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Year End Writing Meme 2009 Edition!

Everything I've written this year, all your questions answered, including those you didn't know you needed to ask. Stolen from brighteyed_jill.

I've written a hell of a lot this year. A hell of a lot. Way more than I thought I would. I got into a couple fandoms I hadn't been in before (Supernatural, Star Trek, as well as dabbles into Torchwood, Criminal Minds, Watchmen, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, Firefly, and Fringe). And Heroes obviously. Lots and lots of Heroes. I did several challenges and a lot of memes.

In total I wrote 89 fics in 12 different fandoms (one of them a fusion); 302,330 words all together.

Want to read some more about it in-depth? You know you do...

January 1831 words, 2 fics, 1 fandom
See No Love - Heroes, Meredith/Claude. 1305 words
The Good Earth - Heroes, Adam solo. 526 words

February 18674 words, 6 fics, 2 fandoms, 1 crossover (Month of Valentine's heroes_exchange)
New Kind of Normal - Heroes, Matt/Daphne. 3158 words
Big Damn Heroes, Part 1 - Heroes/Firefly fusion. 6397 words
Dream - Heroes, Adam/Angela. 1839 words
Five Times Noah Bennet Trusted Claude Rains and the One Time He Didn’t - Heroes, Noah/Claude. 3492 words
Grace Note - Heroes, Bennet/Sylar. 1348 words
Thickening the Thread - Heroes, Noah/Nathan. 2440 words
Plus Heroes Meta commentaries and some supplemental meta for Big Damn Heroes

March 22034 words, 13 fics, 2 fandoms, 1 crossover (Month of one of the Heroes Anonymous Kink Memes)
Holding Onto Flight - Heroes, Peter gen. 698 words
Sharing Strength - Heroes, Noah/Nathan. 2600 words
Living a Lie - Heroes, Adam/Monica. 1642 words
Bridge - Heroes, Peter/Matt/Mohinder. 1184 words
Head Games - Heroes, Matt/Mohinder/Nathan. 1576 words
Teaching Nathan - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1968 words
Three Times the Fun - Heroes, Nathan/Meredith/Tracy. 1619 words
Breaking and Entering the Heart - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder. 1583 words
Thinking Loudly - Heroes, Matt/Peter. 1590 words
Submit - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1017 words
Karma - Heroes/Watchman crossover. 822 words
’Til Death, and After, Always - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1260 words
Killing with Kindness - Heroes, Luke/Mohinder. 4475 words
Plus Heroes Meta commentaries, annoucements, and general commentaries

April 12542 words, 5 fics, 1 fandom
Pact and Promise - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 4756 words
Letting Go - Heroes, Noah/Nathan. 3898 words
Becoming the Master - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 1029 words
Lucky Number Seven - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1516 words
Anointed - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 1343 words
Plus Heroes Meta Commentaries and a meme announcement

May 79825 words, 13 fics, 4 fandoms, 2 crossovers (Month of Spring heroes_exchange as well as sncross_bigbang)
Both Sides of the Story - Supernatural, Sam/Dean. 1491 words
Heroine - 3x25 "An Invisible Thread" alternate ending - Heroes, Claire, ensemble. 3394 words
Moneypenny - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 4591 words
My Brothers' Keepers - Heroes/Supernatural, Nathan/Sam/Peter/Dean in various combinations. Over 63000 words, approximately 32000 of which are mine, plus about 12000 words of special features, which are pretty much also mine (because I just couldn't stop writing. Srsly.)
Profile - Heroes/Criminal Minds, Nathan Petrelli, Aaron Hotchner. 2389 words
Beautiful Dreamer - Heroes, Angela/Isaac. 916 words
Rekindle All Your Dreams - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 9526 words
Rapunzel - Heroes, Adam/Peter. 1355 words
Those Who Don't Learn From History... - Heroes, Matt/Adam. 1490 words
Dr. Feelgood - Heroes, Matt/Mohinder. 5844 words.
Pearls - Heroes, Matt/Daphne. 1242 words
Stray - Heroes, Matt/his pet. 1926 words
In the Line of Duty - Heroes, Matt/Mohinder/Peter. 1661 words
Plus assorted commentaries and memes

June 14355 words, 5 fics, 1 fandom
Gladiators - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 7938 words
Strawberries - Heroes, Luke/Elle. 1551 words
Needy - Heroes, Luke/Sylar. 2027 words
Luke versus The Petrellis - Heroes, Sylar/Luke, Luke/Angela, Luke/Claire, Luke/Nathan/Peter. 1715 words
Summer Heat - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 1124 words
Plus assorted commentaries and memes.

July 19642 words, 9 fics, 2 fandoms (Month of lukexsylar Xmas in July Exchange and Summer Company Picnic at heroes_exchange)
The Bigger They Are... - Heroes, Luke/Sylar. 1279 words
Semipublic Private Lives - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1380 words
Hatchling - Heroes, Luke, Sylar. 4923 words
Playtime - Heroes, Luke/Sylar. 1040 words
Pimp Me Now - Heroes, Luke/Sylar. 2429 words
Broken (Pushing Through To Tomorrow Remix) - Torchwood, Jack/Ianto. 1254 words
Long Distance Relationship - Heroes, Micah/Molly. 2857 words
Sleep Therapy - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 831 words
Private Show - Heroes, Luke/Sylar. 3649 words
Plus assorted memes and commentaries.

