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Heroes Commentary 4x01, 4x02 - Orientation and Jump, Push, Fall

And so it begins how it ends...

Hee! Heroes has been crossed over with Carnivale!

Ok, so Samuel can control ink… or something. But how the heck was he moving dirt earlier? Power consistency please? And is Lydia just some kind of canvas, or is she a fortune-teller? I dunno. It’s kinda cool though. Is this season’s theme, “Join a Carnival, Save the World?”

Peter tries to do the right thing by acting like Spider-Man. All in all, yeah, not bad, I like it. He’s accomplishing something. He’s saving lives, and going about it in a direct and simple fashion. (Fanservice in this episode provided by Peter taking on and off his shirt no less than three times. And, you know, jumping and leaping with these great tight shots on his… legs. And his ass in tight pants.) Of course, he’s also being a rampant over-achiever (and we saw what that did to Claire’s roomie), alienating his co-worker, and apparently taking triple shifts whenever he can. I don’t know when exactly he’s supposed to be sleeping, but at least he’s trying.

However, he’s living in an empty apartment with only a bed, a phone, and a wall full of clippings of those people he’s saved. You know what his apartment reminds me of? About half the serial killers on Criminal Minds. Peter looks like he’s just one bad day from going from a cork board filled with newspaper articles to a closet with “Forgive Me” written all over the walls in blood. Just saying.

Angela’s conversation with Nathan was made of fail. Some part of Nathan’s memories wants him to be a good person. He wants to be a better father, better brother, better son. He wants to reconnect with people and try to do more good. Angela’s suggestion – be more like your father. And Nathan accepts that. Bull-fucking-shit. Nathan is very well aware of what Arthur was. He knew he was a power-hungry amoral bastard who thought nothing of hurting his family for personal gain. Nathan didn’t want to be him. And that’s crap that he’d accept her comment otherwise.

I could understand that Angela is just trying to keep Nathan away from his kids in case something goes wrong, but… hell. All Sylar ever wanted to do was belong. All he ever wanted was approval and affection and power. He has that now, in Nathan’s life. I am of the mind that if Angela would just let Not!Nathan reconnect with his family, he’d stay as “Nathan.” Because being Nathan is everything Sylar ever wanted.

Instead she manages to do everything she can to isolate Nathan. Brilliant plan, Mastermind.

Angela – “Matt, can’t you just upgrade my son? Because this plan is totally working and I’m having nightmares about Sylar and I’m sticking my head in the sand and can you make it be better now?”

Matt – “Lady, I don’t even know what the fuck I did and Sylar’s living in my head and you and Noah really brow-beat me into doing that crap in the first place and NO, I really don’t care because I have more issues going on right now than I am even capable of dealing with so LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Hee! Matt’s a detective in L.A. Golly gosh, it must be nice that Micah was able to remove every record and every single piece of recorded media that showed Matt was a suspected terrorist. Or that he had been in D.C. with a bomb on his chest. And hey, he apparently also cleaned up Matt’s very sketchy attendance record and got him a detective’s position even though he joined the 12-step program probably not very long after he joined the force. That was nice of Micah. Because anything else other than that MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE!!!

Matt’s afraid that his wife’s boinking the water guy. Even though she’s not. Because Janice is allowed to have friends outside of those few people that you know, Matt. And yes, I know Janice had an affair once before. I know Matt’s been having the worst two years of his life, but he’s gotten really paranoid and controlling, even without his powers! What’s next? Is he going to start locking Janice in the house to prevent her contact with anyone that he doesn’t approve?

I like Matt being a good dad, and at least trying to acknowledge his weaknesses to his wife (apparently he never officially got divorced… or what?). But honestly he’s acting like an idiot. A paranoid, delusional idiot. A jealous idiot as well, for kicking Roy out. Matt’s off the wagon! Watch out!

Hmm… in trying to delete Sylar’s memories, Sylar hitched a ride inside Matt’s head? Okiday. I suppose Zachary Quinto was contracted to appear in the show, and there’s only so many dream sequences and little uncertain bathroom scenes that he could appear in otherwise. And hey, it gives him all sorts of opportunities to taunt Matt, so… BONUS!

