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Heroes Commentary 4x05 - "Hysterical Blindness"

In which many questions were answered, and far too many more were posed.

You know, don’t get me wrong, Samuel is kind of hot, what with his vague accent, awesome clothes, smudges of eyeliner, and whole carnival persona. However, when he comes out of his trailer, praising waffles, speechifying, and making all kind of grand, sweeping claims about what their family is going to be, do you know what he reminds me of? A cult leader. David Koresh. Jim Jones. Seriously, I’m waiting for him to break out the Kool-Aid.

Guaranteeing that the “family” will have a new member by the end of the day? Uh… how? Samuel, unless I missed something, you’ve made vague contact with Peter, had your niece try to isolate Claire, and unless one of the cops was in on Amnesiatic!Sylar’s arrest, you’ve had absolutely no contact with him. How in the hell were they supposed to “find their way” to wherever you’d set up the carnival? I’ll be the first to admit that Peter has made long trips on fairly slim evidence before, but unless you slipped a business card into his jacket, I don’t see how he (or the other two) were going to find you in less than 24 hours.

So, to help out his wacky theory, Samuel plants some bags of rocks? Sure… ok. And then coerces Lydia to show him Sylar, moves the carnival to PRECISELY the correct spot, and manages to only make it visible to Sylar, a la the pilot of “Dead Like Me.” Just start a round of “Que Sera Sera” in the background and we have dramatic gold! Look, it’s symbolic! Whee!

Emma has tragic backstory! So she’s actually medically trained, but is hiding from some tragic failure (if only in her own mind), according to her mom the doctor. Hmm… please don’t let her get too emo. Somebody on this show needs a damn break from emo. Sadly, this may end up being not the case. Sigh.

Loved seeing some new aspects of her power with the sirens and jackhammers and stuff. Poor Peter. He saves a woman’s life and she can barely be bothered to talk to him. Story of his new life.

Though, here’s a question. Peter apparently has learned enough about the new version of his power to not inadvertently absorb someone’s ability, because we saw him kiss Angela. And what good has prophetic dreaming ever done Peter? But somehow he neglected to turn himself off when touching Emma’s hand? I’ll be the first to admit my extreme giggling at Peter smacking his non-speedy legs like, “Is this thing broken?” before petulantly kicking a trash can and seeing pretty lights, but… huh? Pete, people with abilities are EVERYWHERE. If you want to keep what you have, be more careful!

Emma seeing the choir music with Peter was so squeeably adorable. Really. Just them both watching the colors in the air and then seeing each other seeing the colors… aww! Peter’s data-dump explanation was kind of not very explanatory. I mean, he didn’t explain in the least how he got her power, or mentioning things like how long he’d had it, or… I don’t know, anything that would make her feel a little more like an insider, rather than an outsider in all this madness.

The piano-playing scene was so cute though. Really. Just cuter than a button.

Emma being able to use her sound/color power for wall-breaking cello-playing badassery? Saw that coming. Heroes doesn’t really do powers that can’t have some kind of purpose or application in combat. And personally I think the idea of being able to use music as a weapon kicks ass.

Has Peter been replaced by a pod person? Really? Because his interaction with Angela bugs. I’ll give him leeway for Angela being so monofocused on Nathan that she barely pays him any attention, but we’ve practically pulled a full 180 from the Peter that waited for his shoplifting mother at the police station in the pilot. The Peter here is just weird. He talks about saving lives as not being enough to fill the holes in his life, and acting like he’s never had a loving relationship before, ever.

Pete, *author puts hands on his shoulders* do me a favor. Get laid. I’d like you to have a meaningful conversation with someone that you listen to, who will also listen to you. Then I’d like you to have a very pleasant evening in. Hopefully in the course of sweet, sweet love you will be able to extract the stick from your ass and remove the alien emotion-inhibitor chip at the base of your skull. Do this for your fangirls, will you? I don’t mind Peter stepping up his responsibility and not being such a sap, but you’re kind of acting like a jerkwad right now.

