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Heroes Commentary 4x12 - Acceptance

That was freaking amazing.

I’ll admit to squeeing like a demented bat when Eli the Multiplying Man came on screen. Even though he’s put to a much different use, I totally wrote that story already and his inclusion made me giggle quite madly.

Lauren shows up and Noah actually takes the time to double check her and unlock all his locks. Nice. Less nice is the fact that Noah has a glass door. Considering his line of work, I think getting a solid core door would be at the top of his list of security concerns…

They banter, making it very clear that they’re totally not exactly on a date because that would be weird!

“What makes you think this is about sex?” Hee! If you listen really closely in this scene, you can actually hear Noah Bennet’s testicles curl up and whimper.

Ok, yeah, Lauren chose to have her feelings for Noah erased a few years ago rather than deal with them like an adult, but that line was awesome.

And, yes, Noah’s comment about the sexual revolution was perhaps a tiny tad fresh, but Lauren, darling, no one wears that much eyeliner when going to a movie. Clothing and makeup send a message. Your message was, “Hot to trot.” Sweetie, there are plenty of ways to look beautiful without laying on the eye makeup with a trowel.

Oops, Claire lied to Noah and he can’t understand why. No one can, Noah, Claire is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in teenage angst. It’s like trying to understand a rabid Twilight fan if you’re not in the demographic. Doesn’t work.

“Waterboarding terrorists, really good bagels, and being able to triangulate cell phone signals.” Lauren, your inclusion in the show makes me scratch me head, but if you keep delivering lines like that, I may have to let you into my club. :-)

Hee! When Eli shows up, he does the most awesome thing ever, he uses tactics! He keeps his prime self out of the line of fire, and instead of getting into a shootout with Noah (guns in the bathroom, rockin!) he just takes what he came for and vamooses. Restraint. It’s a beautiful thing to see it in action.

Huh, Claire only thinks about the potential danger to Gretchen after a 21-hour car ride? Cute. If you’re getting cold feet about it, fine, Claire, but don’t make Gretchen into your personal life coach to justify your curiosity.

The bit with Lydia was interesting. And hee to Gretchen’s comment, “now this is more like it.” Gretchen, you and I haven’t always gotten along, what with your crazy stalkerish behavior, but for being an actual friend to Claire in this episode and totally keeping it real by grinning at the cheesiness of the half-naked fortune teller, I thank you.

Lydia shows you what you desire? And Claire desires to be a carnival freak? Dude the only thing an act like that could be would involve Claire getting badly hurt every night. And then people staring and pointing and gasping at her. Isn’t that exactly what Claire doesn’t want, judging from previous comments she’s made?

Claire, what happened to you, girl? You were normal for 15 years, and now in the couple of years you’ve had your power you’ve let it totally define you. Everything about you, every decision you’ve made recently has been because of your ability. I remember you saying in “1961” about wanting to be a doctor or firefighter, or later, an agent. You can still be those things.

In the last two years or so Claire, you’ve defined yourself as a walking Power. You’ve wrapped yourself in this one part of your life so thoroughly that you give Eric Doyle a hug just because he’s “different” too. Um, no. Eric Doyle is a creepy man, a sociopath who tried to get your mom to kill you, as you reminded us. That’s not cool. That’s not something you “get over.” Checking out the graphic novels, Doyle used to use his power for all kinds of nasty things, from forcing women to have sex with him to get people to give him anything he wanted to forcing people he didn’t like to kill themselves. He was in Level 5 lockup for a reason!

The tiny little glimmer of redemption he showed you back in S3 was just that, a glimmer. This is not a person who can be trusted. And you are fucked in the head if you’re giving this man hugs. Just because he has an ability does not make him your BFF. As a matter of fact, his presence at the carnival should precipitate you running the other way as fast as possible. Was Claire’s popcorn laced with Ecstasy or something? Because I can’t think of another reason why things fell out that way!

Oh Samuel, you ol’ seducer you, what with making children love Claire and turning her into the center of positive attention. It’s actually not a bad strategy, given that Claire seems to be taking her stupid pills this week and has lost all suspicion of the man who, still, is in league with Becky the Murderous Sorority Sister.