Seriously, I LOVED Sylar fucking with Matt’s perceptions. “Hi, my name is Sylar…” Priceless. Loved that. But Matt, you KNOW Sylar is just in your head. Don’t tell him to shut up. It doesn’t help. If you start talking to Sylar, the only thing you’re doing is letting him win. Everyone around you thinks you’re insane. You’re alienating your colleagues, your wife, and probably just got yourself some kind of assault charge from that suspect you interrogated.

Ok, and why has Matt decided that using his power is an addiction? He was all about trying to use it responsibly for two seasons, and now for six weeks he’s of the opinion that using telepathy is in the same vein as shooting heroin? Sylar aside, let’s just cross Heroes with The Cleaner and get William Banks up in here to smack some sense into Matt’s head. He needs a stern talking-to by someone who isn’t his wife, a cop, or one of the other fucked-up Heroes he’s been working with. Just saying. Might help. Anything other than self-help might help.

Mohinder is completely MIA this episode. I’m of the opinion that he’s in India bringing back Molly. Because if they forgot her again, I’m going to have to cut a bitch.

Nathan starts to discover his new powers. And if he has the tiniest scrap of memory of what Sylar was capable of, he’s got to be having a four-alarm freakout. And Peter won’t talk to him. Pete, get off your fucking high horse! Nathan doesn’t call you for help that often!

Further fanservice provided in this scene by Nathan in a vest and a lingering shot of his ass sitting on his desk. Pretty…

Claire, darling, thank you so much for putting your foot down about your wig. You new shorter ‘do is infinitely cuter than anything else you were doing. Really, you look fabulous. Keep up the good fashion sense.

As an aside, I love Sandra, and I do like that she’s apparently trying to branch out after Noah, but I wanted to call the fashion police on her this episode. Honeybear, that hair needed a good brushing, and that industrial construction orange was doing you no favors. Also, Sandra’s inclusion seemed very…. I dunno, random. It was such a short pair of scenes she was in, and for very little plot gain.

Claire’s roommate Annie – Oh my god. I’d almost forgotten people like this exist. And could she be a little more of a control freak? If I were Claire, I’d have pushed Annie out the window myself after a week.

The algebra professor reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Made. Of. Win

Claire and Noah - “Truth-ish.” Aww! Most adorable father/daughter moment ever. That was great! And true. Full stop.

Great that Claire was able to make a non-trajectory friend, not so great that she remembers the Union Wells Homecoming Massacre. Way to kill the conversation, Gretchen!

Hmm… Gretchen unexpectedly does very well at Guitar Hero (I wouldn’t know, never played, never watched it being played) and says she’s “getting better every second.” Ok, so Claire is now flypaper for people with abilities? Seems so.

Also, she’s still flypaper for freaks, because after Annie takes a header, Gretchen is apparently totally cool with sitting down on the bed of a girl that recently died and discussing whether or not it was murder. Just a smidge weird. And disrespectful. Though I did find her explanation of the Jump, Push, Fall test funny. I loved that scene in CSI:!

Less lovely was Claire testing the theory herself. Yes, it was practical for the purposes of murder investigation. But it was also not practical at all in terms of hiding the fact that Claire’s a regenerator, because there are several hundred windows facing that area. I’ve been to a large state college. They’re like New York City in that they never sleep. There’s always someone up. Even if no one was looking out their windows when she fell, there’s a good bet that someone would take a look when she landed with a bone-shattering crunch. Oh look, someone did notice! Wait, how did Gretchen get into Claire’s room? Did Claire leave her door unlocked? WTH?

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy, you couldn’t stop yourself from trying to get all over Noah’s body, could you? Nice trick with the car. Very clever.

Huh, so you’re going to throw you lot in with Noah now? I mean, you kill four guys in cold blood (mind the pun) and then you’re just going to stop with Noah? No problem? Ok…

Hey, Noah keeps his promises like whoa. That’s new and different! Danko says vacations are bad, and the Haitian is there to make him see the light. Or the dark, because this scene is so poorly lit that I can’t see crap.