Ok, Officer Hudson, I can understand your concern when a dirty, bloody man with evidence of gunshots is wandering by the side of the road. I can understand why you’d be willing to treat him as a potential threat, because he could have been crawling away from the aftermath of a murder or drug buy or something. But when he barely understands you? Can’t stop shaking? Is clearly freaking out five ways from Sunday? He’s in the middle of having a NERVOUS BREAKDOWN and is suffering from TRAUMA AND SHOCK. Why wasn’t he allowed to be treated as a potential victim instead of an automatic suspect?

Poor Sylar. Or Nathan. Or… none of the above. He’s kind of a blank slate. I wasn’t expecting that at all. By the way he parts his hair when he’s allowed to get cleaned up, he seems to be in Amnesiatic!Nathan mode. I suppose we’ll go with that, because that makes as much sense as anything else.

I have to say, I kind of liked Amnesiatic!Nathan!Sylar all wibbling and uncertain and cowering and vulnerable. Um… I think I need to go write some fanfic now.

Thankfully, there is one person in the precinct that has a gram of compassion. Dr. Feelgood tries some simple, calm, normal exercises to get Amnesiatic!Nathan!Sylar to recall anything. Sadly this eminent professionalism is discarded because Officer Hudson needs to get his arrest on and has Gabriel Gray pegged for his mother’s murder. Weirdly enough, they’ve actually managed to keep this piece of backstory consistent throughout all the retcons, that Gabriel is a wanted man. Huh. Weird. I guess murder charges actually stick to someone in this cast.

Sadly, Officer Hudson gets the living crap beat out of him because he chose to trigger a fight-or-flight response in one of the most powerful beings on the planet. Oops. At least he didn’t immediately die. That’s a plus for him, right?

Poor Dr. Feelgood. Amnesiatic!Nathan!Sylar needs a ride. And help. She tries to give him both, but he’s a man without a plan, and that’s never good. In trying to surrender, the Revenge of Elle surprises the living crap out of the cops and he takes three to the chest. Doesn’t bug him that badly, much to the shock of both Dr. Feelgood and Amnesiatic!Nathan!Sylar. And, you know, we get a free naked chest/abdomen shot, so… bonus! And then she lets him run away to join the circus. Yay, she let him run free!!!!!

Gretchen, sweetie, this isn’t going to work out so great between you and Claire. Even though we learn Invisi-Rebecca was the one to murder Annie (um… damn, they teach some screwed-up morals in the carnival), alert Claire to Gretchen’s research, and try to vivisect Claire in front of the sorority, Gretchen has had more than her share of freaky weird moments.

Honey, you seriously did stalk Claire. Having been in college, you really don’t want to leave anything open on your computer that you wouldn’t want someone to see. It’s just common sense. You honestly did try to keep Claire from joining an organization that she clearly wanted to try. Controlling behavior is Not Cool. You don’t know Claire enough AT ALL to be making decisions for her (and I don’t know if anyone knows someone that well). Further, you couldn’t talk about yourself, so you tell everyone and their sister about your new roommate instead? Nervous behavior can vary from person to person, but that was definitely on the weird side of the spectrum. And then blaming it all on a crush and ambushing Claire with a kiss in hopes that will make it all better? Sigh. Gretchen, I will admit that sometimes people act hella weird in the presence of someone they like or admire. But you need to back the hell off. Stalking is Not An Acceptable Expression Of Affection.

And I’m afraid next week we’re going to have to deal with the fallout. Claire, for the love of any common sense your father ever instilled in you, don’t ignore the facts. Even if you want a relationship with Gretchen, I would like to see an apology, boundaries, a trial period, and a hell of a lot of soul-searching on your part. Remember when you said your life was a series of disasters? Let’s not continue that trend. Because this has “Potential Disaster” written all over it.

Holy smokes, Hiro actually came to someone who might actually be able to render medical help! Someone who knows powers! Someone who might wake up Peter’s slumbering sense of heroism instead of just duty! Hiro has always been the best of them, even if the writers haven’t given him a fair shake. Glad to see him back where he is needed.

Mohinder is still completely MIA. At this point I'm wondering if the carnies have him in the freak show tent as "The Man Who Is Too Pretty To Be On TV."

Next week, Sylar is back? HRG and Peter tries to find a healer? And other such wonders? Whee!
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