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Heroes Commentary 4x11 - Thanksgiving

This is the only entertainment I have where spiking my blood pressure is a good thing.

I think I spent half this episode screaming at my TV for characters to shut up. Angela all but trying to hammer home normal with a sledgehammer? Shut up. Sylar with his rather ripe lines of return? Shut up. Samuel and all his speechifying? Shut up. Hiro whining about Charlie? Shut up. Noah flirting with Lauren? Shut up. Doug being Doug? Shut up. Claire being a self-absorbed little attention whore? Shut up. Lyle not being there? SHUT UP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND SMALL FURRY KITTENS, SHUT UP!!!!

God, I love this show. No other televised entertainment can get me this riled up. :-D

It’s time for a Heroes Drinking Game! Every time someone says “Charlie,” take a shot! We’ll be hammered before halftime! Whee!

Samuel is a lying bastard. Hiro is surprised by this. I want to knock their heads together.

Lydia wants the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth, so convinces Hiro to haul her back in time. With her nakedness. She needs close contact to read people? I suppose that’s a cute excuse to slink around three-quarters naked half the time. Darn good thing Hiro tries to be the perfect gentleman. However, I was completely unimpressed by Lydia’s “reading” of Hiro. Sister, the Psychic Hotline could do a more accurate reading. Telling him extremely obvious facts about himself does nothing to convince me you are looking into his soul. Just saying.

A question, doesn’t Lydia know what time travel did to poor, dead Arnold, the time traveler Samuel killed to enact his evil scheme against Charlie? (Drink!) Hiro’s not well, can’t she see that while she’s looking into his soul? Doesn’t she know that her selfish desire to see exactly what happened with her own eyes could seriously hurt him?

I knew it. I think I knew the first episode that Samuel had killed his brother. Why? Because he’s just exactly that kind of crazy bastard. He’s a greedy, self-absorbed sociopath. He might have tried to feel remorse for killing Joseph with a rock, but I don’t think he was trying too hard to hold back. What the heck were you doing with your floating rock, Sammy? It’s just like firearms, you don’t point it anything you’re not trying to hit. Don’t float rocks unless you’re putting them somewhere.

Does Samuel have everyone at the carnival under some kind of spell? Because his assumed control over everyone is more than a little creepy. Is he spiking their Kool-Aid?

I think I screamed at Hiro when he flipped on Lydia to try to save Charlie. (Drink!) Dude, your “true love” was justifiably pissed off at you when you let Sylar go free to save her life. Now you’re going to let Joseph stay dead, have put Mohinder in a psychiatric ward, and let suspicion fall on Lydia and Edgar because you’re afraid the non-time traveler might hurt Charlie (Drink!). Hiro, he can’t hurt her now. The worst he can do is leave her stuck somewhere. If you’re so hot to figure out where she is, how about you shift to when Arnold was moving her and figure it out, hotshot, instead of screwing over everyone around you?

Edgar, you know Samuel is a cruel, lying sack of shit. Yet you’re just going to stand there and yell when you’re capable of throwing knives as fast as some people shoot bullets? I’m irritated that Hiro had to save you, but pleased as punch that you’re free. Please return as soon as Hiro has resolved this damned Charlie (Drink!) issue and cut Samuel several new ones, would you? Because you’re Ray Park and you don’t take shit from anyone.

Hiro finally makes a firm stand against Samuel’s tyranny by the end of the episode. Samuel decides to shut him down with Damien’s powers, because Hiro’s powers are dangerous. You’ve got to be fucking shitting me. You had Damien do something to Hiro’s mind? AGAIN?! Ok, seriously, I’m done with people fucking around with Hiro. DONE!! Every time Hiro gets to the point where he’s about to buckle down and really do something effective, his powers either conk out on him or he gets betrayed or someone fucks with his head. Or in this case, all three!

Stop it, show. Just quit it. Cut it out. Knock it off. Cease and desist. This is character abuse of the most torturous and random and yes, I’m counting Sylar, Matt, Nathan, and Peter in this. At least the other characters have many instances to make awesomeness happen. Hiro just gets shit on time and time and time again.

Lauren… sigh. You know, if she weren’t so likable, I’d hate her. I think the casting people did some kind of crazy magic when they hired Elizabeth Rohm and the writing people did some more magic when they penned her lines, because she managed to stay just on the right side of appropriate company. Her and Noah were ever so slightly flirty without being too handsy or pushy on either side. Also, I don’t entirely blame Noah for wanting someone, anyone else in his corner when he’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner with his ex-wife, his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, his daughter, and her issues.

