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Heroes Commentary 4x19 - "Brave New World"

Fail, Awesome, Fail, Awesome, Dr. Who reference, Fail, Awesome, WTF?, COOL!, lolwut? Ah yes, I must be watching the Heroes season finale.

Noah and Claire have a deathbed moment, Noah trying to extract a promise from Claire to not reveal herself or other specials to the world. You know, considering what happened at the end of this episode, it might have been better if Noah had died, because then maybe Claire might have honored his wish. Or not. More on that later.

More suffocation!fail on Heroes, because Noah can’t be ready to pass out and start to die while Claire is still leaping around and emoting and digging. I don’t care if her lungs can regenerate, there’s still the same amount of low oxygen in that trailer. Luckily Tracy is there, providing Ali Larter’s contractual one-scene appearance in the finale while still saving the day out of an otherwise impossible situation. And she doesn’t hang around for praise either while the Bennets struggle out of muddy puddle. What a modest gal!

Luckily Lauren is there to help, none the worse for the wear, really, for still having a bullet hole poked through her shoulder. Damn, that helicopter ride to Central Park is going to hurt like a bitch.

Samuel speechifies the living crap out of the carnies. I wonder where my fast-forward button is.

Emma sees the cello Samuel managed by obtain and suddenly believes Peter’s crazy claims about her luring thousands to her death. Too late, I’m afraid, because Eric “Really, I’m Good Now, I Promise” Doyle is there to abuse some more blonde women. Because he’s an irredeemably creepy fucker, for serious reals.

Sylar and Peter do a little home-wrecking, wasting valuable minutes of the season finale replaying scenes from last episode. Up above, we see Matt getting things out of the fridge. Ok, wait, so Matt just left Peter on the floor, finished the wall, and then walked upstairs to make a sandwich? Uh… ok.

Matt gets beaten six ways from Sunday for his casualness in leaving Peter and Sylar alone as many Elis bust in to bash in his knee and get ready to have a knife orgy. Luckily Sylar doesn’t hold a grudge, or at least the new and improved Sylar doesn’t, as he takes Eli out. Matt stares at Peter and Sylar like they’re strange new things. Uh, Matt? Weren’t you the one that dragged Sylar downstairs and bricked him up? Didn’t Peter arrive and tell you point blank that he was going to try to wake Sylar up? Why do you need the plot explained to you again? Did they shoot the season finale before the previous two episodes or something? Because Matt’s confusion is really weird.

Sylar tries to convince Matt. “My head is really full of puppies and rainbows! Look for yourself.” Matt does. His expression clearly says, “Words fail to describe the myriad ways in which you suck, because for some reason, you were telling the truth.” And, “I hate you with a burning passion and wish you would die in a fire, but apparently I have a bum leg and you and your new boyfriend need to go save the world, so pardon me while I vent my frustrations by rearranging all of Eli’s life priorities.” Ah, the trials of a hero!

Claire arrives to convince the carnies to leave. Claire is unconvincing as hell. Just leaping up on your soapbox and declaring, “Samuel has terrible plans and you all have to leave!” isn’t going to help. Someone asks for proof as to Samuel’s nefarious misdeeds. Claire sort of gapes at them, as if not comprehending that someone might was a solid reason for abandoning the man that took them in and gave them a home. You know. Just saying. Not everyone obeys all of Claire Bennet’s whims. This seems to surprise her.

Luckily she had Edgar and Noah on her side, because they just had a lovely little tête-à-tête with a kukri knife and decided they could be buddies. And Eli was apparently on the magical 10-minute plane from L.A. to New York so he could deliver Matt’s message that he’s a murdering douche of colossal proportions at the same time. Mass panic ensues, and the fun really begins!

