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So Many Fics, So Little Time...

heroes_bigboom is looming, and I'm in a state of flux. I'm in a quandary, I'm of two minds, I'm swinging both way, and I'm torn.

I have two (or possibly three) ideas for an epic fic, but I honestly don't know which one to choose to write. I thought I'd poll on my flist and see what y'all think, being you would be the first to read it. Take a look at my ideas, and let me know which one looks like one you'd like to read in a 20,000+ word format!

Idea #1: Love In War

This would essentially be a lengthy sequel/extension to Killing with Kindness. Luke and Mohinder would join the rebels, as led by Peter. Luke finds himself intrigued by another damaged rebel, Elle, as all the rebels struggle to free other specials, hide from the hunters, and desperately not try to kill each other. But when Nathan is outed as a special, things go from bad to worse, and the only way for the rebels to survive is to enlist the help of the strongest special they know, Sylar. Luke has to deal with confronting his former companion; in the face of everything he's learned since being apart. By making a deal with the devil, can the rebels stop the war and manage to keep themselves from turning into monsters? Can the rebels hold onto what's good in their lives throughout this time of war?

Idea #2: Nathan Petrelli, Animal Doctor (which would have a much better title, eventually)

The original idea for this plot bunny goes to a_cook1 and her Five Tiny Ways Things Could Have Been Different, number 5. What if Nathan hadn't gone into politics? What if he hadn't become a lawyer at all? What if he had defied Arthur's plans for his sons first?

Now Nathan is a veterinarian and Peter is a hospice nurse. The distance that could have been between them had collapsed, and the two are close friends, as they shouldered the burden of family disapproval together. Standing side by side, they have no reason to disbelieve each other when strange things start happening.

Nathan's daughter Claire is in an open adoption with Noah and Sandra, and they're coming to New York to meet Claire's blood father for the first time face-to-face. Claire, unbeknownst to him, has some important questions to ask him. But if the Heroes are working with each other instead of at cross-purposes, why is Isaac still painting New York blowing up? Why is Angela sadly convinced this tragedy must happen to save the world? Who will stand up amongst the ashes, when their only weapons are love unfettered by resentment and bitterness? And can the Heroes stop this calamity when all roads point to ruin?

Idea #3: Big Damn Heroes

Or I could finish this. The Heroes as the crew of Serenity. Clicky the link for further explanation. Heroes in space with superpowers, guns, western-style shootouts, evil government shadow conspiracies, and the biggest dysfunctional family this side of the 'verse.

What should I do? Halp!

Poll #1398042 What Fic Should Jaune Chat do for Heroes Big Boom?

What fic should Jaune Chat do for Heroes Big Boom?

Love In War
Nathan Petrelli, Animal Doctor
Big Damn Heroes
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