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Plot Box!

This is a list of old exchange prompts, the first from various heroes_exchanges, and then the ones from xover_exchange. These are things I may write, or perhaps someone else wants to write, or maybe you just want to look and them and think, "Damn, jaune_chat has weird taste."

1. "Tell Me a Fable" - One character tries to tell another a secret through the misdirection of an "innocent" story.
2. Power Play - In the bedroom, or elsewhere, someone or someones experiments with their ability in all kinds of interesting ways.
3. "I Only Hurt the Ones That Don't Love You" - To help the object of their affection, one character causes grief and pain to those who dare inconvienience their love. What the object of affection does about or (or even if he/she finds out) is up to you!
4. "Dark Side of the Moon" - An extended eclipse finally ends, and when it does, people find their powers switched. Mohinder is an empath, Claire has super strength, Edgar can move the earth, Matt can regenerate, Nathan has technopathy, Micah is the master of time and space, whatever seems most appropriate/amusing/wacky to you. How does that change them? And the world?


1. The first Petrelli/Bennet Christmas together. Peter, Nathan, and Claire are searching for gifts for each other before the big day and keep running into each other at the mall/store. They end up asking each other’s advice for gift-giving and revealing a lot about how they know the other person in the process. (If you want to porn it up, some sexytimes flashbacks or post-shopping bedroom fun wouldn’t go amiss! Or non-porn WAFF would be fun too!)
2. Some kind of riff on “Gifts of the Magi,” by O. Henry.
3. It’s the first time Maya’s ever seen snow. If things had gone better for her, how would her, Mohinder, and Molly (and Matt too, if you like!) have spent the first snowfall in New York?
4. Christmas alone – Sylar or Claire.
5. At the stroke of midnight – A new or established couple making promises and New Year’s resolutions. Funny, serious, romantic, or sexy, dealer’s choice.
6. Carnival holidays – When every day is special, and every person the same, what do the carnies do to mark a very special occasion?
7. Someone is given, or gives, themselves as a gift. Use of ribbon and “wrappings” is highly encouraged! (Con or non/dubcon, whatever works for you.)
8. What in the world is Lyle’s take on Claire’s crazy life? What’s he been up to while everyone else in his family has been running around? How does he celebrate anything when he’s been marginalized for so long? (Friendship or whatnot with some of Noah’s partners, Claude, the Haitian, Candice, etc. would be cool.)
9. If the prompts don’t trip your trigger, here’s some general themes you could work with: control/loss of it, on the outside looking in, ghosts of failures/triumphs past, evil doing good for once, sacrifice, love despite all obstacles.


1. Sylar/Ando - When Sylar discovers a man with a supercharging power amongst the rebels, he goes to great lengths to capture him and use him. Would like to include Sylar being somewhat addicted to the power Ando can give him, and have a need to dominate him so he can get his fix.

2. Matt and Mohinder, post Daphne-death, Mohinder comforting him, both of them apologizing for lots of things.

3. Nathan/Peter - Nathan and Peter flying together after a victory against government agents. Triumph and adrenaline temporarily suspend the tension and bad feelings between them for a long interlude of more-than-brotherly closeness. Possibly a bittersweet ending?

4. Sylar/Peter - A little AU. Sylar has helped the government find most of the Heroes and taken more than his share of powers. Peter is the last Hero standing, the last one Sylar can find, the last person he really wants. But Sylar isn't happy, despite all his abilities, and he is almost ready to listen when Peter tries to tell him why and how he can fix the problem...

5. (This would be the for certain lower-rated fic) The New House of M3. Micah, Molly, and Monica are running the rebellion, Molly finding people, Micah helping them with all communication, paperwork, and new identities, and Monica actually physically getting people out that they can't help any other way. A day in the life of the rebels.


As an overarcing prompt - Power Play! I want to see powers at work in all possible, evil, sensual, perverted ways.

Claire/Elle - going after Level 5 guys alone, without their dads, they comfort each other after a close call. Vigorously.

