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So, I just remembered a really hilarious story from my college days, and had to share.

I was living in a dorm, and our house (two floors of our small dorm, which was co-ed) decided to go on a canoing trip in late spring. We rented canoes and traveled to a nearby river. We'd be paddling downstream for a few hours, on a slow, shallow, lazy river, so it was to be a pleasant afternoon.

After lunch, a bunch of us were feeling pretty lazy, and wanted to chat a bit. So we hooked our canoes together by laying our paddles over them and just floated downstream. Another boat came up to ours and hooked their canoe up. Then someone else. Then a fifth canoe. By this time we had a small flotilla.

Someone said, "It's like a canoe orgy!"

"It's a canorgy!" someone else declared.

We then spent the last hour of the trip calling out to the other canoes to "Come join our canorgy!"

Canorgy. Learn it. Love it.
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