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Seven Facts Meme!

Stolen from lots of my flist.

Here are seven random true facts about me! Some are a tad TMI, so I'll slap these behind a cut.

1. My incisors look like curved fangs. Sometimes people think they've been chipped, but no, they actually just grew in that way.

2. I never had a serious boyfriend until I was 20, and I married that same boyfriend at 27. I was a virgin on my wedding day.

3. I have never smoked anything, and I don't drink. I just don't like the flavor of alcohol.

4. I am so nearsighed that I've worn glasses since the 4th grade (since I was about 10 years old). If I take my glasses off now, at age 29, I can't read unless it's right in front of my nose.

5. I cook things that I won't eat. My husband likes steak-and-kidney pie, for example, and I make that for him, even though I won't eat kidneys at all. He says I make some of the best steak-and-kidney pie he's ever had, and he's English. (I'm American.)

6. I have never broken a major bone or been in a serious accident. I've never been in a cast before, or hospitalized for any kind of sudden trauma.

7. I had a traumatic experience with raisins as a child and won't eat them now. I was at my babysitter's (and I preface this by saying that this babysitter was a kind and responsible woman and this incident was an accident) and the adults had arrived to pick up me, my sister, and some other kids. Us kids were having a plate of raisins for a snack while the parents chatted. I was shoveling raisins in my face, not even looking at the plate, when I happened to glance down. The raisins on my plate were covered with thread-thin yellow worms. I screamed, "There's worms, there's worms!" And the babysitter was horrified.
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