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Heroes Slash Awards Round-Up Summer 2009

Yup, I'm being either a polite possible nominee by setting all my qualified stuff out there in this post... or a total famewore. You decide!

This is everything I had written after the cut-off date:

Noah/Nathan – Power Play
Thickening the Thread [NC-17] - [2,440 words] - Noah’s trust of Nathan hangs by a very thin thread.
Sharing Strength [NC-17] - [2,600 words] - Nathan's shame has made him weak...
Letting Go [NC-17] - [3,898 words] - Noah learns to let go.

Nathan/Peter – Brotherly Devotion
Semipublic Private Lives - [NC-17] - [1,380 words] - Nathan has something much more in mind when Peter drops in for an unexpected tryst. (Pre-series)
Gladiators - [NC-17] - [7,938 words] - Nathan/Peter, ensemble in supporting roles - An AU where Nathan, Peter, and many other “gods-touched” are part of fighting stable of gladiators in ancient Rome. When a horrible fate is to befall one of their own, the two brothers must use their hard-earned fame to gain the influence they need to spare one of their brothers-in-arms…
Pact and Promise [NC-17, D/s] - [4,756 words] - Nathan and Peter have a great deal of trust between them, even for brothers. (pre-series, Dom!Peter, sub!Nathan, Nathan in a collar)
’Til Death, and After, Always [NC-17] - [1,260 words] - Peter trusts his brother to the bounds of death, and beyond. (CONSENSUAL "snuff", Peter with his healing powers)
Submit [NC-17] - [1,017 words] - Peter shows up at Nathan’s office one evening, with more than one bone to pick with his brother…
Teaching Nathan [NC-17] - [1,968 words] - Peter discovers Nathan isn’t as good at everything as he thought he was. (For the prompt: “Peter/Nathan -- First time. Tracy wasn't lying. Nathan really is lousy in bed, and now Peter is disappointed. Can progress into LESSONS between Peter and Nathan if necessary.”)
Lucky Number Seven [NC-17] - [1,516 words] - Peter demands forgiveness, and Nathan has to believe this seventh time will work…

Sylar/Luke - Master and Apprentice
The Bigger They Are... - [NC-17] - [1,279 words] - If Luke was compensating for something, fine, but he didn’t need to resort to such ridiculous pranks... (For the prompt: "Luke and Sylar get to rutting and having a gay old time, when they find out that *gasp* Luke's is actually bigger than Sylar's...”)
Summer Heat - [NC-17] - [1,124 words] - The AC went out in the car, and Luke’s really, really hot…
Becoming the Master - [R rating, torture, gore] - [1,029 words] - Luke learns the real meaning of power.
Anointed - [Hard R - NC-17] -[1,343 words] - In an unusual place, Luke makes a choice, and is marked for it.
Moneypenny - [PG-13] - [4,591 words] - Agents Gray and Campbell are on the trail of a superpowered killer. He shouldn’t be too hard to find, if only Agent Campbell could keep his mind on the job… (This is an AU fic where Gabriel and Luke are undercover FBI agents.)
Rekindle All Your Dreams - [NC-17, knifeplay] - [9,526 words] - Luke’s been left behind one too many times, and this time he just wants Sylar to notice him. When he sees an opportunity, he stops at nothing to make sure he won’t be forgotten.
Needy - [NC-17] - [2,027 words] - This was the best game he'd ever played. (For the prompt: : “D/s but switch it up, Luke’s the dom, Sylar’s the sub.”)

Other Pairings
Rapunzel - Adam/Peter - [PG-13] - [1,355 words] - An imprisoned love in an inaccessible place, a dedicated lover trying to set them both free, and an evil guardian determined to see them both pay for their love…
Those Who Don't Learn From History... - Matt/Adam - [NC-17, dubcon] - [1,490 words] - Adam has a proposal for Matt, and Matt has to ferret out the truth of Adam’s lies…
Dr. Feelgood - One-sided Matt/Mohinder - [PG-13, non-violent stalking] - [5,844 words] - When Matt goes to the Company for help, his doctor takes a very personal interest in his well-being…
Killing with Kindness - Luke/Mohinder - [NC-17] - [4,475 words] - Luke has no idea what Mohinder wants from him… (For the prompt, “Mohinder/Luke, Mohinder shows Luke what love/affection/caring really is. Slow, sweet sex. Luke overwhelmed and unsure how to deal with his emotions & a relationship that isn't abusive.”)
Thinking Loudly - Matt/Peter - [NC-17] - [1,590 words] - Matt needs a massage. Peter needs a little more than that… (For the prompt, “Matt/Peter - a massage leads to their first time. Submissive Peter please!”)
Breaking and Entering the Heart - Sylar/Mohinder - [R rating] - [1,583 words] - Sylar breaks into Mohinder’s house, but not for the reason Mohinder believes.
Grace Note - Sylar/Bennet - [NC-17, dubcon] - [1,348 words] - Sylar wants revenge for what he knows is about to happen. He wants to show Bennet what he really is.
Five Times Noah Bennet Trusted Claude Rains and the One Time He Didn’t - Noah/Claude - [NC-17] - [3,492 words] - Trusting your partner can be hard…

Heroes Adult Other
Luke versus The Petrellis - Sylar/Luke, Luke/Angela, Luke/Claire, Luke/Nathan/Peter - [NC-17] - [1,715 words] - Luke’s on a mission from Sylar, and he won’t let anyone stand in his way! (Written for the prompt: Sylar handed Luke a piece of paper. “Don’t come back until you’ve fucked everyone on this list. It shouldn’t be too hard; they’re all Petrellis.”)
In the Line of Duty - Matt/Mohinder/Peter - [Hard R/NC-17] - [1,661 words] - When Matt breaks his leg, he has two dedicated people looking after him, whether he likes it or not.
Head Games - Matt/Mohinder/Nathan - [NC-17, non-con] - [1,576 words] - Revenge is a dish best served inside your head… (For the prompt, “Matt/Mohinder/Nathan non-con (with Matt and Mohinder as the aggressors): they escape and take their revenge on Nathan for betraying them and locking them up.” )
Bridge - Peter/Matt/Mohinder - [Hard R - NC-17] - [1,184 words] - Peter can’t let his friends kill each other, no matter what. (For the prompt, “Matt/Mohinder/Peter – Peter gets Matt/Mo to reconcile.”)
The Good Earth - Adam/dirt. No, seriously, dirt. [NC-17] - [526 words] - There was nothing to do in a coffin but wait... (For the prompt: "Adam, masturbation, mud/dirt.")
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