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Heroes Commentary 3x25 - "Invisible Thread"

I'm in shock.

Yay Noah! Sorry, I was really sore about last week’s teaser that seemed to show Noah, Claire, and Angela getting stupidly captured by the commandos. Now I see it was all a clever stunt! Noah clearly recognizes the government tricks of the false construction, and gets his daughter and grandmother out as soon as he can. And then sacrifices himself for their safety. I love you HRG! I will always love you!

Hee hee! Despite the blatant craziness of Sylar for the last few episodes, he totally screwed Danko over but good. I loved him shooting the agents, busting out Taub, and then getting to take Danko in. That was actually an utterly fabulous use of the shapeshifting power.

A slightly less fabulous use was the fact that Sylar moved his “off switch.” Great now he can’t be killed simply. But you know what I guarantee would work? Decapitation. Get the axe and slice off his head. Damn it people, doesn’t anyone on this show watch vampire movies? Zombie flicks? And kind of sci-fi show? Don’t just stand around after Sylar is incapacitated later and go, “Woe is me, we cannot kill him!” Cut. Off. His. Head!

When they lock Danko in, Noah’s in the room with him! Be still my heart! Noah, who knows how to handle this shit. Noah, who knows how to handle men like Danko. Noah, who will strike a deal with the devil every time, in order to save his daughter. Noah, who has a soul. Go Noah go!

Hiro and Ando looking in on Noah and Danko and going, “Meh, no powers here. Who even are these two old dudes? Booooooring! Next room!” Hee hee!

The Hiro and Ando show, the Chemo Edition! Hiro’s power is now being rejected because… Mohinder says. Ando asked, “Aren’t you a doctor?” In a cut scene, Mohinder responds, “No, actually I’m a geneticist. I’m a research scientist with a PhD, and I don’t even draw blood that often, let alone diagnose unknown ailments without the resources of a lab. Sure, I could tell you the signs of genetic problems, but if you haven’t noticed this is the third time I’ve gotten myself captured by Danko, so I’m not really that bright. I’ll technobabble some stuff so you’ll get off my back, help free everyone, and get this show on the road.”

Then Hiro, despite being told not to use his power again… uses his power again! To save Noah, so, you know, I loved him a little bit there. Now, I have said some hateful things towards Hiro in the past. I didn’t like where his storylines were going, and on several occasions he’s gotten very annoying. However, despite his semi-suicidal insistence on using his ability, he never backed down. Never wavered in his decision to help out the others. He always insisted that he needed to be a hero, and then went forth and did something about it. So, despite the bleeding from nearly every orifice in his body, Hiro gets the prize for “Most Dedicated Sane Hero On the Show.”

Now, if only the Crimson Arc would remember that he’s capable of supercharging abilities and not just zap people, maybe he could have enhanced Hiro’s power and, say, KEPT HIM FROM BLEEDING OUT THE EYEBALLS?! Dammit Ando, I thought you were supposed to be Hiro’s friend! Writers, remember Ando’s original use of his power! SUPERCHARGING!

Sylar talking to the unconscious Nathan was mildly amusing. Calling him a lightweight, hee! Hey Sy-Sy, I think you’ve forgotten what it’s like to be tazered when you don’t have cellular regeneration. Mentioning his sordid memories was particularly hysterical. Oh Sylar, these walls can talk for you, and oh what things they’ve seen!

Just as an aside here, Sylar changes from himself to Nathan with his back to the secretary, when she asks about "his daughter." Wouldn't she notice some difference as he shifts? And I'm not just talking shoulder width, or hair style, or even the fact that Nathan has this amazing bubble ass that Sylar lacks. No I'm talking about the fact that Zachary Quinto is about six-foot-two and Adrian Pasdar is five-foot-nine. She didn't notice that the Senator just shrank FIVE INCHES?

Sylar gleefully gets full use out of his psychometry this episode in faking out Claire, the chief of staff, and everyone he knows. I wish that Claire would have asked a more specific question of Sylar!Nathan. Like the first thing he said to her when they met. Or exactly what she did on election night two years ago. Something that couldn’t be gleaned from casual contact. Did Angela not even bother telling any of her children or relatives that Sylar can touch-read objects now? Seriously?

Of all the things that Sylar picked up about Nathan, he didn’t pick up the fact that Nathan is right-handed? It’s the little things that get you.

The Sylar/Claire scenes, let us just say that I was SEVERELY skeeved out. First of all Claire is like what, seventeen? And Sylar is, what, in his thirties? Thirty-four or so? So first of all, a bit skeevy there. Second of all, uh… he’s tried to kill her multiple times. Much bigger skeeve there. Third of all, trying to say they’ll be together forever, and she’ll learn to forgive him and love him as everyone she knows dies (or is killed by him). Big skeeve there too.

