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The How It Should Have Gone Meme!

The How It Should Have Gone Meme!

For those of you that haven't seen 3x25 "Invisible Thread" yet, don't look below the LJ-cut.

For those of you that have seen "Invisible Thread," by now, you know what has to be done. We must write... How It Should Have Gone!

To say I was horribly disappointed by the deaths of Sylar and Nathan is an understatement. This was fuckery of the highest degree, and it must be addressed immediately!

To all authors, I beg of you to write how it should have gone. What if Peter and Claire hadn't left? What if Noah had remembered about Claire's healing blood? What if Peter came in to find Nathan dead? What if Parkman refused to mind-rape Sylar? Make the ending happy, make the ending sad, but we must write something better than the gut-wrenching horribleness of Sylar!Nathan.

I too will be writing my version of the ending, but I thought we needed a collection place (or an excuse) for more people to get in on the action. Post your "Shoulds" in the comments, or post the links to your LJs where your "Shoulds" reside.

We all need as many "Shoulds" as possible to wipe the ending out of our brains! Write, my pretties, write for our lives and our sanity!
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