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Thanks to All of You! (And some Recs!)

Thanks to the anonymous person who gave me a LJ gift certificate. Now I don't have to worry about paying for my account for another year!

Thank you to bellonablack and an anonymous person for the lovely snowflake cookies!

And than you to entwashian for writing a most excellent story for me for the xover_exchange. Go take a read! Pour Me Out - Heroes/Dollhouse, Nathan and Adele, G rating, but so very in-character and excellently written!

Other stories I liked include (and none are really above a PG-13):

Don't Stay Here Too Long by ariadnes_string. Supernatural/Star Trek - Spock gets possessed by a demon while Kirk, Bones, and him are on a mission to the past. Sam and Dean end up trying to apply their very special brand of help to the situation! Great angst

Resurrection Pie by oneiriad. Dr. Horrible/Pushing Daisies - Moist tries to help out his buddy Billy after the death of Penny, and they meet a very nice lady at a pie shop. I know almost nothing about Pushing Daisies but the general premise and ability of Ned, so I was relieved that the fic was told from Moist's point of view. We get a great look at the superhero/supervillain world and fantastic insight into Moist as a friend and how Billy is coping in the wake of what happened to Penny. My lack of knowledge about Pushing Daisies really didn't impede my love of this story at all. There's also some great shoutouts to other fandoms.

A Hell of a Town by hobbit_eyes. Heroes/How I Met Your Mother - It's the Kirby Plaza fight from the point of view of a bunch of average snarky joes in a cab. I know nothing of HIMYM, but seeing the "man on the street" reaction to the dramatic S1 finale was funny and interesting and very cool.

Faith Like a Stone, Falling Fast by skieswideopen. Criminal Minds/Supernatural - Emily Prentiss is visited by Castiel, who tells her she has a desinty to fulfill. This is a great look at a crisis of faith from a group of extremely intellectual people (the BAU profilers) being confronted with the deepest supernatual crisis possible. I love the religious tangles present here, as well as Reid (who's a genius) trying to apply his own encyclopedic knowledge to an impossible situation.

There are some others, and I'll rec them later, but if you haven't been over to xover_exchange yet, then do so! There's tons of awesome fic! (I've written two stories thus far for it, an NC-17 Supernatural/Dollhouse and an angsty PG-13 Dr. Horrible/Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I'll repost here after the 15th!)
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