I really appreciated Claire’s, “You can’t hurt us,” line for what it was. It was dramatic, poetic, plot-relevant, and cinematic. However, the drunk guy is going to go after a blonde co-ed with a broken bottle? After he’d been having plenty of fun beating up Samuel (who was totally provoking the bull with a red-hot poker after setting up the whole thing beforehand)? I call plot shenanigans!

Claire sends Gretchen off alone, ignoring her extremely good advice and balanced perspective. We see little of either on this show, so I’m not surprised Claire doesn’t recognize it when she sees it. On a random note, how in the world is Claire going to get back to college in two days? She doesn’t have a car. She didn’t even apparently bring an overnight bag. Is she expecting one of the carnies to drive her back? Or is she going to call her dad and expect him to pick her up? It drives me bonkers when characters don’t think about major logistical concerns like that.

Aaaaaand it turns out it’s irrelevant, because the magical carnival just magically whisked away and left the dead drunk guy in the bed of his truck all alone. Where the hell is this carnival, a pocket dimension?

Angela actually calls herself on her own bullshit in an attempt to get Peter to give up going after Sylar. That woman is amazing on so many levels it’s scary.

Peter actually makes a plan! Holy crap! He calls René so he can have a useful power, a relevant power, when going after Sylar. I was almost shocked into speechlessness watching him be all forward-thinking. I mean, other than the fact that his plan could only fail epically, it was perfect.

Oh dear… I wanted to say I hoped that Nurse Hard-Ass, the one Sylar morphed into, is ok, but I have a feeling that this version of Sylar might have killed her just out of spite.

The expression on Sylar’s face when he figured out Peter had visited René, priceless!

Man, why is it that torture scenes on this show are always so erotic? It makes my pants parts all disturbed. On the other hand, it does give me the great opportunity to say in legitimate conversation, “Peter nailed Sylar, over and over and over again.” In less legitimate conversation I can add, “In the balls. Peter nailed Sylar in the balls. While straddling him, when his hands were restrained. While shouting in his face and beating him bloody, then using his powers to suck out all of Sylar’s memories.”

If I were Nathan, I might have been more than a little pissed off to be brought back with all my bits nailed to boards…

What? Sorry, I can’t pay attention to you because I’m too busy watching Adrian Pasdar act the living shit out of the rooftop scene. Those tiny little facial expressions he was making every time Peter wasn’t looking at him, showing the fierceness of the battle with Sylar with every damned muscle fiber, showing a freaking volume of prose in just his face…. EEEEEE!!!!! That was fucking amazing. Srsly.

That, Matt Parkman, is how you quietly battle the Sylar in your head. You don’t scream at him in front of your friends and loved ones, you don’t taunt the crazy serial killer, you just fight, silent and determined, so you can get your message out.

Peter, oh baby… *hugs* You’re in worse denial than Angela in thinking Nathan is going to be able to keep fighting. If Nathan can’t hold it together for ten minutes without Sylar assuming enough control to tell you he’d crucify you in Times Square, then there are going to be problems with him hanging on for the rest of his natural life. Nathan is mentally and emotionally exhausted. He’s having an existential crisis because he knows he’s dead, and his own mother did something that was honestly evil and blasphemous in order to keep some semblance of him in this world. That is not exactly going to give Nathan strength to go on, since he knows he’s not exactly real.

That last good-bye was amazing, and Peter’s anguish was just palpable. Adrian and Milo knocked it out of the park, showed us everything that made the Petrelli brothers great and more. That rocked. When Nathan let go and was falling, I was immediately reminded of the pilot. It was a mirror of when Peter attempted to fly for the first time. Bringing that back full circle was incredible.

*Basks in the awesomeness of it all*

A few tiny nitpicks though (and I honestly hate to nit-pick a scene like this, but I have to do it). Why did neither Nathan nor Peter think to kill Sylar why they had the chance? Cripes, you could have saved the world so much heartache by just killing Sylar once and for all. How many other times are you going to have that extremely dangerous man at your mercy?

