.
Luke versus The Petrellis - Sylar/Luke, Luke/Angela, Luke/Claire, Luke/Nathan/Peter - [NC-17] - [1,715 words] - Luke’s on a mission from Sylar, and he won’t let anyone stand in his way! (Written for the prompt: Sylar handed Luke a piece of paper. “Don’t come back until you’ve fucked everyone on this list. It shouldn’t be too hard; they’re all Petrellis.”)
In the Line of Duty - Matt/Mohinder/Peter - [Hard R/NC-17] - [1,661 words] - When Matt breaks his leg, he has two dedicated people looking after him, whether he likes it or not.
Three Times the Fun - Nathan/Tracy/Meredith - [NC-17] - [1,619 words] - Nathan invites two beautiful lovers for a night out in a limo with lots of champagne. Wacky hijinks ensue!
Head Games - Matt/Mohinder/Nathan - [NC-17, non-con] - [1,576 words] - Revenge is a dish best served inside your head… (For the prompt, “Matt/Mohinder/Nathan non-con (with Matt and Mohinder as the aggressors): they escape and take their revenge on Nathan for betraying them and locking them up.” )
Bridge - Peter/Matt/Mohinder - [Hard R - NC-17] - [1,184 words] - Peter can’t let his friends kill each other, no matter what. (For the prompt, “Matt/Mohinder/Peter – Peter gets Matt/Mo to reconcile.”)
The Good Earth - Adam/dirt. No, seriously, dirt. [NC-17] - [526 words] - There was nothing to do in a coffin but wait... (For the prompt: "Adam, masturbation, mud/dirt.")
Too Much - Peter/Sylar/Adam - [NC-17, non-con, torture] - [2,078 words] - Peter had never been good at refusing. (For the prompt "Adam and Sylar team up to teach Peter a lesson.")
Gabriel’s Decision – the heavy breathing section - Gabriel/Maya/Alejandro - [NC-17] - [2,651 words] - Let her damn herself, if she's so eager.

Avatar (James Cameron)
Display - Jake/Neytiri - [PG-13] - [706 words] - Neytiri and Jake paint each other to be beautiful before the People.

Chuck vs. the Disco Ball - Casey, Chuck/Sarah - [PG rating] - [272 words] - Chuck is dressed like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Casey’s night can only go downhill from here.

Criminal Minds
The Brisbane Event - Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Dr. Spencer Reid, Jennifer Jareau/William LaMontange Jr., Penelope Garcia/Kevin Lynch, (Jack Hotchner, Henry Jareau), various OCs - [R rating] - [38,000 words] - Written for the au_bigbang: In 1952 the world was changed when the unexplainable Brisbane Event caused the rise of a new race, the metahumans. Sixty years later, the B.A.U. team is one of the leading experts in human/metahuman crime. But when the Brisbane Event returns with a vengence and terrible consequences, Aaron Hotchner's profiling team must team up with the metahumans to discover an unsub with a plan that has world-wide consequences for both races...

Understanding - Echo/Paul Ballard - [PG-13] - [405 words] - For once, Echo would like everyone in her to reach an understanding about her and Paul.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
Masterwork - Dr. Horrible - [PG rating] - [365 words] - Dr. Horrible has a rather elegant view of evil.

Even In Pieces - River - [PG rating] - [276 words] - River needs all of her pieces to try to be whole.
Sanctify - Inara/male client - [R rating] - [401 words] - Inara gives her clients something no one else could.
Each and Every One - River - [PG rating] - [444 words] - River's crew has their habits.
Wolves - Crew, Tracy - [PG-13 rating] - [1,000 words] - Alternate ending to "The Message." Tracy listens to people and the crew uses their logic.

Going To Miss Over There - Olivia Dunham/Alt!Charlie/Lincoln - [NC-17] - [1,367 words] - The alternate universe has a few different ways to affirm life in the midst of their world unraveling.
Telepathic Apples - Olivia, Peter, Walter, Astrid - [PG rating] - [586 words] - The Fringe team has to do their own filing. Good thing they have pizza and each other to help!

