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Each and Every One

Title: Each And Every One
Author: jaune_chat
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairings: Crew, River POV
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 444
Spoilers: Series
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own a thing.
A/N: Written for the "Habits" round of jossverse_las.
Summary: River's crew has their habits.

Wash had a habit of getting a new piece for his diorama at every station and planetfall they made. A veritable forest of trees now covered the console, and a dozen species of dinosaurs roamed between the switches and dials. He said he was creating a new world, right there on Serenity.

Zoe had a habit of standing at attention around the captain. The minute he came into the room, her spine straightened, her feet contacted the deck, her hands joined behind her back. She became a soldier around him, transforming herself in the blink of an eye from wife or friend or shipmate into subordinate and killer.

Shepard Book had a habit of saying grace before every meal. Silently, no audible words, he asked an invisible, omnipotent presence to bring favor upon the people who ate the varicolored proteins arrayed before them. He seemed the better for it, and so did the people that joined him in his quiet exhortations.

Jayne had a habit of checking all his guns in the same order. Largest to smallest, he cleaned and polished each one with great care, petting them as if they were living things, imbuing them with his life force, making them into extensions of himself.

Kaylee had a habit of sleeping in the engine room when she’d finished a major repair. Like a mother sleeping in her child’s room, she slept lightly in her hammock, an arm’s reach away from soothing the recovering machinery.

Mal had a habit of talking to the right people, commanding them whether they willed it or no, smiling or prying or scowling, sometimes getting hit, sometimes getting shot, sometimes getting everything he wanted, sometimes destroying it. He never stopped, and sometimes it worked out for him.

Inara had a habit of being beautiful, of cleansing her body, draping it in pretty cloth and shiny metal, of singing and playing and hugging and kissing and touching and everyone being amazed by her.

Simon had a habit of being precise, of knowing where everything should be, of keeping things neat and tidy and perfect, like they were supposed to be.

River had no habits. She’d forgotten how they worked. Maybe one day she’d learn how again. She’d learn the habit of saying thank you. For each and every one:

Because Wash had a habit of pulling off the impossible.

Because Zoe had a habit of strength.

Because Shepard Book had a habit of tolerance.

Because Jayne had a habit of strength.

Because Kaylee had a habit of friendship.

Because Mal had a habit of leading.

Because Inara had a habit of loving.

Because Simon had a habit of saving her.
Tags: fic, firefly, river tam

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