And other nitpick, while Nathan asked Peter to take care of Angela and Claire, what about Simon and Monty? What about Heidi? Come on Nathan, what about your sons? I know Simon and Monty aren’t plot-relevant, but damn, they’re innocent children and Peter’s nephews and I’d think they would need the most protection and care when Nathan finally shows up legitimately dead. Please, don’t forget Nathan’s sons!

Samuel’s potential endgame, the fact that he no longer wants to be a carnie, intrigues me. As does the fact that he really didn’t want Claire, but someone else that will come to them because of Claire. Does he want HRG to name every special he can so he can become even more powerful and separate a country for himself? Does he want Peter so they could use their Earthbending power together for nefarious purposes? Hmm…

And is Lydia totally trying to lull Samuel into a false sense of security by saying, “I’m totes on your side boss!” I hope she shows him a really, really scary picture some day that destroys his cult-fathering little excuse for a soul.


( 10 comments — Leave a comment )
Dec. 4th, 2009 10:26 pm (UTC)
If this show has one ugly stray cat it keeps bringing home, it's that sons don't count unless you're Angela Petrelli. Monty and Simon are off at Unloved Side Character Boarding School with Lyle, who Noah couldn't even be bothered to remember his name at Thanksgiving, sheesh. I bet Baby Matty is getting fitted for a tiny onesie uniform to match.
Dec. 4th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
I don't quite get that. If the young actors are aging too quickly, that's one thing, but damn, at least mentioning their character names would help. Anything would help. At least they made an attempt, though a lame one, at explaining Lyle's absence. They haven't even attempted to explain the complete absence of Nathan's sons in any of his calculations since the beginning of S2.
Dec. 5th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
I just assumed Heidi left Nathan and took the kids with her. Though, it'd be nice if that was actually said...
Dec. 8th, 2009 02:06 am (UTC)
I believe they said something to that effect in S2, but other than that Simon and Monty have dropped off the map, and it's fairly disturbing. Particularly when Parkman even emphasized to Sylar!Nathan that he was a husband and father. And that apparently had no effect on Nathan's memories...
Dec. 8th, 2009 02:27 am (UTC)
Maybe Nathan would have liked them better if they were blonde, female, and had powers. :/
Dec. 8th, 2009 01:05 pm (UTC)
So very true... *sighs*
Dec. 5th, 2009 11:43 am (UTC)
Umm iirc Nathan isn't allowed near Simon and Monty anymore, resrtaining order or somesuch that Heidi took out post Peter exploding when Nathan was drinking heavily. I think it's mentioned in the episode where Nathan turns up at their school. I may not be remembering this correctly due to being traumatized by the sight of teh Beard.

In other news - Claire Bennet on how to be a good friend. Or really, really not. Gretchen drives you 21 hours across country on a whim of yours, potentially risking her life and then you turn around with k thx bai, drive safe all that way back on your own now. Did Becky really need to try to isolate Claire, because she seems to be doing a really good job on her own.

And am I the only person who expects Claire to try and ring Nathan, to ask him to drop everything and fly her back to college. Or failing that Peter. No one bothered to ring round to tell her what's happened after all.

Although Claire calling for Nathan and Sylar telling her to get the damn bus - that would ge awesome
Dec. 8th, 2009 01:58 am (UTC)
Restraining order or not, still, his sons. It'd be nice of him to think about them. Sometimes. You know, like when he's about to depart this mortal coil for good and they're the only legacy he's left behind. Just saying. Silly show.

Claire is astoundingly self-centered. Really, she is. I wish people would call her on her bullshit every now and then. Yes, she's been through many tragedies and I'm being overly critical, but damn. If other people can get their shit together in one or two episodes, why hasn't Claire been able to do that in 4 freaking seasons?!

Hee hee to Sylar telling Claire to catch the bus. That'd be freaking awesome! I'd pay cash money to see that!
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 8th, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
I'm all about a generalized squee. Squee!
(Deleted comment)
Dec. 8th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Angela is going to have the worst time at it. Really. It's just going to be really unpleasant. And even though it will be an angstfest extraordinare, I hope they go through with it. The fallout from Nathan's death should be prolonged and agonizing for multiple parties. Because it was one of the worse decisions ever made, for serious real, and I'd like to see something like this have the far-reaching consequences it deserves.
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