(Though Sylar not knowing Lyle’s name was hella funny.)

And my biggest skeeve of the whole thing is that Sylar wants Claire to be his first lady. Wow. Sylar is trying to take over Michael Dorn’s life, who’s fifty-seven. Easily old enough to be Claire’s GRANDfather. What would the world say if the fifty-seven-year-old president started dating and/or married a seventeen-year-old blonde? You can get away with that kind of stuff in France, but not under the microscope that is the American presidency. Skeeve, skeeve, SKEEVE!!!!!!

The bit with Peter and Nathan convincing Liam, the chief of staff, that they had to handle Sylar was pure gold. I’ve been waiting for that moment all season and I didn’t even know it. “One of us. He’s one of us.” *Float* Yes!!! Then we have declarations of love from the Petrelli brothers. Oh boys, I love you. You rock my work when you’re together.

Claire bouncing off the wall, looking at her dad and uncle and being like, “What? I can’t be hurt. Get your magnificent asses in there!” was hella funny. Though maybe Peter should have borrowed Claire’s power just for a few minutes. Just in case. Just saying.

Ok, and now we’re going to wuss out on showing the greatest fight this season? The Flying Petrellis versus Sylar? And all we get are sound effects and blue lights? Lame. Very lame. Show, after all the harm you’re going to inflict upon us at the end of the episode, the least you could do was give us that action. Bastard.

Nathan gets his throat slit after Peter abandons him to run down the hall, and expires in a pool of his own blood (more on this to follow). Peter and Claire don’t stick around, even though they know Nathan can fly and Sylar has telekinesis. Look out the fucking window! They could have waited five minutes and the whole crisis to come could have been averted. Why did you split up? WHY?

One amusement that comes from this dumb-ass move is getting to see Peter pull a fabulous fake-out. I knew it was Peter the second they showed the president; because this was the only way they were going to get Sylar close enough to someone to stick a needle in them. Clever boy! Not clever enough to save your brother, but this was still a good move, considering the circumstances.

Another amusement is seeing Claire stare down the secret service agent with her forehead to the barrel of the gun. Noah’s reaction to that is choice, but luckily this agent isn’t as psychotic as most of Danko’s hunters. Yay for having brains!

Angela, having left her granddaughter alone to Sylar’s tender mercies so she could somehow save Nathan, has to convince Matt to help her, because it’s destiny. The minutes they use arguing could have saved us from the inevitable train-wreck to come.

After Sylar is brought to Nathan’s wake, subdued, Angela has the brilliant idea to have Matt Parkman implant Nathan’s memories in Sylar and erasing his own, thus saving her son and killing Sylar at the same time. Poetic, poignant, plausible, right?

My gut reaction to this plot twist was barely contained vitriol.


I don’t mind telling you I sat there in horrified disbelief as the rest of the episode played out. I felt like a friend had just died. That’s terrible to say, but this show has made me care about Nathan so much, it affected me that profoundly. I’ve been thinking about it for two days, and I doubt it will leave my mind for a week or more. If the show wanted something shocking and profound, they got it, but maybe not in the way they wanted.

To a lesser extent, I was also angry they killed Sylar. I like Zachary Quinto, and he’s been doing a bang-up job with the wacky writing he’s been given, but the writers have managed to fuck up his character beyond all recognition. He was clearly going flat-out crazy, but I was hoping Matt Parkman might be able to help “reset” his brain or something and bring him down to a level where he wouldn’t be so dangerous to the rest of cast. Remind him of Luke or something. Anything.

I can guess part of the reason they did it this way was to free up Quinto for the new “Star Trek” franchise. And even if I end up watching and enjoying the film, even if I enjoy Zachary’s acting, and I acknowledge the fact that he’s a kind and decent human being, I have something to say to him regarding how this has fallen out. I mean this straight from the heart: “Quinto, fuck you and Star Trek too!”

Did not want Sylathan. Ever. I heard rumors before this episode aired and dismissed them as the speculations of downers.

This canonically kills several of my favorite ‘ships, including Nathan/Peter, Noah/Nathan, Sylar/Peter, Sylar/Luke, and to a much lesser extent, Sylar/Mohinder. It also kills Nathan/Claire, Sylar/Elle, and any other rare pairing including Sylar or Nathan in between.

I hadn't realized it, until I stopped to consider, that Nathan and Sylar are cornerstones of Heroes slash. Without them, so much of everything just falls apart. (And het fic too, but I end up reading about these two more often in slash situations because I’m a Pervy McPerverson.) While abstractly the idea of Nathan and Sylar fighting for control in one body could be cool, that whole thing now just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I may end up writing Sylar!Nathan, but I’ll always do it with a pit in my stomach and a tear in my eye.