August 12143 words, 6 fics, 1 fandom. (Month of Summer Company Picnic at heroes_exchange, cont.)
Special - Heroes, Gabriel, Luke. 2694 words
Guilty Pleasure - Heroes, Nathan/Hiro. 1125 words
Hollow Man - Heroes, Peter Petrelli, the Haitian, Arthur Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Peter/OMCs. 4634 words
New Reality - Heroes, Nathan/Peter/Sylar. 1424 words
Pride - Heroes, Mohinder. 1355 words
Happily Ever and Ever After - Heroes, Adam/Peter. 911 words
Plus assorted rants, commentaries, and memes.

September 53386 words, 11 fics, 1 fandom. (Month of heroes_bigboom and one of the Heroes Anonymous Kink Memes)
Love and War Stories - Heroes, Luke/Elle, Matt/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Sylar, implied past Sylar/Elle, also includes Molly, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Monica, Eric Doyle, West, Alex, Peter, Nathan, Noah Bennet, Angela, Claire. 31880 words
Very Private Show - Heroes, Luke/Gabriel. 3680 words
Impossibly Perfect - Heroes, Luke/Elle. 691 words
Insatiable - Heroes, Sylar/Bennet. 3172 words
Fragile - Heroes, Nathan/Heidi. 1155 words
Chains of the Ages - Heroes, Sylar/Claire. 1052 words
Compelling - Heroes, Matt/Eden. 594 words
Glory of My Right Hand - Heroes, Sylar/Claire. 3066 words
Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine Heroes, Nathan/Daphne, Nathan/Charlie, Nathan/Isaac, Nathan/Matt/Mohinder, implied Nathan/Tracy/Jessica, Janice, Bennet, Peter. 3440 words
Dropping the Mask - Heroes, Noah/Nathan. 1976 words
Interrogation Session - Heroes, Sylar/Mohinder, Noah, Angela. 2680 words
Plus assorted commentaries and memes. During this month I also posted 8 stores from the Sky High fandom, but I'd written them almost two years prior and had them on a different website, so they don't count for the final numbers.

October 25937 words, 6 fics, 3 fandoms
The Gauntlet - Heroes, Matt/Mohinder, Jessica, Elle, Molly, Charlie, Thompson. 5272 words
Listen That Thou May Hear - Heroes/Fringe crossover, Sylar, Olivia Dunham. 1371 words
Pandora - Heroes, Peter, girl!Peter, girl!/Peter/Noah Bennet. 6811 words
Redeemers' Grace, WaPIM Transitions 3 - Sky High, Warren/Monica, Redeemers. 7550 words
Best Day Ever - Heroes, Sylar/Luke. 2992 words
Little One, Fly Apart - Sky High, Magenta, Stitches. 1941 words
Plus assorted commentaries and memes. I also posted two other Sky High stories, but these had previously been posted on other sites and don't go toward the final word count.

November 13734 words, 8 fics, 2 fandoms
The Bar At Then End Of The Universe - Heroes, Caitlin, Charlie. 1503 words
Want and Need - Heroes, Peter, Peter/OCs, implied Peter/Nathan, implied Peter/Simone, implied Peter/others, Caitlin, Ricky. 1627 words.
Experimental Therapy - Star Trek, McCoy/Chekov. 4624 words
Damned - Star Trek, McCoy/Chekov. 1083 words
The Rest of My Life - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 1437 words
Earthen Embrace - Heroes, Claire/Samuel. 947 words.
Cabin Fever Boy - Heroes, McCoy/Chekov. 1794 words
Closer - Heroes, Nathan/Peter. 719 words
Plus assorted commentaries and memes.

December 28227 words, 5 fics, 5 fandoms (Month of xover_exchange
Becoming Visible - Heroes, Luke/Lyle/Jeremy. 3515 words
The Tell-Tale Heart - Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, Dr. Horrible, Spike. 2155 words
Stolen Soul - Supernatural/Dollhouse, Sam/Dean, Castiel, Topher, Adele, Boyd, Paul Ballard, Echo, Victor, Sierra. 12032 words
Balance of Terror (and Zombies) - Supernatural/Star Trek, Dean, Sam, Castiel; McCoy, Spock, Kirk. 6204 words
Nathan Petrelli, Animal Doctor - Heroes, Nathan, Peter. 4321 words

Plus assorted commentaries and memes.

Looking back, did I write more fic than I thought I would this year, less, or about what I'd predicted?
More, I think. I really didn’t know how much I was going to write. When I get into something new, I tend to really get into it. I did that when I first got into Sky High fanfiction three years ago, but that didn’t produce the sheer amount of fic in a year that I did this year.

