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I Had the Weirdest Freaking Dream Last Night...

I don't know what this dream says about me. It must be something that'll probably require expensive therapy or extensive fanfic. I'm not sure which. Fanfic is cheaper though.

Ok, so I had this dream last night. I was dreaming, and in my dream I was dreaming. And in that dream I had sex with Greg Grunberg. It wasn't the best sex ever (y'all probably don't want the technical details, there's such a thing as overshare, even on LJ), but he seemed to like it. (Blushing so hard right now.)

Then I woke up from the dream within my dream, and I was alone. Confused, I called Greg's agent (how I knew the number, no freaking clue) and asked him where Greg was last night. Apparently he was nowhere near my bed.

Then I went with my dad to a Factory Card Outlet store that was attached to a mall. I was riding my bicycle inside while my dad looked at cards. I wanted to go into the mall, but apparently they didn't allow bikes inside. I didn't have any way to secure my bike while I went inside, but there was some woman there by the door who was selling packages of plastic zip ties for ten dollars. I bought them, and then the woman showed me how to put them on my bike in all these complicated ties, like I was hog-tying something.

Then I went to go get my dad so we could go into the mall together, but he was still looking at cards, so I looked at cards too for a while.

Then I woke up for realsies.

What in the world me having a dream about dreaming about sex with Grunny has anything to do with cards and bicycles and my dad I have no damn idea. I mean, I like me some Grunny, but... seriously, brain? Seriously? Any dream interpreters out there? Because I'm kinda weirded out right now. :-O
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