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Heroes Commentary 4x18 - The Wall

The Wall... of PORN!!!

Ok, so, hang on, lemme get this straight. Matt, upon realizing Peter was stuck in Sylar’s head, just shrugged his shoulders, said, “Well, I did warn him,” finished the wall, and then just left Peter there presumably to rot?! Then again, maybe he just cut his losses and went to go find Janet and Matty. Peter’s a big boy, he can take care of himself right? Right? (Remembers a couple episodes ago where he got himself shot as part of his mourning process. Shakes head.) Oh, Peter. Oh, Matt. We’re never going to get this thing right if you guys don’t talk to each other!

Ah, finally Samuel explains Damien of the Awesome Dreads’ ability. I have to wonder how he discovered it. Did Damien want to see someone’s mind while they were in a bathroom or something? I mean, not every place has really big mirrors… though that power would kick-ass if you could project it on the side of one of those mirror glass skyscrapers.

I rather approve of Claire’s reaction overall to her father’s memories. I mean, yes, it’s a bit of a shock to see Noah’s induction into the Company, but Claire could have gone a lot further off the rails and I’m glad she didn’t.

Samuel was just going for a sucker punch like a shock-jock morning radio host, all sizzle and no substance. “You mean to tell me Noah Bennet had a life before he became a Company man? That he had the almighty gall to have been a starving artist working (badly) at a job he didn’t really want? That he loved someone else well before he knew Sandra? That, given the rather extreme shock of watching his beloved wife and unborn child die at the hands of a superpowered creep, he went off the deep end for quite a while? Dear God, this is horrifying!”

Not that killing Random Special #1 was at all justified, but one could at least see where Noah was coming from. I mean, how many movies have been made where husbands or fathers see their loved ones killed in front of them and become unstoppable revenge machines with a body count in the dozens, if not hundreds? Noah was positively restrained by Hollywood standards!

And Thompson is a smooth-talking SOB, yes he is. I’ve missed him like whoa. Laying down the law that Noah needs a family to steady him was more than a little stone cold, and Claire is rightly shocked by the idea that Sandra was picked for her dad. But hey, Claire is also remembering the COUNTLESS number of times that Noah has lied and sacrificed to save his family. What might have started out as an arrangement clearly became something very, very real.

I adored Claire’s delightfully snarky response to Samuel. “You’re my hero!” See, Samuel? This is what people sound like when they drink your Kool-Aid. They sound like idiots. You should thank Claire for pointing that out!

Huh, Samuel put Noah is a building separate from all the rest of the carnival, set a little bit away from everything else. In a clear area. And he’s an Earthbender. Bennet family, what did you think he was going to do? Put you fifty feet below ground with a few hundred souvenirs and a Product Placement Phone. EVIL MAN!

So, when Lauren called Tracy for help, Tracy’s response was, “Go into the carnival full of people that want to kill you, steal their medical supplies, take two aspirin, and call me in the morning?” Tracy’s response kinda blows.

Emma is happy to help anyone that’s hurt, and so that means Lauren should:

A. Pretend she’s a shot carnie and accept the help without comment while subtly pumping Emma for information.
B. Pretend she’s an innocent bystander and visitor who got shot and accept help with gratitude while subtly pumping Emma for information.
C. State up front that she’s a government agent, badmouth Samuel in front of someone who clearly seems to trust him, and hide ostentatiously at the first hint of trouble.

Sadly, Lauren picks C. And BTW, a through-and-through shot to the shoulder, in that particular area of the body, is not a happy injury. Some major blood vessels and nerves run right through there. Slapping on a few gauze pads ain’t gonna cut it, lady.

Yeah, Samuel throws some smarm on Lauren, and Lauren attempts to reason with Samuel. Both are equally ineffective. “The world owes me!” Oh Sammy, there’s not enough room in this tent for you and your ego. Loved how he kept pressing Lauren to admit she knew how very, very special he was. Damn, this man needs as much ego confirmation as Sylar at his worst. And that’s saying something. Please tell me Sylar gets to kick his ass in the season finale!

Speechifying done, Samuel leaves Lauren to Eli’s tender mercies. And Eli can’t manage to corral one, badly-wounded person. Six of him, and Lauren pw0ns him. Damn, why didn’t we get to see that? That would have been pure comedy gold!

And the carnival is going to Central Park! You know what I would love to see? Angela Petrelli going out to talk to Samuel. I’d love to watch her devastate him with a few well-chosen words and discussion of a dream vision or two. I want to watch her walk into the carnival and walk out a few hours later with Samuel at her heels, begging for mercy. Because Ma Petrelli could be the restraining influence he’s lacked for months.

Back in Wall-land, sexy things are happening. Starting with Sylar listening to watches. This show has messed me up pretty badly, because I found that disturbingly hot.

Heh, I wonder exactly what Sylar had been getting up to in the last three years to reject Peter so badly. Oh, the fic has been flying fast and furious for this ‘verse, and for good reason.

Cripes, Sylar brings Peter comic books, tells him he should eat, and then shares brotherly memories with him. The writers are trying to kill me, aren’t they? Top that off with mutual wall-banging, intense glares, gifts from Peter, and then heartfelt forgiveness? ‘Scuse me, I’ll be in my bunk.

(Though I gotta mention, the only damn way Nathan and Peter could have ever run to school together was if they were going to a K-12, Nathan was a senior and Peter was in kindergarten or first grade. Which would make it brutally unfair for Peter to have to compete against his brother in a footrace. Well, that does sound very Petrelli.)

The idea that Sylar still has Nathan’s memories kicking around in his head, and he obviously kept bringing them up during the nine or whatever years they were alone in their heads, brings me so much glee. I could totally see that, as well as the pure isolation, and Peter’s presence, as motivating factors for real change. The only real way I could see Sylar changing would be from something like this, nine years in almost solitary confinement, or confinement with one of his victims. Nine years in purgatory.

I think those nine years might have been good for Peter too, if they allowed him to dial down his hero complex to something reasonable. I hope he sticks with Sylar; it would make sense if he appointed himself as guardian and parole officer. Besides, no one is going to believe them otherwise if they claim Sylar has actually changed.

Aw, guys! You made a mess of Matt’s basement and you don’t even give us a hug that we could squee further over!

Huh, so after losing Lauren, Samuel sends Eli to kill Sylar and Peter. Are you kidding me? I really hope he was intending on sending Eli to die, because I don’t think Multiple Man is going to stand up to the new Dynamic Duo!
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