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Auction To Support A Good Cause!

(I'm stealing perdiccas' pimp post. Hope you don't mind sweetie!)

megmatthews20 is an awesome person and a great writer. However, she's currently dealing with a heavy issue and is in need of some help. Let her explain it in her own words.

megmatthews20 in hope_in_sight: I was born with Marfan Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. The connective tissue in my body is weaker than the average person's, and therefore I was never allowed to play in sports or run because my aortic valve was dangerously prone to dissection. I will also never be able to deep sea dive or go sky diving or mountain climbing because people with Marfans are also prone to spontaneous pneumothorax (lung collapsing) and the risk is too great. I've learned to live with the health set-backs...

But I've always been particularly upset by the affect Marfans has had upon my eyes. The tissue in my eyes cannot hold the lenses in place like normal healthy eyes can, so my lenses float, moving every year, and drastically changing my vision. With my glasses on, the best I have ever been able to see is 20/40. I sit in the front of the class and am unable to read anything written on the blackboard or the overhead. I can't see more than a handful of stars in the sky even on the darkest night. And I can't tell that someone is waving at me from across the room...

I know that this has held me back in a lot of ways all of my life. I even had to take an extra year in grade school because of it. I want to change all that with a surgery that will give me the ability to see so much more with a clarity and precision that I've only ever dreamed about.

That is where the funds come in. I have already paid off my left eye surgery (unless something unexpected should occur during the procedure and I have to pay more money).

I need funds to pay off my right eye surgery, which will be at least $1525 dollars since it includes an extra charge for correcting my right eye's astigmatism.

I have no money this year. I spent the last three years working as a caregiver for my mom. I had to drop out of school this year to be around her full time when her cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. She passed away in October and my sister and I were left with no money and no life insurance. I just spent my last funds getting back into school and my bank account is down to about a hundred dollars.

How can you help?

In three ways:
1) SELL YOURSELVES, YOU WHORES! Anything and everything goes, fanart, fanfic, podfics, home baked brownies, strippergrams, icons, LJ layouts, yourself as a slave for a week, second hand books & DVDs. Can you crochet? Make earrings? Read palms? Fanvid? Every little bit helps, so offer yourself up to the masses and let them have their way with you. :)

2) PIMP!!! Whores are only as successful as their pimps, and we really need to spread the word far and wide. Are you active in fandoms beyond Heroes? Encourage your flist to join in the fun and goodwill. Post to comms (with mod permission of course). Drag people in off the street and get them LJ accounts to take part!

3) SHOW! ME! THE! MONEY! The bidding will run from Dec 1 - Dec 11th. Buy, buy, buy as much as you can. Bidding wars are totes encouraged. Skip your latte for the week and throw that money at the auction instead. It's a super good cause for a super good person who deserves some happiness to round out a dismal 2009.


I am selling myself three times over. I'm easy but I'm not cheap! ;-)

1. Heroes fanfiction of at least 1500 words. DETAILS
2. Any fandom fanfiction, or crossover, or sequel of at least 1500 words. DETAILS
3. Platter of homemade cookies and candies for the holidays! Or, you know, just for eating. Because they're cookies, and they're good for that whole eating thing. (You know you want some.) DETAILS
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