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Gravity Slashers

In the newspaper the other day there was a headline that said "Gravity Slashers." It was for some BMX stunt bike show that was coming to town, but I, who have had my slash goggles welded to my head for some time now, immediately thought of other things.

Like, who would you slash with Gravity?

Air? Air is such a flirt, such a social butterfly, that I bet Gravity is just desperate to hold him down and show him who's boss. With Gravity's unrelenting assertiveness, I bet Air would enjoy it!

Or, if you see Gravity as a more passive force, I bet the Moon would have an unholy good time making Gravity his bitch. I mean, he does it all the time anyway.

If you're more an equal opportunity slasher, I think Gravity and Rain would work really, really well together! Ooo! Or Gravity and Hail! Killer combo there.

Huh, or what about Gravity and Rock? Almost as good as Gravity and Hail, but I bet Rock would bitch a lot about how long Gravity takes to get him hard(er).

What about the rest of you? Who would you slash Gravity with?
Tags: real life, slash, stupid humor

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