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Four Fandoms Meme!

I got tagged by tiptoe39, who stole this from speccygeekgrrl and now it's mine! I was given four fandoms, and I had to talk about my favorite character from each one, and why they're awesome. Comment if you want me to tag you too!


For Fringe, I'm going to have to go with Olivia Dunham. There's so much about her character that I love - She's clearly very dedicated and good at her job. She takes time out for her family and has a good relationship with her sister and niece. Though her flashes of psychic power freak her out, she's not afraid to use them when she has to. She'll go the extra mile for those whom she loves (hell, in the pilot she got an electrode rammed into her brain so she could invade her lover's dreams!). She's not afraid to be vulnerable, while at the same time also not afraid to seek help for her vulnerability. Despite the extreme strangeness of her job and everything around her, Olivia seems like the most sane, well-balanced person, and you'd just love to have a cup of coffee with her.



Heroes has the biggest cast of all my shows, barring Lost, and there's a lot of people in there that I like. I love Nathan for his deeply-buried good streak and love of control, I love Peter for his compassion and righteousness. I adore Monica for her willingness to dive into heroism, and I love Micah for being good through all the bad things that have happened in his life. But the one character that I love above all others, that I virtually adored every minute of screen presence regardless of any deficiencies in the plot, is Noah Bennet. During the first part of S1, he was portrayed as a possible danger to most of our protagonists, but even in his villainy, he was clever and took no bullshit.

Over the course of four seasons, Noah Bennet was our morally gray Man With A Plan, with a fascinating past that invited exploration. Nearly every move he made had a purpose behind it (unlike so many other characters that had an allergy to plans and purpose), and he had solid, believable reasons for everything he did. He loved his family with an intensity that sometimes hurt them, and Noah never gave up when the odds were against him. He may have retreated, but he never surrendered.



I gotta go with Dean. It's just that simple. I'm the eldest child in a two-child family, and though we don't have a family business of saving people and hunting things, I get where he's coming from on several different levels. He's a character with a lot of range, sometimes indulging his whims, othertimes bearing up under a crushing load of responsibility. He's not afraid to crack a joke to an angel or flip off Satan, and takes no shit from anyone. And sometimes he fails, showing he's not superhuman, but usually manages to put together the pieces somehow. He's funny, he's awesome, he's sometimes Batman, he's Dean Winchester.



You gotta love Captain Jack. How can you not love a guy who loves everyone and everything he comes in contact with? He'll flirt with anything that moves, and sleep with them too. Our twenty-first century morals amuse him, his fashion sense kicks ass, and the man is pretty, pretty, pretty. But, that's not all he is. He's dedicated to helping the Earth and keeping his team safe, usually by literally throwing himself in the line of fire. When he's with Ianto, you can see the relationship changing both of them for the better. And if you've seen Children of Earth, you know the lengths to which he will go to make the right decision, even if it'll break his own heart.
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