Claire/Elle - Elle wants to hurt Claire, but Claire can take it, and wants to. (BDSM or shades thereof a plus, of course)

Monica/Daphne - St. Joan means her Nemesis, who can't run fast enough to get away from what she suddenly wants...

Sylar/Peter - (Going with pre-powerloss Peter) Peter's got the Hunger, Sylar's got a new apprentice, and they both got a brand new bag... (Some dubcon couldn't hurt here, or maybe it would, but in a good way).

Sylar/Maya - (Going with mostly powerless-Sylar, pre-Mohinder visit) Sylar has a new toy, and he has to know how she works, from tips, to toes. (Manipulative!Sylar, double meanings, reveling in his control over her powers).


And these are the xover_exchange prompts:

Prompt Type #1 - Themes:
These are general prompts that could be used for any characters in any of your listed fandoms. Don't specify any fandoms or characters. Please list at least five.
Prompt: Unwilling Allies
Prompt: Saving Face
Prompt: Maybe We’ll See Each Other Again
Prompt: Locks and Keys
Prompt: “I’m a good person/We’re good people. Really.”
Prompt: “How do you do that?”

**Each of your fandoms must be represented at least twice in the following two sections, meaning the name of the fandom needs to show up at least twice. You don't need to write prompts for every single possible combination of two fandoms (though you can). The more fandoms listed above, the more prompts you'll need to write.**

Prompt Type #2 - Potential Scenarios:
Here you get to specify fandoms as well as set-ups. List at least 5.
Fandoms: Heroes/Criminal Minds Scenario: Aaron Hotchner’s BAU team is on the case of a head-mutilating serial killer.
Fandoms: Heroes/Supernatural Scenario: The ghosts of Heroes lost are plaguing the survivors. Sam and Dean come to investigate and lay the dead to rest. Would like the ghosts to be plaguing Nathan, Peter, and/or Sylar (their sins/failures come back to haunt them).
Fandoms: Heroes/Firefly Scenario: The crew of Firefly ends up smuggling some live cargo, escaped experiments from River’s “school.” Mal and his crew have to keep them (Peter, Sylar, Hiro, Maya, Daphne, etc., dealer’s choice) from inadvertently destroying the ship, or the crew, on their long voyage.
Fandoms: Dollhouse/Criminal Minds Scenario: Several unusual deaths by scalpel have been turning up in the L.A. area. The BAU team is sent on Alpha’s trail, but who is the mysterious brunette that keeps showing up around the crime scenes?
Fandoms: Supernatural/Criminal Minds Scenario: Though the FBI was told the murdering, grave-desecrating brother team of Sam and Dean Winchester had died, similar cases have been showing up recently. The case is re-opened, and the BAU team is sent to investigate several murders with their signature stamp. The profile seems to indicate the brothers are insane. Are they?
Fandoms: Dollhouse/Firefly Scenario: A few similar faces keep showing up wherever Serenity touches down. A fellow Companion on one planet, a trader on the next, a lawman on the third. Who are these people, really? Why don’t they seem to recognize Serenity’s crew? And why is someone keeping tabs on them all?

Prompt Type #3 - Potential Crossover Pairings:
Come up with pairings you’d like to see interact, as many as you can think of. Please specify after each prompt if you would like (gen only) or (gen or romantic). Romantic only is not an option. List at least 4.
Fandoms: Heroes/Supernatural Pairing: Peter/Dean (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Supernatural Pairing: Dean/Morgan (gen only)
Fandoms: Firefly/Dollhouse Pairing: River/Echo or Sierra (gen only)
Fandoms: Firefly/Dollhouse Pairing: Inara/Echo (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Dollhouse Pairing: Garcia/Topher (gen only)
Fandoms: Firefly/Heroes Pairing: River/Peter (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Criminal Minds Pairing: Sylar/Reid (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Criminal Minds Pairing: Nathan/Hotchner (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Supernatural/Dollhouse Pairing: Sam/Echo (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Dollhouse Pairing: Nathan/Adelle (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Firefly Pairing: Mohinder/Simon (gen only)


