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1,001 Names for my Cat!

My beloved pet cat Timothy (points to icon) has garnered, in the five years I’ve owned him, several dozen nicknames. Some easily explainable, some inexplicable, and he seems to collect new ones all the time. For my own personal amusement (and yours, my fine flist) I present to you:

The 1,001 Nicknames and Titles of Timothy!

Fuzzy Butt
Fuzzy Nut Butt
Big Goofy Goon
Belly (This name comes from Timmy’s habit of rolling over exposing his belly to be rubbed after Mr. Chat and/or I come in after being out. He only suffers belly rubs at this point in time. If he performs this maneuver to one or the other of us, we announce, “I have a Belly!”)
Precious Thing
Sweet Pretty Baby Boy
Precious Object
Beautiful Tim-o-ty
My Lion
My Tiger
Tim On A Stick, Stick on a Wick
Ling of Lemon, the Lemon-Sucking Ling
Vicious Flesh-Eating Beast
Lazy Kitty (Particularly when he's so spectacularly lazy that he will let me make up the bed with him in it, and still not move.)
Silly Goose
Sulking Hurler (This name is a parody of something called the Hulking Hurler, a Dungeons and Dragons reference. In the context of the cat, it applies to his delightful propensity for upchucking on the carpet whenever he has a hairball.)
Soft Little Paws With Sharp Little Claws
Armrest Kitty
Gargoyle Kitty (One of his preferred perches is atop the bookcases in the living room, where he sits like a statue.)
Shrimp Kitty (When he’s all curled up with his nose tucked against his knees.)
Wireless Kitty (When he sits oh-so-neatly atop the wireless router, directing the interwebz with his ears.)
Loaf/ Loaf of Bread (When he sits in the hallway with his paws and tails tucked in so he does, indeed, look like a loaf of bread.)
Reclining Odalisque
Floppy Kitty
Ungrateful Wretch
Wretched Beast
Whiney Little Bitch
Whiney Little Moy (This is a particularly obscure reference. I watch Deadliest Catch, a show on the Discovery Channel about Alaskan crab fishing, and an a couple seasons ago there was a greenhorn (newbie) on one of the boats who went by the nickname of Moy. He complained a lot.)
Ma Joli Jaune Chat
Insufferable Object
Bagpipes Kitty (When we give him a hug and he gives a whine of complaint.)
Boodja (Usually said as "Booja-boodja-boodja")
Lord of the Manor
King of the Castle
Master of All He Surveys
Insufferable Minx

I shall add more as I go. What weird nicknames have your pets acquired?
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