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Heroes Commentary 4x06 - Tabula Rasa

Oh the cleverness. Oh the cleverness of the show! ;)

Peter talking to Hiro about his illness and being all nursy and stuff again, *wibble*. Sorry I’m just such a sucker for Peter actually helping people again, or rather, actually FEELING again, instead of shutting everyone out. Hiro’s arrival couldn’t have been better timed. I was seriously concerned for Peter’s emotions; I was afraid he was going to starve them to death.

And yay for being clever in taking Hiro’s power! Hope it doesn’t give you brain cancer, Peter.

BTW, if I were Peter, I’d also be kind of mad at Hiro for not saying anything before things got to the terminal stage. Hiro, you could have mentioned something to Peter before you left for Japan six weeks ago. Then this entire scenario could have been played out before your powers went wonky and you had to tell your sister and best friend you were dying. Just saying. Could have dropped a line earlier. Phone. E-mail. Product placement text. Something…

Peter teleporting into the bathroom and being all cute and, “Sorry, my bad, I’m kinda rusty.” Love. Pure love. So freaking cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!

(Also now I have slashy-slashy thoughts as to why Peter teleported to the BATHROOM of Noah’s apartment. Hee… *stares off into space*)

Claire, honey, just NOW you think about your Magic Blood when Hiro’s illness shows up? Sigh. If only we could have gotten this kind of thinking beforehand. Hey, want to help your uncle at his job? Maybe perhaps you’d like to bleed a pint or so off every few days and have syringes of Insta-Heal ready for action for him? Because that’d really be useful. Hard to explain… but useful!

I know Noah was being all useful and Company Man With A Heart and stuff during the scene were he looks up Jeremy, but really the only thing I could think of was, “Damn, that man looks FINE in a suit.” It’s always true, but still. Damn fine.

Huh, I hoped that Peter explained his “I’m gonna take Jeremy’s power when we get to his place, so I hope you remembered to pack some clean underwear and a plane ticket, Noah,” plan before they left. Because being stranded in Georgia without a car or any cash could be not so great.

The whole house smells of death. Awesome. Hey Noah, you guys put a healer back into his “messed-up family,” really? Honestly? Someone with powers like that, like Linderman’s, and you just put him back out there on the streets? Holy smokes, how many potential powder kegs to you have sitting out there? How the hell have the America public managed to not notice people with abilities by now if the Company have been letting the traumatized and untrained wander about at will?

Noah has a plan, and sends Peter away. Excellent plan! All good plans should start that way. Notice how the immediate introduction of Peter back into the plan starts everything going to pot.

Peter: “I stopped the bullet and saved Noah! I stopped it, I stopped it, I’m cool, I stopped it… uh, why is there blood on my shirt and a spray of bodily fluids behind me-. Oh. I’m dead. Shit.”

I have to say I adored Noah talking Jeremy through the healing. The way he did it, not showing any fear in touching Jeremy, giving him specific instructions as to what to do, letting him gain control and visualize, awesome. The way he did it makes it like his calling, like he’s a teacher for gifted students. Like Professor Xavier, but more badass. Considering what Noah has to make up for in his life, this was a really great first step.

Samuel… what the hell would you have done if you’d gotten the unaltered Sylar? The power-hungry serial killer? I see your carnival is pretty chock-full of people with awesome powers (including a dude who manages to explain how the whole carnival can vanish), and Sylar is a fucking unstoppable dynamo. I don’t know if he would have worked with you, but most likely he would have killed all of you, one by one. If he did join you, you’d constantly have to watch your back and keep track of your people, because one day he’d get hungry…

Why does a carnival need a killer? I mean, Edgar seems to have that title pretty locked up. Too fast to track and a good hand with the knives. Why the heck do they need Sylar? The only reason I could think would be to take Samuel’s place when he dies. In which case, it’s probably better that he got an amnesiac Nathan, because that man knew how to work a crowd.

