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An Awesome Thing!

So, there's a new community that recently opened up, one that makes you wonder: Why the hell hasn't anyone done this before? It's the International Language and Culture Exchange, ilc_exchange. Ever wonder how exactly the British education system works? Scroll through the posts and find someone from England to ask. Don't know which roads you'd take to get from Phoenix to Denver? Talk to the person who's lived in both states! Wonder what's the favorite snack of Syndey, Australia? Ask the native down under!

The mod is still working on getting all the tags rounded up, but if you're interested, go over there an make an introductory post and list the places you've been and are willing to talk about. What restuarants would your characters go to in Chicago? Need a tourist's perspective on London for your protagonist's visit? Ever wonder how exactly how long it takes to go from Des Moines to Omaha and what you'd see on the way? (The answer is about five or six hours, and a lot of corn, soybeans, and cows.)

Use it to add versilmitude to your stories and your character's reactions. Provide color for original characters, or breathe life into your backgrounds. Make friends and influence people!
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