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Heroes Slash Awards Round-Up!

Ok, here's a list of everything with a slash pairing written after July 17th 2009. In case, you know, you feel the desire to nominate me for the Winter 2010 Heroes Slash Awards, on heroes_slash. You know. If you want to. :-) I love you guys!

Love and War Stories - Luke/Elle, Matt/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Mohinder, implied past Luke/Sylar, implied past Sylar/Elle, also includes Molly, Micah, Hiro, Ando, Monica, Eric Doyle, West, Alex, Peter, Nathan, Noah Bennet, Angela, Claire - [R rating] - [31,880 words] - (This a sequel to Killing with Kindness) - Written for the 2009 heroes_bigboom, After being rescued by Mohinder, Luke joins up with a group of rebels led by Peter Petrelli. Luke finds himself intrigued by another damaged rebel, Elle, as all the rebels struggle to free other specials, hide from the hunters, and keep themselves sane. But when an unexpected turn of events have things going from bad to worse, Peter realizes the rebels will have to enlist the help of the strongest special any of them knows. By making a deal with the devil, can the rebels stop the war and manage to keep themselves from turning into monsters? Can the rebels hold onto what's good in their lives throughout this time of war?
Dropping the Mask [NC-17] - [1,976 words] - Noah Bennet is having a difficult day.
Closer - [NC-17] - [719 words] - If Peter can get closer, he can keep Nathan with him.
The Rest of My Life - [NC-17] - [1,437 words] - Peter can’t accept the insane truth of what he and Nathan learned.
Want and Need - [NC-17] - [1,627 words] - Ricky wants something. Peter needs something.
Best Day Ever - [NC-17] - [2,992 words] - Luke had the best day of his life at a carnival… [For the prompt: Luke meets Sylar at the carnival and helps his remember how awesome killing is. And by "helps him remember" I mean sucking his cock.]
Very Private Show - [NC-17] - [3,680 words] - (Sequel to Private Show) After two months of working together, Gabriel decides it’s time for a boys’ night out.
Special - [PG-13] - [2,694 words] - Two outcasts find their friendship could be threatened by being special.
Private Show - [NC-17] - [3,649 words] - Luke just wants to earn some extra money as a stripper, but finds himself with a much better job offer after his interview. Stripper!AU
Sleep Therapy - [NC-17] - [831 words] - Sylar and Luke know a way to deal with nightmares.
Hatchling - [R rating, wing!fic] - [4,923 words] - When Sylar rescues Luke from being a test subject, neither of them are ready for the aftermath.
Pimp Me Now - [NC-17] - [2,429 words] - Luke’s been making money by selling himself to men who look like Sylar. When the real deal shows up unexpectedly, an appreciative audience gets the show of a lifetime.
Playtime - [NC-17] - [1,040 words] - When Sylar agrees to let Luke use toys on him, he discovers a very different part of himself.
The Gauntlet - Matt/Mohinder, Jessica, Elle, Molly, Charlie, Thompson - [PG-13] - [5,272 words] - Down-on-his luck caravan guard Matt gets into an inadvertent duel with the noble Lord Suresh.
Interrogation Session - Sylar/Mohinder, Noah, Angela - [NC-17] - [2,680 words] - (Sequel to Insatiable) Noah Bennet uses Sylar's new power and need to interrogate Mohinder.
Insatiable - Sylar/Bennet - [NC-17] - [3,172 words] - Sylar takes a new power that has very unexpected consequences for him, and everyone around him. [For the prompt: "Sylar gains a new power that pretty much makes him a nympho.”]
Happily Ever and Ever After - sequel to Rapunzel - Adam/Peter - [NC-17] - [911 words] - After rescuing themselves, Adam and Peter know the right time is now, and always.
Guilty Pleasure - Nathan/Hiro - [NC-17] - [1,125 words] - Being Nathan Petrelli never means having to say you’re sorry. And never feeling guilty. Unless you have nothing to apologize for.
Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine - Nathan/Daphne, Nathan/Charlie, Nathan/Isaac, Nathan/Matt/Mohinder, implied Nathan/Tracy/Jessica, Janice, Bennet, Peter - [NC-17] - [3,440 words] - A day in the life of Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine. [For the prompt: “How about some prostitute!Nathan fic - Nathan being his normal calculating, arrogant self; Nathan getting off on it because he *wants* to - i.e. no humiliation in it; Nathan's services being procured by two people. If you could work Peter in - even if not sexually - it would be nice.”] This is in the same Stripper!AU ‘verse as Private Show and Very Private Show.
Hollow Man - Peter Petrelli, the Haitian, Arthur Petrelli, Maury Parkman, Peter/OMCs - [NC-17, dubcon/noncon] - [4,634 words] - The Haitian knew Peter would remember what had been done to him. Peter only knew he needed to be used.
New Reality - Nathan/Peter/Sylar - [NC-17, dubcon, blood] - [1,424 words] - Peter suddenly finds himself in a new and different reality, just by accepting the impossible and the unforgivable.
Becoming Visible - Luke/Lyle/Jeremy - [NC-17] - [3,515 words] - Lyle’s always been invisible, but there are some things he's willing to make a choice and take a stand for.
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