jaune_chat (jaune_chat) wrote,

Dear Remixer

Dear Remixer,

I hope you found all of my stuff up there in the master post (points up). I'm guessing you're a Heroes writer, because that was the only fandom I qualified for. I know I have quite a bit of, shall we say, porn, but the "Heroes Gen" section is the (few) lower-rated items in that fandom. Alternatively I do have one story from Supernatural, several crossovers, and a great deal of Sky High work. If you have a hankering for more Sky High stories, they can be found here: Jeune Chat's Sky High FanFiction.net Archive" (just scroll to the bottom) There's also some higher-rated Sky High here that I haven't had a chance to port over: Jeune Chat's Sky High AdultFanFiction.net Archive.

Please do have fun, and if you have any questions, just comment annoymously, or contact me through the Remixers, or you can e-mail me at jaune (dot) chat (at) gmail (dot) com.
Tags: remix redux

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