Danko swallowed a key? Uh… when did he do that? Because unless he’s swallowing it and retrieving it periodically, it ain’t gonna stay in the stomach for too terribly long. And either way, it’s kinda gross.

What’s awesomely gross is Noah’s clinical, “I would have killed him like THIS,” discussion, followed by casually rummaging around Danko’s insides. Oh Noah, you may not be able to use a toaster oven, but you’re still a badass to me.

When Noah needs a partner in crime, he immediately thinks of… Super Peter! Emo EMT Edition with Super Lifesaving Kit Accessory! The fact that they both had only water and mustard in their fridges makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

I really loved Noah’s fatherly advice to Peter. “Don’t live alone.” “I am Exhibit A.” “Call your mother.” Father!Noah FTW! He is eight hundred million times better being a parent right now than any other member of the Petrelli clan has ever been to Peter. Just saying. And that’s kinda sad.

Ok, this was awesome. Edgar, the super-speedy knife guy? Is played by Ray Park. Ray Park the stunt guy. Darth Maul. THAT Ray Park. HEE!!! This is stunt casting at its finest. And most literal.

Peter won’t work with Noah because he’s a bad influence. Don’t feel bad that Peter’s only using you for sex power finding, Noah. He’s a Petrelli. They all do that.

The compass finds specials? Will someone call Captain Jack Sparrow and tell him Danko stole his toy?

Does Tracy seem unusually forgiving and nice? She spent several weeks being creatively tortured for having her ability, has showed us repeatedly that she was a selfish, cold-hearted bitch, then went on a murderous rampage, and now is all, “I totes want to jump Noah’s bones because he did what he said he was going to, and wants redemption, and doesn’t want to be alone, and is being all emo, and all women love that, don’t they?” I’d buy that maybe she’s hearing Micah’s words in her head, but honestly, for serious reals? I… no. I have no idea where nice!Tracy is coming from.

It’s kinda nice that Noah is getting someone that’s willing to hang out with him, but it irks me that this might-be-a-romance-but-dear-God-I-hope-not is going so relatively fast. I mean, Matt bounced from lover to lover without much of a problem, taking Janice back before Daphne was barely cold, but I expect more from Noah Bennet. Please just let Tracy and Noah be friends. Please!

Oh dear God. The Hiro and Ando Show, Make-A-Wish edition. By now I’m looking for the ways the show wants to screw over Hiro. They tend to do it multiple times in a season, usually just after the tiny scrap of beautiful character development he’s allowed from time to time before going back to his usual role as Heroes’ court jester.

So I’m not surprised, after the mildly amusing Dial-A-Hero incident, when Hiro reveals he has a death sentence. Of course. Why not? Why not give this man yet more motivation to fuck with the time line? Thankfully Hiro realizes that being selfish and trying to change his own life would be bad, but luckily for the show, Samuel is there to give Hiro another Mission. Christ on Crutches. Have these Missions ever ended well for Hiro? I can’t think of a time when they’ve all turned out ok in the end. Especially when they’re started by megalomaniacs with a penchant for ink. Oh yeah, this is going to be all hunky-dory. Not.

Another quick question, considering that Hiro and Ando have seen a very wide variety of powers by now, haven’t they stopped to consider that there might be another person like Hiro’s mom out there? Another healer who might be willing to help Hiro? And perhaps Nathan, or Noah, or Angela might know of such an individual and be willing to put them in touch? Because, let’s face it, Hiro has helped all of them many times, often at great personal risk and injury to himself. Did no one think to ask if Hiro needed some fucking help? Did Mohinder even think to mention this to anyone?

While giving poor, underused Ando a love interest is nice for him, I wonder if he’s going to ever remember that his power is supercharging. Because that could be really fucking useful if Hiro’s power and life is fading and he just wants to do a few good things before he dies.

Well, a lovely start to the season all the way around! I didn’t want to throw anything at my TV hard enough to break it, and didn’t have to cover my eyes in embarrassment more than four times. And several times I uttered gleeful vocal eruptions of spontaneous glee. Yup, Heroes is back. I love this show.
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