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The State of the Fic

Ok, so if people were wondering why I virtually dropped off the face of LiveJournal for a few months, it was because of several reasons. One, I was working on my Criminal Minds alternate universe big bang for au_bigbang. Two, things have collapsed further on the job/money front, and I haven't been doing well emotionally for a while. However, I do have a semi-decent paying job at least for another month, so that's something.

Now that I finally have the CM epic finished, I have many more things to tackle.

What's coming up next? At some point soon there will be:

Luke Campbell, Peter Bishop (from Fringe) as friends fic.

Echo (from Dollhouse)/ Spencer Reid (from Criminal Minds) angst fic.

Kirk/Sulu rescue sex fic.

McCoy/Chekov, teaching some sexual ropes fic.

Adam Monroe/ Richard Alpert (from Lost) immortality fic.

Something Heroes-related for the heroes_exchange (I know exactly what I'm going to write, but obviously I can't give it away, it's a secret!).

A sequel to "Gladiators," and a couple more birthday fics for people, because that's always fun to do.

If you have them to spare, send some good vibes my way. I could use 'em.
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