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Sweet Charity

Hey, do you guys remember Sweet Charity, that kick-ass fandom auction that supposedly has its last run last year? Guess what? It's BACK! And I'm selling myself. Again. For a good cause!

(To the lovely and patient people who've bought me already more recently, my Sweet Charity offerings won't be due until July, so hopefully I should have your stuff done well before then!)

Anyone who's just interested in Sweet Charity in general should get thee hence and sell themselves! There's a tragic lack of Heroes writers on there right now. We should change that! Everybody sell themselves! Whee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My offerings page is here: Buy Jaune Chat

I am offering two pieces of fanfiction or original fiction, and two batches of homemade cookies. If you've ever wanted to tie me down and make me write what you want, this is your chance. Buy me! I'm all yours... *flutters eyelashes*
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