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Heroes Slash Nominations

You guys rule! Seriously, you do!

I have a lot of nominations this time around for the Heroes Slash Awards, and thank you, thank you, thank you for those who nominated me.

Best Overall - Love and War Stories
Best Action/Adventure - Love and War Stories
Best Alternate Universe - Another Perfect Win
Best Chapter Fic - Love and War Stories
Best Drama - Love and War Stories
Best Epic - Love and War Stories
Best Humor - Nathan Petrelli, Sex Machine
Best Kink - Interrogation Session
Best Non-Con - New Reality
Best One Shot - Flayed Heart
Best Threesome - Becoming Visible
Best Bennet Characterization - Dropping the Mask
Best Luke Characterization - Love and War Stories, Best Day Ever, Killing with Kindness
Best Matt Characterization - The Gauntlet
Best Mohinder Characterization - Killing with Kindness
Best Other Female Characterization - Love and War Stories, Fragile (which is a het story, but ok...)
Best Bennet/Sylar [R - NC-17] - Insatiable
Best Luke/Lyle [R - NC-17] - Becoming Visible
Best Matt/Mohinder [R - NC-17] - The Gauntlet (which is only a PG-13)
Best Nathan/Peter [R - NC-17] - The Rest of My Life
Best Sylar/Luke [R - NC-17] - Best Day Ever, Very Private Show
Best Rare Pairing [R - NC-17] - Killing with Kindness

You guys rock so hardcore for nominating me, and thank you so much! I'm really, really happy you like my stories, and this just totally makes my week. (And if you get a chance, go vote!) :-D
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