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Bake Sweet Love!

Ok, I've got to pimp the most adorable community I've ever seen. It's called bake_sweet_love, and it's purpose is to combine baking and fanships. What's not to love? Lemme let them explain their mission statement in their own words:

"This comm is dedicated to promoting friendliness and peace between shippers of all pairings, using the sweetest method available: cooking. Post your favorite recipes for any kind of meal and dedicate them to your favorite ships - het or slash or unquantifiable. Everyone can gather to appreciate good food and squee, without arguing or bashing or competition. Commentfic about cookie dough fights is strongly encouraged."

For example, I posted that my favorite gingersnap recipie was like rare pairs (like, say, Luke/Elle or Mohinder/Adam). Someone else posted that store-bought orange/chocolate chip muffins were like canon ships. Or maybe you think that your momma's devil's food cake recipe is like Mylar, or your dad's meatloaf is like Matt/Mo! It combines meta and cooking, and is possibly the best idea for a comm I've ever seen. This comm needs some love, so go spread the sugar-crusted, oven-baked wealth at bake_sweet_love!
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