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Heroes Commentary 4x16 - Pass/Fail

Hiro is confused, Samuel is "disappointed," and Sylar is... Sylar.

Hiro ends up in the place where all television characters with brain injuries/tumors do; a wacky alternate universe where all the people he knows are there, but in some thoroughly amusing fashion. In Chicago Hope, the injured brain surgeon ended up doing a song and dance number with the cast to “Luck Be A Lady.” In Bones, Booth ended up having sex with Temperance, as half the fanbase had been clamoring for for years. Hiro ends up in a retelling of “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” Unfortunately instead of a jury of his peers, he gets random extras. Lame!

However, we do get Adam Monroe ripping Hiro a new one (figuratively and literally), Kaito Nakamura keeping order in the court with a sugar shaker and his voice of doom, Ando trying to be a lawyer on “Law and Order,” and Snarky!Sylar.

Oh Snarky!Sylar, we’ve missed you so! Yeah, how many people died after Hiro let Sylar go? A whole huge amount. A whole lot. And his casual and half-forgetful recitation of them all (“Ted Sprague! That’s it!”) made me giggle. Lots. He should do that to more people in the cast. Give them a wake-up call about… stuff… Snark can be a very useful tool that should be employed more often on this show.

“Objection. He’s reciting the opening from Quantum Leap.” Takezo Kensei does not have time for this bullshit. He has some unfinished sword battles to do!

And Hiro survives his operation with a last-minute assist from his mom. It may just have been his poor dying mind rationalizing his return, but I just loved seeing Ishi again. She’s awesome.

Samuel has the emotional maturity of a thirteen-year-old boy with his first crush. “See what I did? I totally made you the place of your dreams and want you to live with me there for ever and ever. I did it all for you! Everything I did, I did for you!”

Vanessa says, “Samuel, sweetie, those were some very nice dreams that I had. In college. Twenty-odd years ago. Just because I loved a strawberry shake when I was nine doesn’t mean you can get me to do the same kinds of tricks for it now that I’m an adult. I live in the real world, not the fantasy world. And you trying to control every aspect of my life so you can have some imaginary domestic bliss with me isn’t going to happen, I’m sorry. It was incredibly sweet of you, and you’ve made it really hard to refuse all this work you’ve done without looking ungrateful, but you can’t buy me. You don’t own me. I’m going home.”

Samuel: “Well… FINE! You just go home! It’s just fine, I’ll be fine, I don’t care! I’ll just take my ball, and this village, and make it fall into the center of the earth. I’m going to throw a huge fucking tantrum and kill thousands of people because I couldn’t get lucky tonight. Fuck my life.”

Sylar wants to talk to Claire. He wants to have a Hallmark moment. And really, he’d have more of them if he did go all Jack Nicholson in The Shining on Claire. Writing all that stuff on the blackboard and then trying to grill Claire about her feelings is not helping! Damn, if Sylar had just gone to college he wouldn’t have to make up for lost time by sucking on Claire’s face to gain insight into her feelings.

It disturbs me on several levels that Sylar was actually able to accurately peg Claire’s issues. I mean, it does make some sense, between Lydia’s power and Sylar’s intuitive aptitude, but it doesn’t make it any less creepy! Also creepy is Sylar continuing to analyze Claire while in Gretchen’s form. Even if he was right. Creepy. Creep-y. Just saying.

Though I found it very interesting that Sylar realizes he has to give up being Super Special to remain human. And sane. I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to involve going back to everyone and trying to convince them to help him. Which is going to be messy and painful for all involved. The resulting fireworks should be highly entertaining!

Ok, ok, when Sylar showed up on Janice’s doorstep and she asked if she knew him from somewhere, I’ll admit to screaming the following at the TV: “Yes! You know him! He fucked you stupid in your husband’s body! In front of the fireplace! That’s where you know his sexy voice from!” I guess technically Janice was in the threesome… huh. That’s awesome. She’s going to love it when she figures that out.
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