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Telepathic Apples

And now for something completely different that isn't me whinging. :D

Title: Telepathic Apples
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Fringe
Characters: Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, Walter Bishop, Astrid Farnsworth
Rating: PG
Word Count: 586
Spoilers: Vague mid S2
Warnings: Discussions of cows
Disclaimer: Owned by somebody who is not me.
Notes: Written for tiptoe39's WAFF-a-thon for the prompt: "Fringe, team, pizza party while going through old files."
Summary: The Fringe team has to do their own filing. Good thing they have pizza and each other to help!

"This," Peter said, waving a file for emphasis, "is the problem with working for a top secret government agency."

"The second-rate pizza or having to do our own filing because no one else is read in to the program?" Astrid asked. She turned a page in her file, blanched, and hastily shut the folder. "I'm going to have to have vegetarian tonight."

"Excellent!" Walter exclaimed, and cheerfully took Astrid's plate of Hawaiian pizza off her hands. "Then I believe I'll take care of that for you, dear. Here, this file should be a little less visceral."

Olivia neatly caught a piece of runaway pepperoni in her mouth before it could escape, and frowned at her file. "Astrid, would telepathic apples go under mind control or genetic engineering?"

"Let me see." Walter leaned over, and Peter automatically steadied his father's overfilled plate before it could go crashing to the floor. "No irregularities in the gene sequencing of the apples. It's really more of a mass hallucination. Chemical applications and experiments," he said decisively.

Olivia looked over Walter's bent head at Peter, who just nodded, smiling tolerantly.

"We're going to have to sub-divide that category eventually. It's going to topple over," she said, and manuvered another bite of pizza into her mouth, deftly keeping the grease away from her suit jacket.

"Animal, mineral, or vegetable. That should be by far the easiest," Walter said, and put the telepathic apple file off to one side.

"We have a file on Jean?" Astrid asked worridly, crunching a bit of green pepper.

"Of course! I needed to document what happened to her milk when I fed her the new supplements. I expect the new cheese will be quite entertaining!"

"So that's what that is in the fridge?" Peter asked. "I thought you just left the sour cream open again."

"Don't be ridiculous. The sour cream experiment is in the small refridgerator at the house. I expect the new strands of bacteria will be immensely beneficial to the newest block of cheddar."

Peter looked vaugely horrified, and Olivia tried to hide her laughter by taking a too-big bite of pepperoni.

"Where's the file on that?" Astrid asked quickly, before Oliva could accidentally inhale sauce. Walter frowned and looked back through the stacks of files, as Peter quickly tried to get a few more files sorted.

"Alligator man?"

"Genetic experimentation," Astrid pointed.

"Car turned inside out?"

"Space-time continuum errors." She waved at the stack behind the couch.

"Live Roman warrior found in 1978 by Liverpool?"

"Time travel." Peter heaved the file by Olivia's foot at Astrid's direction.

"Hive mind?"

"Psychics, right in the middle," Olivia said, tapping for Peter to put the file down right on top of the one with her own name on the tab.

"Most awesome stack in the room," Peter said, tucking the hive mind file under hers. "Even better than this pizza."

Olivia tried not to crack a smile as Astrid grinned around olives and mushrooms.

"I found it!" Walter said triumphantly, and brandished the cheese file with visible pride. "And I think we shall have to try the new cheese the next time we have a pizza party."

"I'd like that," Olivia said. "As long as we don't end up in another file afterward."

"Don't be ridiculous," Walter said dismissively.

Peter heaved a small sigh of relief and picked up a new stack of files.

"We'd probably end up in several, given the potential side effects."

The pizza ended up in almost every file in the room.
Tags: astrid farnsworth, fic, fringe, olivia dunham, peter bishop, walter bishop

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