I consider Nathan and Peter Petrelli to be the two main characters of Heroes. The brotherly dynamic, and the push and pull from the opposite ends of the spectrum (compassion versus practicality, freedom versus duty, destiny versus reality) gave the show its initial draw to me and kept me in for three years. The two of them embodied the two opposite ways someone with abilities might deal (assuming they were sane), while the rest of the cast filled in every niche in between. Nathan and Peter WERE Heroes.

I feel like this is the X-Files episode where Mulder left. Or if Supernatural suddenly decided to kill off either Sam or Dean permanently. It’s like the show just stabbed itself in the heart.

In losing Nathan and Sylar we also lose two arcs that I had invested so much emotional energy into, Nathan's redemption to his family and Sylar's entire backstory that they spent so much damn time establishing. Why go through the bits with Claire in Mexico and Peter at Coyote Sands if Nathan isn't actually going to be back? Why find Sylar's father and have him try to figure out his own identity if they kill his soul?

Where the hell was Claire's healing blood during this fuckery? If anyone, Noah, who got shot in the head and was essentially resurrected by his daughter's blood, should have remembered that trick. I know we all don't want to remember Season 2... or Volume 3... but this was one crappy plot point I wouldn't mind bringing up again if it means saving Nathan. I don't care if he was a self-serving douche for most of Season 3, they can't kill him!

Where was Peter during all of this too? How did Angela conceal Nathan’s death from him? “Oh Peter, just give Noah this burden of the unconscious Sylar that you cleverly defeated, and then go elsewhere while Noah, I, and the suddenly-present Matt Parkman gather in the hotel room where you last saw your brother. Trust me, Nathan is… um… OVER THERE! Yes, in that room, over there! And in the course of the fight, he, um, managed to lose all his clothes! Heavens, go help him, would you darling?” It’s the only realistic thing I can think of that would get Peter to leave.

Angela, your pain is real, but the depths to which you will sink are unlimited. You’re so desperate to keep this scheme going, and so wracked by guilt for what you pushed Nathan into, that you cannot even grant your eldest child the dignity of death. Love might be involved as well, but you’re too long a schemer to look at this from the purity of a mother’s love. This dream of yours? It was a chess move. It’s going to fuck up you, everyone in your family, and everyone that’s counting on Nathan for YEARS.

And, AND, let us not forget that Matt Parkman essentially mind-raped someone. He destroyed Sylar. He killed him, and not in any kind of clean way. Oh no, he had to go through and repress/destroy all of Sylar's memories. That's fucked up and hardcore for Parkman. (And BTW, where the fudge was the Haitian during all of this? He would have been damn handy if they HAD to go this fucked-up route. Hey, maybe Molly could have found him... oh wait...)

I feel like the writers just shit on me.

And now, after a day of fairly calm reflection and consideration, I still don’t like it. I know this particular plot has played out in comic books before. However, comic books are cheaper to produce than TV shows. They come out once a week, every week, virtually all year long. The plot can move faster, and resurrections can happen much more quickly and cheaply than they can on a TV show.

Heroes is based more in reality than a comic book. While they’ve brought Sylar back, Noah and Maya back, apparently brought Tracy back, and Claire’s returned from the dead more than once, the idea of keeping Nathan’s body in a deep freeze until someone remembers Claire’s blood trick seems far-fetched even for Heroes. The Ultimate Avengers might be able to get away with that. Heroes couldn’t… at least without fucking it up some more.

The previews for next season look… I dunno. With Sylar dead, they had to bring out a new villain, and probably!Tracy getting revenge on all her former tormentors isn’t a bad way to go, I guess. And then we’re going to have the inevitable destruction of Nathan, or at least the discovery of what he is/was to deal with the entire time. Angela constantly using Nathan’s name when she talked to him was chilling. Him inspecting the clock was even more so.

You know what the worst part of it is? I’m going to keep watching this show. It’s going to depress me and anger me, make me scream and throw things at my TV. It will spawn a hundred plot bunnies and cause many reams of fanfiction to be written in an attempt to fix things. There will be fantabulous acting by very pretty and/or accomplished actors. There will be moments of unsullied brilliance that make me see why I fell in love with it in the first place. And then it will punch me in the stomach and leave me weeping at the side of the road.

This show isn’t just a bad boyfriend, now it’s an abusive bad boyfriend. And I’m just the fucked-up white-trash bleached-blonde bimbo with a black eye who can’t help but “stand by her man.”
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