Here’s another question. We see this carnival in full swing now. Except it seems that half the top attractions are wandering around backstage, including the primary carnival barker (Samuel). How do these guys stay in business?

Another other question, did Samuel have the carnival set up everything in the middle of a field (with no apparent source of electricity!) in order to catch Sylar, and then have everyone dismantle everything and move somewhere else so Detective Lubbock wouldn’t realize Sylar had disappeared in the same area? That seems like a crapload of work for one theatrical moment-. Wait, this is Samuel we’re talking about here. Never mind.

Heh. Morning chores. Love how Samuel is just sitting back and chilling while Not!Nathan and Edgar have a pissing contest. With knives and telekinesis. “Boys will be boys.” Snerk. Samuel, you may be a megalomaniac crazy bastard, but you put on a very entertaining show.

You know what the House of Sylar’s Memory Mirrors remind me of? The Saturation Chamber scene in the 1999 version of The House On Haunted Hill. Because that endless parade of violence and blood was clearly going to drive the man mad. Again, how is this helping the situation…? I wonder if Isaiah of the Awesome Dreads is actually more of an illusionist than a healer.

Samuel thinks its good for Not!Nathan to inspire fear and respect. Little does he know he’s actually appealing to Nathan’s evil side. He’s talking like Arthur Petrelli. Oh shit.

Yet Not!Nathan won’t wantonly kill Detective Lubbock the Trigger-Happy. Because he isn’t Sylar. Yay! Killer instinct doesn’t win out, giving someone all that power doesn’t necessary make him a murderer! Yay! Yay! Ya- oh. Edgar takes things into his own hands, I see. “Get a mop!” Edgar, considering what happened last time you played with tools around Not!Nathan, you may want to rethink your strategy.

Hmm, so Not!Nathan was horrified at his trip through Sylar’s head, didn’t kill Lubbock, and yet is totally going to get himself BAPTIZED into the Sullivan Brothers’ Clan? Please, please tell me he’s doing this for pure survival reasons, because it’s pretty damn obvious that Samuel only wants him for his own nefarious purposes.

(On the other hand, Not!Nathan in transparent wet white clothes… yum!)

Not!Nathan was actually pretty interesting. Seeing Nathan’s traits and memories stubbornly surfacing in the face of everything Samuel was trying to do to resurrect Sylar made me rather happy. Nathan is in there, and he wants out! The hands/politician connection, the planes (and the momentary glimpse of the Pas-jaw), and the way he’s so flirty and easy with Lydia, all very Nathan. Gabriel was pretty awkward with girls, from what we saw, and Sylar never really got flirty so much as possessive and creepy. Nathan is flirty, particularly with girls that are willing to give it up (as I’m sure Lydia was instructed to do).

Emma, sweetie, I’m sure Hiro understands you being reluctant about your ability if it was just seeing sounds, because yeah, that’s unexpected and strange. However, you inadvertently destroyed a wall, and yet don’t mention that before you storm off in a huff because he can’t fix you. If you’re freaked out about that, then I’d suggest TELLING Hiro that. Because he’s actually a good person to talk to about abilities, really. He’s not scared of them. But if all you give him is vague unease, then that’s all he can attempt to fix with his little magic show. Come on Emma, don’t expect your doctor to come up with a cure based on all your symptoms but the most crucial!

Hiro remembers Charlie. Wow. Don’t get me wrong, him remembering her, and the fact she had a brain tumor too, and what she taught him about dying, was wonderfully sweet. But… damn. It’s almost a day late and a dollar short. He forgot her for all those months when he wasn’t stuck in ancient Japan or running for his life. He forgot her for all this time. This meeting with Charlie better kick ass to make up for all that. All I’m saying.

Next week, Sylar makes love to Janice while Matt wonders WTF is going on. Christ on crutches Matt, if you are going anywhere near your house when you KNOW Sylar can screw with your perceptions, then I’m very disappointed in you. Please, don’t be that dumb! Be a responsible human being and find an alternative solution.
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