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And Now For Another Good Idea/Bad Idea

*Points to title* I love Animaniacs. Alas, I have no clever saying in duality that can be animated with a happy skull man. But I do have both some things good and some things bad that I care to share with y'all. And a poll about a Very "Serious" Question.

Good Thing: My daffodils are blooming! Yay!

Bad Thing: In the course of five days, my 14-year old Explorer has required a new battery, starter, solenoid, and alternator. They're looking at the ABS tomorrow, and I've had to miss almost a full day of work (in 2 to 3 hour increments) due to car troubles.

Good Thing: My mom has a second car and has letting me use it!

Good Thing: Mom has extended me a loan to cover some of the car repair bills so I'm not getting hit with all the costs at once.

Good Thing: I'm going to see Avatar with my husband and my father at our local IMAX on Sunday (and we have a proper IMAX, the one with the screen practically big enough to be seen from space). Pandora in 6-story 3D, whoo-hoo!

Bad Thing: My house is an unmitigated wreck, and I need to do spring cleaning. I may require a shovel.

Good Thing: It seems I can buy health insurance through my temp agency if needed. That's a load off my shoulders.

Bad Thing: All this time working at this temp job is not only seriously cutting into my writing time, but also heavily impeding my ability to search for a better job. I may want to see about cutting back to only four days a week, or take at least one day off every other week. The few hours I'm awake around the working is not cutting it for the job search.

Poll Time!

A job announcement in the local paper has brought the following to my attention: The local adult video store/sex toy shop is in need of a counter clerk. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the poll and tell me what I should do about this tantilizing but frought-with-pitfalls opportunity.

Poll #1542670 Porn Queen?

Should I apply for a job at a local adult video/sex toy store?

Totes! It'll be educational!
Nopes! It'll be embarassing!
Uh... how do you 'splain that on the resume?
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