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Company Bonuses

I was CEO for a day over at heroes_exchange, and my faithful minions turned in their reports on time, filed and stamped in all the appropriate slots. Truly it was a great day for me. I have the most awesome minions!

Allow me to gloat over my shinies:

(Note my theme was "Control or loss of it")

Red Ribbon in the Wind by perdiccas - [NC-17, Sylar/Luke] - A phenominally hot fic with a very creative use of a red ribbon. Sylar holds the ribbon, Luke just tries to hold on to himself.

Loss by blossommorphine - [PG-13, Sylar/Luke] - An emotional and twisted little drabble with vivid imagery.

A picture of Sylar all tied up! by blossommorphine. Glee! :D

In Check by moorishflower - [PG-13, Luke-centric] - A really great little character study of the times Luke's been in and out of control.

Comfortably Numb by speccygeekgrrl - [PG-13, Matt/Ted] - A delighfully loopy, sweet, semi-sedated conversation between Matt and Ted in the back of the van. Yay for Ted love!

Eden and Sylar Macros by hobbit_eyes - [PG-13, Sylar and Eden] - A redonkulously funny macros with Eden getting very creative with her powers...

Games by cadesama - [NC-17, Nathan/Peter, Nathan/Meredith] - Ever wonder how Nathan became the man we all know he was? Ever wonder how Peter managed to forgive Nathan in the latter half of S3? Get all of your answers here, as cadesama takes us through all the very educational games Nathan Petrelli has ever played.

Three Sharks and a Guppy Walk Out of a Bar by a_cook1 - [NC-17, Bennet/Claude/Nathan/OMC] - A smoking hot look at control, with Noah and Claude taking the topping roles as they guide Nathan through his loss after Peter's "death" in S2. Amazing dirty talk, and it includes beard!porn. Srsly. Awesome.

Or the Fool Who Follows Him, Part 1, Or the Fool Who Follows Him, Part 2, and Or the Fool Who Follows Him, Part 3 by brighteyed_jill - [NC-17, Nathan/Sylar/Peter] - Sensory deprivation combined with toys, power play, intimate knowledge of one's partners, the mirror game, and a whole load of neediness makes this CEO very happy indeed!

With a Cherry On Top by superkappa - [NC-17, Sylar/Luke/Elle] - Luke begs to have sex with Sylar and Elle. I have to beg my brain to function after reading this, because it turned into hot, gooey mush.

Embrace by icalynn - [NC-17, Mohinder/Sylar] - Sylar and Mohinder need each other in a tragic and dark future!fic. This is both a controlling and curiously comforting fic.

Love and Control by sarkywoman - [R, Nathan/Peter] - A great emotional fic on the whys and wherefores of the Brothers Petrelli, and their little family secret together.

Corrupted Absolutely by aurilly - [R, Eden] - This is a fantastic character study on Eden McCain, on what it would be like for everyone to obey everything you said, no matter what. Eden's thought processes and history of how her power have changed her are really well written.

Control by dragnflies - [R, Sylar/Luke, Luke/Elle] - This is an awesome look at these three characters and their twisted relationships, and I always like to see people gain self-awareness of the mess they're caught in.

It's Your Turn by crashgirl82 - [NC-17, Future!Claire/Future!Peter] - This is a darkly fascinating look at how twisted love can become in the face of death and immortality. Angst, gun!porn, and death all combines for a hard ride into darkness.
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