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State of the Fic (Or, My Brain Has No Sense of Proportion)

So, I'm doing some temp work now at a warehouse, putting various industrial fasteners (nuts and bolts) into bags and boxes to be shipped out. Not terribly difficult or stimulating, and it leaves a lot of brain power free to think. As we're allowed to listen to our own music, I throw on some various mixes of my own devising and attempt to think about and plot my upcoming fic commitments.

Except my brain decided that wasn't going to happen. Over the past week and a half, I've scripted a really interesting fic in my brain.

Is it the Heroes/Fringe fic that I owe perdiccas for hope_in_sight?

Is it the Dollhouse/Criminal Minds fic that I owe library_of_sex for help_haiti?

Is it the sixth chapter of Stop, which I've been meaning to do for like the past 18 months?

Or how about the sequel to War and Peace In Mind which I've been promising my peeps on FanFiction.net for the past two years?

Maybe it was the Sylar/Peter fic that's a sequel to Interrogation Session?

Or the birthday fic I promised ykoriana last month?

Or, just possibly, the start of the au_bigbang I have not yet penned a single damn word for?

Oh no, it was none of those. My brain decided to script out this elaborate scenario containing stuff I wanted to use for an original story that I may eventually get down to publishing some day. So it involves some X-Men Morlock-style mutants, a dance club, the guys from Criminal Minds, a giant crab-woman who can make portals, some dramatic action scenes, psychic powers, psychic cops, a Dollhouse Epitaph One-style apocalptic scenario, lots of music, and much musings on what exactly it means to be human if you're going to survive.

All together, I estimate the story would rival War and Peace In Mind for length, and that sucker was like 370,000+ words long. Curse you, brain! Would it kill you to consider scripting the stuff I actually need to have in by deadline? Yes? Damn it. I has a ridiculous brain.
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