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Heroes Commentary 4x03 - Ink

And I didn't want to throw anything at the TV! Yay!

Samuel reveals his backstory and says ever since he discovered his power, he realized he could be filthy. Please tell me this is foreshadowing! Because we could use some characters getting down-and-dirty more often.

Then he says he wants to talk to Peter. He wants to get filthy with Peter. I like where this plotline is going, in my head if nowhere else.

Wait, how long has it been since Noah Bennet was hospitalized for having his GUTS SLASHED OPEN? Because it sure as hell hasn’t been the several months that it should have been. I suppose I’ll file his speedy recovery under the same headings as the Magical Ten Minute Cross-Country Plane Journey, the Magical Two-Hour Cross-Country Car Trip, the Magical Passport That Appears When You Need It Even If You Were Sent To Another Country By Teleportation, the Magic Money to Buy Plane Tickets Even If All You’ve Done Is Work At a Minimum-Wage Job For a Month, and The Magical Ability to Retain Your Job Even If You Disappear Randomly Without Notice.

Damn, there’s a lot more magic in this show than I realized.

(Quick aside, Noah Bennet is rocking that gray suit. Rawr!)

While I like that somebody on this show is calling Claire on her bullshit about her ability, could Gretchen have put the screws to her any harder by basically inviting herself along to what was clearly supposed to be some private father-daughter time? You could lay on the guilt and doubletalk a little thicker if you’d used a trowel, dearheart. Just saying.

I loved the, “We are all having a conversation about something else at this table that is not actually anyone’s major,” expressions everyone was shooting at each other. And Claire’s reaction to Noah’s knee-jerk response to Claire being in a miniscule amount of danger. While I can respect that Claire wants to take control of her own secrets for once, I have an inkling this all is going to end in tears.

Quick question, riddle me this: If Sylar!Nathan is having memory issues, and the Haitian is back in town, why the hell doesn’t Noah ask him to pay the senator a visit and clear out any extraneous Sylar memories? I mean, crap on a stick, he could have been incredibly fucking useful during last season’s finale if they had to go the route they did. And I guarantee you that the Haitian wouldn’t have Sylar stuck in his head like Matt does. Or if he did, he’d be able to ignore him, Beautiful Mind-style, because the Haitian has more willpower on his own than most of the rest of the cast combined.

Speaking of Matt, do you seriously want Sylar in your head for the rest of your life? Because your track record over the last six weeks doesn’t lead me to believe you’re going to be able to contain your and his collective crazy for another hour, let alone for several decades. I think I discovered Matt’s primary power: Denial.

Sylar gleefully uses his tenure inside Parkman’s head to push every single button he can. (The stuffed rabbit, hee!) Come on Matt, the “girl under the stairs?” That was the biggest fucking red flag Sylar threw you that day. Of course, you seem to have forgotten that Molly even existed, so…

Oh lord, Matt, how the hell have you managed your last six weeks on the job? Not checking closets? Seriously? Fucking think, mental-man. Sylar has one interest, his own. He only wants to keep you alive long enough to get back to his body. Everything else, your job, your family, your reputation, your friends, and your sanity, is all expendable. Matt, you’ve seen the serious fuck-upedness of Sylar’s personal history. He is capable of anything, especially intolerable cruelty. And he has full access to your powers and memories. He made you see something that isn’t there. He could make you see something horrible and you could end up hurting or killing someone more important to you than a drug dealer. AREN’T YOU SCARED YET?!!!!

You know, I suspect what pisses Peter off about getting sued is the fact that for once he isn’t guilty of something. He hasn’t been trying to blow up New York or destroy the world or kill anyone dead lately, and being unfairly accused makes emo puppy sad. Though I could totally see it. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Nasty stuff. And if Peter goes CrazyGoNuts, it could happen. His future selves haven’t exactly been paragons of sanity; you know what I’m saying?

It just cracks me up that Peter tries to be all tough with Samuel at first, playing the Petrelli family name card (which, in retrospect, probably was a Very Bad Idea), and then crumples like a wet paper sack the minute Samuel pulls out the “I’m emotionally distraught” act. Oh Peter, you have the defenses of a blind kitten. (BTW, clever, clever use of Samuel’s power to put himself in the newspaper article. Samuel just has to hope Peter doesn’t ever check a back issue of the paper in the library or online or something…)

However, I did rather adore the conversation between Peter and Samuel in the park. My heart broke a little when Samuel asked if Peter had lost a brother, and I really felt for Peter when he talked about working hospice. That’s the gentle, empathetic Peter we met back in S1, and I felt like I was finally starting to connect that Peter with the harder-edged S3/S4 Peter we have now. Oh sweetie, I think you’re going to be ok, if Samuel’s crazy inadvertent tattooing and nefarious plans (not to mention your ignorance of Nathan and Sylar’s fates) doesn’t break you first.

I heart Emma. Truly. I love that her ability seems just beautiful and neat and lovely, not scary or world-changing or destructive. It reminds me of Charlie, or maybe Dale. I think it would be highly therapeutic for the Heroes to see that not all abilities require maximum angst to be used properly. Sometimes they just require a little broadening of your worldview and a willingness to experience joy.

(Dunno about the dude that would turn his back on an expensive instrument, but that’s his problem.)

Claire, honey, I like that you’ve made a friend, really. And it’s great you want a roommate you don’t want to have to hide things from. But doesn’t it worry you a tad in how extremely persistent Gretchen has been in pursuing you, even before she knew about your ability? Don’t get me wrong, you’re lovely, and damaged, but people are drawn to that, particularly if they also have problems, so they can empathize. I worry that Gretchen is going to get even weirder (wanting to see your healing after she already saw you push in your bones? Uh… ok…) or you’re going to get blackmailed later, purposely or inadvertently. As I said, this is all going to end in tears.

Hee, Claire’s rehearsed speech to Noah was excellent! While I like Claire finally taking harder steps towards independence, I was watching every piece of Noah Bennet’s life crumble and fall piece by piece during that call. He no longer has his marriage, no longer has to protect Claire, and is embarking on a whole new way of doing his job. While I have faith in Noah to pick up the pieces and make something awesome out of them, I just want to reach out and give him a hug. He’s so very much alone!

Huh. Samuel doesn’t take rebuffs very well, does he? Granted, the lady was very cold, but Samuel didn’t have a shred of proof of what he was. “Hi, rich person! I used to work here. Can I come into your home and look around without any seemingly firm purpose? There’s no possible way that I could be a potential robber or home invader or something, so could you just let me in?”

Just saying. The sinkhole was just a wee bit of overkill.

In the course of three episodes we’ve managed to shrink the cast substantially! Mohinder, MIA for three episodes, is still clearly taking a vaycay in India (and if doesn’t mention Molly once he gets back, I’m going to be pissed), Nathan is still waiting on Peter’s call, Tracy is, I dunno, having a bath or something, Angela is freaking out, Ando is somewhere getting some, and Hiro is fucking with the timeline. Trufax. You heard it here first!
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