Sherlock (BBC)
Avant Garde - Sherlock, John - [PG rating] - [271 words] - John is one of the few who appreciates Sherlock in his own time.
Morning Routine - Sherlock/John - [NC-17] - [1,008 words] - A blizzard in London forces John and Sherlock to share a bed to conserve heat. John wakes up to Sherlock’s morning routine.
Kaleidescope - Sherlock/John - [NC-17] - [730 words] - In the midst of a thunderstorm, in a steamy day in London, John and Sherlock find an excuse for some release from frustration.
Bad Day - Sherlock/John - [NC-17] - [848 words] - Sherlock has had a rather bad day, and “asks” John to make it better.
The Rush - Sherlock/John - [NC-17] - [2,076 words] - John finds his unique bond with Sherlock has some unintended consequences.
Unexpected - Sherlock/John - [R rating] - [440 words] - Sherlock discovers something unexpected under John's quiet clothing.
Broken - Sherlock/John - [PG-13] - [498 words] - John protected Sherlock with everything he had, even if it was broken.

Star Trek
Star - McCoy/Chekov - [NC-17] - [720 words] - After a hard encounter with an alien race, Chekov needs to let McCoy know he’s always going to be there.
Body Language - Sulu/Kirk - [NC-17] - [6,857 words] - When the crew of the Enterprise is tasked with sealing a treaty with a warrior-minded alien culture, the final ceremony is far more complex and dangerous than it initially seems.
Final Exam - McCoy/Chekov - [NC-17] - [3,437 words] - McCoy actually prefers have his boyfriend top, and to be assertive about it. Chekov says he can do that, if McCoy will teach him. Lessons ensue.
Light Years Falling Away - Kirk/Chekov - [PG-13] - [1,907 words] - When Jim Kirk’s latest love affair comes to an end, it take’s Chekov’s friends and all of his courage to convince the young navigator to go after him.
Be Not Afraid - Kirk/Spock, implied Spock/Uhura - [NC-17] - [3,299 words] - Jim is struck down by sex pollen, and Spock must save him, uncertain if their friendship will survive the storm.
Cabin Fever Boy - McCoy/Chekov - [PG-13] - [1,794 words] - When the Enterprise is stuck on a long voyage, Chekov tries to find a way to keep Bones from getting cabin fever.
Experimental Therapy - McCoy/Chekov - [NC-17] - [4,264 words] - (mirror!verse) When Chekov is badly damaged, McCoy has to find a way to get him fit for duty, in any way possible.
Damned - McCoy/Chekov - [NC-17] - [1,083 words] - When McCoy won’t take what’s offered, Chekov has to prove how much he wants him.

In That Moment - Dean/Castiel - [PG rating] - [290 words] - Castiel had one moment with Dean he will remember for all of time.
Intervention - Crowley, Dean/Castiel - [NC-17] - [1,279 words] - Castiel makes a deal with Crowley, and the price is surprisingly… sexy.
Calamari - Sam/Dean - [NC-17] - [4,156 words] - During a job, Dean has some calamari as a restaurant. The results are not what he expected.
Heat - Dean/Castiel - [NC-17] - [4,110 words] - Dean has a curse on him that can only be satisfied by one thing, which absolutely terrifies him.
For Medicinal Purposes - Sam/Dean - [NC-17] - [1,517 words] - Dean has a technique for taking care of injuries that whiskey and sewing thread can’t handle. Sam thinks he’s crazy. Erotic demonstrations ensue!
Ten Miles High and Falling Fast - Dean/Castiel - [NC-17] - [569 words] - Castiel knows he's falling.
Both Sides of the Story - Sam/Dean, Castiel - [NC-17] - [1,491 words] - Sam won't let heaven use his brother. That's something only he's allowed to do.

Thor (movie)
Like A God - Thor/Jane - [R rating] - [788 words] - When Thor returns, his reunion with Jane is as good as a god could make it.

Broken (Pushing Through To Tomorrow Remix) - Jack/Ianto - [NC-17] - [1,254 words] - (Post “Cyberwoman”) In the aftermath of Lisa’s death, Ianto can think of only one way to stay with Torchwood. Jack is willing to help, no matter what the cost. For remixredux09
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