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Help Haiti, Buy Me!

Ok, you all heard about the earthquake that struck Haiti on Tuesday, yes? Things are bad, very bad. Many are dead, many more are trapped. There's little water, food, or other supplies. Hospitals were destroyed, thousands of buildings collapsed, thousands of people have lost parents or children.

help_haiti is running a fandom auction so you can donate to a number of worthy charities, help out your fellow man in this disaster, and get a little fan love back in the bargain.

Didn’t get a chance to buy me at the last Sweet Charity? Missed out at hope_in_sight? Ever wanted to tell me what to do? Now you can purchase my services and send money to a good cause in the bargain! I’m offering two sorts of things:

Fanfiction - Minimum 1,000 words, in any of my fandoms or a crossover, to a prompt of your devising. Or, you know, whatever else we want to work out. (Though, if you give me a prompt that involves The Haitian, I’ll double the minimum wordage!)
Friendship Bracelets/Bookmarks - Two bracelets/bookmarks each to the top two bidders. A classic summer camp craft I happen to be very good at, I will make them in the colors and stitch of your choice.

The bidding is going on right now and ends at midnight on Wednesday, January 20th. Items will be delivered/completed by Feb. 14th.
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