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The Beginning of the End of the End of the Beginning

You can blame my sister for this one.  BrightEyed Jill convinced me to get a LiveJournal account.  Any complaints can thusly be registered to her.

I work the night shift, and even on my days off, I keep to the same schedule.  So my posts will be at ungodly hours of the morning for my fellow Americans.  Yay for any Europeans or other non-American time zone people that come across my stuff!

I created this primarily to post my fanfic.  About a year ago I saw the film Sky High and decided it was cool.  I commenced writing a story about it, and it's turned into a friggin' novel of over 500 pages with several accompanying one-shots and a few other stragglers.  I originally posted them on FanFiction.net (with my M/NC-17 pieces going on AdultFanFiction.net) because I didn't know where else to go.  There's not a lot of communities for Sky High fanfic, or at least none I could find in a hurried search.  

Then I decided to write some Heroes fanfic.  

I'll be perfectly honest with you about FanFiction.net; it's a place where a lot of young authors cut their teeth.  You get a lot, a LOT of junior high/high school students posting their first stories.  And you have to deal with all the attendant growing pains of poor grammar and spelling, retreaded plots, poor feedback, and enough Mary Sues to make you despair for the species of writers as a whole.  And while there are some good authors on FF.net (I flatter myself to consider them one of them) you have to wade through a LOT of dreck.  

My sister writes in the LJ Heroes' communities, and she told me, "All the big kids play in the LJ pool!  When are you going to get cool and get a LiveJournal?"  

And... well, I want to.  Considering Sky High's intended audience, I'm not as concerned about those stories.  I do write a LOT older than the younger kids it's intended for.  I'm 26, and the characters are all different parts of me.  I'd like more comments from people who saw the potential of the film above and beyond its Disney origins.

But Heroes is a different kettle of fish all together.  It's written for an older audience, it's shown on prime time, and the themes it brings up (at least in my mind) require an older audience.  I write about fairly heavy stuff in many of my stories, but particularly for the Heroes' fics I'm working on.  I've seen the profiles of the people on my author alert list at FF.net, and so many of them are very young.  I'm not shy about adding in sex, gore, or other "mature" themes when the story demands, and I hate having to change the rating of my whole story when it's only one theme.

That's the reason I have an AFF.net account, because I don't want the 13 year-olds to read my smut.  (Yeah, I've written just some straight-up smut too, but you get my meaning).  

There's a point here, and I'm going to get to it soon.  If I wanted to post my more angsty, broody, hard-core Heroes stories, I didn't want to do it on FF.net, because I want to spare the children.  And I wanted to reach a different audience.  There, there's a reason for you!

So, up soon, the many chapters of my Sky High fic, War and Peace In Mind, and all its attendant parphanelia!  And some semi-associated Sky High smut!  And then my Heroes' stories!  And possibly some smut for that too!  

And now that I've bored you to tears, I'll go and post some of these alleged stories.  Enjoy the lemons!

Quote below from the hysterically funny "Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake" by Dead Gentlemen Productions-

"When life gives you lemon, kick 'im in the nuts and say, 'I wanted a beer bitch!'"
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