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Tooting My Own Horn, Heroes Slash Awards Summer 2009 (And Het Fic Awards!)

Wow. I got nominated for a phenominal amount of stories in this round of the heroes_slash awards, and for those that did so, thank you so much! You rock!

And this time, I won some awards!


Best Action/Adventure: Gladiators
Best Crossover: My Brothers' Keepers (co-authored with brighteyed_jill)


Best Action/Adventure: Moneypenny (Huh, I was a runner-up to myself. It's a little surreal.) And in the same category, My Brothers' Keepers (co-authored with brighteyed_jill).
Best Alternate Universe: Gladiators
Best Crack: Luke versus The Petrellis
Best Hurt/Comfort: Killing with Kindness
Best Sequel: My Brothers' Keepers (co-authored with brighteyed_jill)
Best Bennet Characterization: Five Times Noah Bennet Trusted Claude Rains and the One Time He Didn’t
Best Adam(Kensei)/Peter Fic (G-PG13): Rapunzel
Best Matt/Mohinder Fic (G-PG13): Dr. Feelgood
Best Sylar/Luke Fic (G-PG13): Moneypenny
Best Sylar/Luke Fic (R-NC17): Rekindle All Your Dreams


And better late than never, I also won some bits at the heroes_het_fic awards, so here they are as well:

2nd place, best Adam/Angela pairing: Dream

3rd place, best Matt/Daphne pairing: New Kind of Normal

3rd place, best Angela characterization: Dream
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