In other news, I call bullshit that Lyle was “caught up at school” and couldn’t attend Thanksgiving dinner. If the show couldn’t get Randall Bentley for this episode, fine, but “caught up at school?” Horse hockey. All American schools get Thanksgiving off; it’s a national holiday and also a sorely needed vacation by this time in the school year. There is no possible way in hell Lyle had some kind of school project that was due. Come on show, you have to come with better excuses than that! “Lyle got tickets to the Detroit/Green Bay game.” “Lyle is driving down to Florida with some friends to surf.” “Lyle is competing at the Junior National Taekwondo Tournament.” “Lyle is going to meet his birth parents and have Thanksgiving with them because his adoptive parents have forgotten he existed.” Something.

Hee to Sandra thinking Lauren was a hired cook. Uh… Sandra, I don’t know if that was a deliberate snub or a brain fart, because do you think Noah would let anyone else in on this dinner considering everything your family has dealt with. I did rather love her, “or that other thing,” “memories can only be erased so many times,” and whatnot she was flinging around so casually. Her casual assumption of strength and confidence was cool.

I think I know why Sandra ended up hooking up with Doug, and not just because Mrs. Lovejoy and Mr. Muggles got along so well. Sandra knows she can outsmart Doug and he wouldn’t be able to lie to her. She can, if she has to, manipulate him. It lets her be the dominant one in a relationship for once. It’s understandable, but also kind of sad. He’s a doink (“Enchanté,” yes it was smarmy) , but he seems like a mostly harmless doink who’d never hurt Sandra. That’s more than she’s had in a while.

Claire, Claire, Claire. I know the, “It’s all about me, and my issues, and you just don’t understand,” phase with you has been extended well beyond its usual time, mostly due to circumstances beyond your control, but could you have been a little more selfish during Thanksgiving? Harping about your non-normal life, wanting to drop out of college and announcing that so it could cause maximum disruption to your family get-together, and then spitefully stabbing yourself in the arm in front of a civilian just to drive home your emo point?

Hey Claire, guess what, you got a shitload to be thankful for, little girl! You’re never going to get sick or injured. You have parents that love you and would do anything for you. You’re going to a good college in a good city and have all the material possessions a girl could ever want. You’re not hungry or abused, you have lots of opportunities ahead of you, and yes, you can make more friends than one semi-creepy stalker. Try some internet buddies, they’re actually pretty cool. Go to some more mixers. It’s possible to have friends without having to take them into every confidence and exposing every secret. People are better than you think sometimes.

Wait now, I thought Gretchen had gone home not moved across campus! Isn’t that convenient for the plot? And of course, they’re going to go find Samuel the creepy man while they’re on Thanksgiving break. Claire, has every survival instinct fled? Your father warned you against Samuel, he showed you the articles on his wall, you know he’s deadly dangerous. So you’re going to take the non-powered Gretchen into possible mortal peril with you? That didn’t work so well for your “friendship” last time.

The Petrelli family reunion. My Lord, I have never seen denial done in such style as I did when Angela showed up with her domestics to turn Peter’s Fortress of Solitude into the cover of “Martha Steward Magazine.” Not to mention the way she ignores the complete insanity of everything she did 6-7 weeks ago in favor of turkey, dressing, and pie. Mein Got. It was actually creepier seeing her try to recreate the family she wanted to have than later when Sylar has them all pinned in place on the table.

Peter and Nathan don’t take her explanation and justification very well. I didn’t either. After six months of thinking about it, it still sucks. The suck factor has not been mitigated by anything. Suckitutde immanent. You get the picture.

DRAMA ensues as Sylar reemerges in a Ghostbuster-esque lightning storm of doom. However, I wasn’t digging Sylar’s entrance line, “It feels good to be me again.” Uh… 11 episodes we waited for that? … Yeah, not digging it, Sy-Sy. Sorry. Also less amusing was Sylar eating pie out of the plate while Peter and Angela had to watch. Sylar might not be the most stable individual, but he usually has a certain amount of sophistication or at least flair to all that he does. Shoveling in the pie while insulting the Petrellis just makes him look incredibly crude and base. And not in a sexy way.

Ah yes, Angela Petrelli is the root of all evil. Well, we knew that. Thanks for confirming it Sylar!

Nathan returning to battle for his family’s life though? Was awesome. Whatever is left of Nathan in there, memories, spirit, whatever you want to call it, is tougher by far than almost anyone else left to deal with this situation. Nathan can be a very stubborn son of a bitch when he wants to be, and this is the last damn thing he has left to fight for. The only thing he can do is to go down swinging. And I know this is the last time, so I’m hoping for a battle royale!
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