What pairing/genre/fandom did I write that I would never have predicted in January? Hmm… Sylar/Luke wasn’t even on the radar until late April for me, so I guess that was unexpected. It became one of my most prolific ships. Also, for reasons unknown to me or my brain, I ended up writing a genderswap fic (Pandora) in October, a genre that up until that moment had been on my squick list. I still don’t know why exactly I did it, except to both explore Peter’s mindset from a different angle and give Noah Bennet a partner I wouldn’t feel guilty about.

What's my own favorite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes me happiest?
Rekindle All Your Dreams I think is the one that makes me the happiest. It works in some really great relationship-building along with some heat that just cements the most awesome co-dependant relationship. And it was actually want prompted for me, as perdiccas bought me for Sweet Charity and asked me to write a story with consensual knifeplay. What it turned into was something completely and unexpectedly awesome.

However, my Big Booms, namely Love and War Stories and My Brothers' Keepers have very special places in my heart. You write a story for 3-4 months and you either fall in love with it or loathe it. I love them.

What is my most popular story?
By number of comments, it’s Best Day Ever, which sort of blew me away. Apparently everyone and their sister and their sister’s cat wanted a Sylar/Luke story set at the Sullivan Brothers Carnival, and I happened to drop this fic at the right time. Huh.

Did I take any writing risks this year? What did I learn from them?
This year marked by first venture into genderswap, knifeplay, and some role switching away from my previously written norms. Overall it has made me a much more flexible and happier writer, as well as more confident, as I feel there are fewer things that can throw me for a loop or make me wince. I can see the potential in more things!

Do I have any fanfic or profic goals for the New Year?
Other than just writing stuff in general? I have a sequel to my Sky High epic, War and Peace In Mind, that I really need to write, as my peeps over at FanFiction.net have been waiting two years for me to get on the stick about that. Seriously, I need to do that, as I have copious amounts of notes that are just begging to get transcribed.

From my past year of writing, what was...
My Best Story:

One of my best was for a ship I almost never write, Sylar/Mohinder. I think it was the most in-character and the most canon-consistent given the prompt: Breaking and Entering the Heart. The other was the eventual inspiration for my heroes_bigboom, a very rare ship (Luke/Mohinder) that ended up being very tender and sweet, with some good emotional fallout: Killing with Kindness

Story Most Underappreciated by the Universe:
Fragile I think got short shrift. Nathan/Heidi is actually a rare ship in the Heroes fandom, which is rather strange, considering those two were married when the show started. It was from a prompt at the kink meme asking for Nathan/Heidi, Heidi with a power, and I ended up relating that to their shattered relationship post-divorce S2. Maybe Nathan/Heidi was no one’s cup of tea, but almost no one commented on it.

Most Fun:
That’s a toss-up between Luke versus The Petrellis and Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine. Both were cracky fics with tons of sex, and they were some of the most hilarious I think I’ve written. The fact that they were full of consensual happy sex with lots of partners did part of that for me.

Most Disappointing:
That’s probably Head Games. It was a kink meme fic, but it didn’t exactly come out how I wanted. It was supposed to be a non-con kinky threesome, but I never really achieved the prompt or really what I wanted.

Most Sexy:
Hmm, tough one. Probably Insatiable, the one where Sylar gets a new power that turns him into an insatiable nymphomaniac, followed very closely by the semi-crack Sam/Dean/Nathan/Peter orgy I wrote as a sort-of-coda for My Brothers' Keepers. Because who doesn’t love a sexually needy Peter being fucked by three sexy men at once?

Story that made me cry:
Closer. It’s a Nathan/Peter set right before “The Fifth Stage,” and ended up being a mourning moment for me for the events of that episode.

Story with the sweetest moment:
Hands-down, Long Distance Relationship, a Micah/Molly fic that shows their burgeoning long-distance relationship while Micah is in America and Molly is in India, where they both try to bolster each other’s spirits and become friends. I love these kids!

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story:
Unquestionably Stray, and it’s prequel Compelling. Because Stray is based on the Joyce Carol Oates story “Poor Bibi,” which is the most disturbing story I’ve ever read in my life. I mean, I’ve written non-con and dub-con before, but none as disturbing as these two.

This year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:
You can’t always get what you want, but you find sometimes that you get what you need. Because I think a lot of the characters this year want something, and they usually end up with something unexpected, but somehow just what was necessary.

Most Unintentionally Telling:
The story that I’ve poured the most of me into, overall, is War and Peace In Mind. While I finished that almost two years ago, I did write the third transitions piece, Redeemer’s Grace, this year, which has just as much of me in it. The WaPIM stories have many of my views of love, redemption, ethics, and heroics. Particularly because Redeemer’s Grace is made up primarily of original characters, there’s even more of me in them than some other stories I’ve written. There are parts of me in there, strong parts, cowardly parts, industrious parts, silly parts, all laid out and questioning themselves. They are me, in several different characters, and the WaPIM stories as a whole are probably the most complete version of me on paper that I’ve written thus far.
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