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Word Meme

It's a Word Meme! perdiccas gave me five words that remind her of me. Now I must talk about them.

1. Incest - I somehow managed to get into two fandoms at the same time that has extensive fic with incestous brothers, namely Heroes and Supernatural. Why? Because the brothers are hot. And particularly in Heroes, they touch. A lot. In a very suggestive manner. In both fandoms there is angst galore, mutual saving of each other's lives, heartfelt confessions, and mutual destiny. That's more interaction than some canon het couples get in six seasons. So, in the safety of my fandoms, yeah, I ship that.

2. Cats - I love them! My own Timothy was literally a lifesaver to me at one low point in my life. They're warm, fuzzy, and my own cat is adorably affectionate, delightfully playful, and quirkily bizarre. If two members of my family hadn't been allergic, I would have asked for one growing up. As it was, it was less than a month after I'd gotten my first apartment that allowed pets when I got Timmy from a rescue group. Everyone needs a friendly cat in their life! I'm also a shameless admirer of CuteOverload and ICanHasCheezburger.

3. Pinch hitting - I tend to do that a lot. I did that before I got laid off because I had a strange schedule that gave me days off at a time (though I worked 12-hour shifts) and I was on the night shift, so I had plenty of writing time. I pinch-hit now because I'm still out of work and have even more writing time! Also, I have an overactive muse and don't mind writing to spec. And, well, because everyone deserves the fic they were promised!

4. Maturity - I'm 28, going to be 29 next month, so I think I'm one of the older people in all of my fandoms. After almost three decades on this spinning ball of dirt, I think I can safely say that experienced gained is a good thing. Don't fear it.

5. Insight - I has it. I like to think I'm a good listener and observer. I was always the quiet kid in class, the one that watched everyone. I do a lot of that even still, and will sometimes bust out answers no one expected me to have. I tend to remember the oddest things.
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