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Sheet. Sheet, sheet, sheet!

(For those who don't play Dungeons and Dragons, that there in the icon is 20-sided die. You roll them to determine the outcome of any number of things in the game. A 20 is always a success. A 1 is always a failure.)

Instead of doing things I'm supposed to be doing right now, I need a quick break. So let me talk about sheets!

Mr. Chat and I bought some red satin sheets and pillowcases for our bed, because we thought they'd be decadent and sexy. And indeed, they looked quite decadent and sexy on the bed. However, satin is very slippery. Very, very slippery.

Don't ever get satin sheets. When you go to bed, the following will happen:

The pillows will squirt out from under your head.
The duvet will slide off the sheet.
The sheet will slide off the bed.
Then you will slide off the bed.

However, this did provide us the amusing opportunity to put the cat on his back on the satin-covered bed and slide him like an air hockey puck to land safely in a pile of cushions. You can repeat this until the cat runs away, slashes your hands up, or rips the sheets to ribbons, whatever comes first.
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