Hiro leaps up out of bed shortly after his brain surgery to remove a tumor, bright-eyed and bushy-headed, without bandages or the shaved skull and fresh scar he should have if the neurosurgeons were attempting to remove the tumor to save his life. ‘Scuse me while I die laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Hee hee hee! BWAHAHA! Gigglesnort! Ah ha ha ha… ha… ha… Oh God, that’s freaking hilarious. Please fast-forward Hiro’s recovery time a few weeks or months later and I’ll believe you. Until then, he’s totally in bed recovering from getting his head sliced open, albeit in non-Sylar way.

Hiro discovers Charlie at the end of her life. Arnold deposited her in 1944 and let her live her life, just far away from Hiro. Arnold is a Weeping Angel! Hee hee! That’s awesome! Damn, I loved that episode of Dr. Who.

Ando asks if Hiro wants to fix Charlie’s past for her or for him. Obviously, Hiro says it’s all for her. Everything he’s done has been for her. Helping Samuel, dropping Mohinder in a mental institution, worrying his sister, inadvertently getting Lydia killed because of what he showed her… all for Charlie. Thankfully, Charlie points out that she didn’t spend her remaining 65 years of life moping, she met a lovely man and married him, had kids and grandkids, and basically lived a pretty awesome existence. Why do all that over again just for the off-chance that living with Hiro in the present would be better?

Charlie is the smart one, and after a little revelation, Hiro finally gets the point. And, also, he has a new Quest from Noah Bennet, so he’s good again.

Sylar’s version of “saving” Emma is basically providing a distraction so Emma can eventually save herself after she’s sick of watching Doyle taunt them. Well, that was bracing. I’m so glad Sylar traveled all the way from L.A. for that.

Peter and Samuel have a battle royale. They push *thrust* the earth back and forth. *thrust* While talking about *thrust* their brothers *thrust* and how they held them back *thrust* or *thrust* lifted them up. *thrust* *thrust* *thrust*

I will admit to shrieking at the TV “ FINALLY!” when Ando mentioned he could supercharge Hiro so he could teleport the rest of the carnies away from Samuel. Damn, they introduce his power as supercharging mid S3 and don’t ever use it for that purpose again until the finale of S4. At least one writer fucking remembered.

Samuel screams as he loses his mojo. Men have done that for centuries, Sammy. You’re not unique. Just get more rest and take your little blue pill. You’ll get over the humiliation eventually. In jail.

Sylar gleefully talks to Peter about how great it felt that he didn’t kill Doyle and how he had him all tied up and waiting for the police. You know, exactly how he didn’t kill Doyle and how he had him all tied up and waiting for Danko in S3. Sylar feels pretty, oh so pretty, he feels pretty and witty and gay!

A cut scene somewhere has an awkward confrontation between Hiro and Peter where Peter mumbles an apology how he totally forgot that Hiro was basically depending on Peter to save his life with Jeremy’s power. And how he totally dropped that power, which can now never be regained because Jeremy is dead in order to chase after a facsimile of his dead brother. And then continually forgot that Hiro was still lying in a hospital, dying, until a deus ex machina his mom came back from the grave to heal him. Golly, I hope that scene’s on the DVDs.

Claire decides to take action and reveal specials to the world, because she is a selfish little girl. I mean, I appreciate someone taking the initiative, I suppose, and I guess it’s better that the first public reveal of specials come from regeneration than a massive sinkhole, but still. That may be all find and dandy for you, Claire Bennet, but what about the thousands of other specials who perhaps didn’t want anyone to know they existed? The ones that don’t have power and money in their families to run and hide if the government turns against them? You think about that? No. No, I didn’t think you did.

Next season will open with Claire being tied down in a medical research facility having her blood constantly drained to provide a magic cure-all for all the world’s woes. That’ll teach her!

I gotta say, I actually liked how they ended this season. If the show gets renewed, they have a great place to start from. If it gets canceled, it’s an interesting place to end. This season finale left me with a feeling of satisfaction, as opposed to horror and sorrow like at the end of S3. As always with Heroes, there were moments of pure fail combined with moments of awesome win, and that’s what keeps me coming back to this show.
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