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Love and War Stories, Master Post

Title: Love and War Stories
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/Pairing: Luke/Elle, Matt/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Sylar, implied past Sylar/Elle, also includes Molly, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Monica, Eric Doyle, West, Alex, Peter, Nathan, Noah Bennet, Angela, Claire
Rating: R
Word Count: 31,880
Spoilers: Specifically up through 3x15 “Trust and Blood” and brings in some chosen canon elements up through 3x23 “1961.”
Warnings: Violence, sexual situations (see pairings and implied pairings), implied abuse, character death, and bogarting of canon.
Disclaimer: Heroes is owned by Tim Kring, NBC, et al.
Notes: Written for heroes_bigboom 2009. This a sequel to Killing with Kindness, and much of it won’t make sense unless you’ve read that story! Thanks to redandglenda, brighteyed_jill, and ashedrake for betaing.
Summary: After being rescued by Mohinder, Luke joins up with a group of rebels led by Peter Petrelli. Luke finds himself intrigued by another damaged rebel, Elle, as all the rebels struggle to free other specials, hide from the hunters, and keep themselves sane. But when an unexpected turn of events have things going from bad to worse, Peter realizes the rebels will have to enlist the help of the strongest special any of them knows. By making a deal with the devil, can the rebels stop the war and manage to keep themselves from turning into monsters? Can the rebels hold onto what's good in their lives throughout this time of war?

So, here's the whole enchilada, Love and War Stories:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


Author’s Notes: This was my first heroes_bigboom, and my second overall (my first was My Brothers’ Keepers, for the sncross_bigbang, co-authored with brighteyed_jill), and it doesn’t get a whole lot easier with repetition. At least last time I had somebody else writing half of it! ;-)

This time I had to come up with the whole idea on my own and make sure I could pull it off. I had pondered doing a sequel to Killing with Kindness for a while, and I thought the Big Boom would be the perfect excuse to do it. What I had initially thought might be a tight little character study between Luke’s relationship with Mohinder and what would happen if he met Sylar again after knowing kindness swerved off in an entirely different direction.

My muse decided I could make this bigger and better, bringing Luke together with Elle (a match made in heaven in terms of characters whose rough edges match up), and throwing other characters in the mix. Since I’d hinted in “Killing” that Mohinder was taking Luke along with him somewhere, and I’d already had an idea of Peter running a much more organized resistance than what was shown on the show, Luke and Mohinder suddenly had a destination.

Then things got out of hand. I wanted that organized resistance, and that meant bringing all the logical characters together in a way that made sense and putting Peter in charge. That meant bringing in Micah, Molly, and Monica, having Matt nearby for help, putting him and Mohinder back together, and then bringing in whatever other characters the resistance would need and/or would have joined. And then of course the resistance actually had to do things and I had to have a plot and then there was some bits of canon that wanted to drop by to play and so instead of a character study I ended up with a full-blown behind-the-scenes war with lots of little character moments poking into every single corner.

It was kinda awesome. My muse is generally incapable of bringing small ideas to the table. I start out with a neat idea for a cute little one-shot AU and I end up with ideas for a whole flipping series. Apparently I need to do Big Booms more often to keep my muse happy.

I drew from a lot of stuff for this, everything from comic books to war movies to my honeymoon in San Francisco (and yes, I’ve been to Alcatraz, on a ferry). I have shout-outs to the TV show “Fringe” and the webcomic Order of the Stick (neither of which I own), so you get a cookie if you spot the references!

Many thanks to redandglenda, brighteyed_jill, and ashedrake for not only telling me my grammar needing fixing, but for pointing out the things that I could add that would kick the story up a notch. Many brains are better than one! (Just ask Sylar.)


Awesome Art: Huge thanks to ashedrake for her amazing artistic skills in making a movie poster for my fic. Go check it out and tell her how much it rocks.
Tags: alex woolsey, ando masahashi, angela petrelli, claire bennet, elle bishop, ensemble, eric doyle, fic, heroes, heroes bigboom, het, hiro nakamura, love and war stories, luke campbell, luke/elle, matt parkman, matt/mohinder, micah sanders, mohinder suresh, molly walker, monica dawson, nathan petrelli, noah bennet, peter petrelli, slash, sylar, west rosen

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