Prompt Type #1 - Themes:
These are general prompts that can be used for any characters in any of your listed fandoms. Don't specify any fandoms or characters. Please list at least five.
Prompt: Control or loss of it
Prompt: "We're the good guys"
Prompt: Strange bedfellows (doesn't have to be literal!) ;)
Prompt: Never again
Prompt: Get it done!
Prompt: Behind locked doors

Prompt Type #2 – Pairing and Scenarios:
List crossover pairings and/or scenarios you’d like to see---as many or as few of each as you like (but more is always better, since you don’t know what fandoms will be written!). After each pairing prompt, please specify if you would like (gen only) or (gen or romantic). ‘Romantic only’ is not an option. My advice is to load up on pairing prompts, since they are easier both to think of and to write. Also, research has shown that the more specific the scenario prompt, the less likely it is to get written; leave short set-ups, not plot outlines.
Fandoms: Heroes/Dollhouse Pairing: Nathan/Adelle (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Supernatural Pairing: Morgan/Dean (gen only)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Dollhouse Pairing: Garcia/Topher (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Firefly/Heroes Pairing: Simon/Peter (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Leverage/Supernatural Pairing: Eliot/Dean (gen only)
Fandoms: Star Trek/Heroes Pairing: Kirk/Peter (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Leverage/Heroes Pairing: Parker/Elle (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Star Trek/Supernatural Pairing: Bones/Bobby (gen only)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Heroes Pairing: Hotchner/Noah Bennet (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Firefly/Criminal Minds Pairing: Simon/Reid (gen only)
Fandoms: Heroes/Supernatual Pairing: Sylar/Sam (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Firefly Pairing: Prentiss/Inara (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Star Trek Pairing: Chekov/Claire (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Firefly Pairing: Mal/Emma (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Supernatural Pairing: Samuel/Crowley (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Heroes/Criminal Minds Pairing: Sylar/Reid (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Fringe/Criminal Minds Pairing: Olivia/Hotchner (gen only)
Fandoms: Star Trek/Fringe Pairing: Kirk/Peter (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Star Trek/Fringe Pairing: Uhura/Astrid (gen or romantic)
Fandoms: Fringe/Firefly Pairing: Walter/Simon (gen only)

Fandoms: Heroes/Supernatural Scenario: Ghosts are haunting one of the Heroes characters. The Winchester brothers show up to exorcise them.
Fandoms: Heroes/Superntural Scenario: Samuel would do anything to make his carnival family powerful and reveal them to the world. Even sell his soul to the King of the Crossroads.
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Firefly Scenario: Alliance investigator Emily Prentiss has had a rough few weeks, and engages the services of a Companion, one Inara Serra, for several days to unwind. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the core worlds, she wants to meet her on Serenity in a quiet location. Mal disapproves. Simon is nervous. Jayne'll be in his bunk.
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Heroes Scenario: Hotchner's team of profilers is put on the case of a head mutilating serial killer. He occasionally likes to contact them and taunt them that they haven't managed to stop him yet.
Fandoms: Leverage/Heroes Scenario: One Elle Bishop wants to engage the Leverage team to win back control of her father's Company from Angela Petrelli, the woman who stole it from her.
Fandoms: Criminal Minds/Superatural Scenario: One or more of the profilers is possessed by demons. With the knowledge of a profiler at their fingertips, the forces of hell should have no problems finding the elusive Winchester brothers.
Fandoms: Fringe/Firefly Scenario: Simon thinks he's found a doctor that might know how to help River's condition, one Walter Bishop. However, he currently works for a little-known division of the Alliance...
Fandoms: Dollhouse/Leverage Scenario: A client says their brother disappeared three years ago, and has tracked rumors of him to a place called the Dollhouse. Someone needs to go in undercover and get him out again.
Fandoms: Star Trek/Supernatural Scenario: The key to an ancient ritual necessary to bridge two warring peoples lies in a long-destroyed manuscript. However, if the crew goes back in time, they might be able to read the manuscript and interpret it for a more modern age with the help of a scholar in ancient tongues. That scholar is one Robert Singer.
Fandoms: Fringe/Criminal Minds Scenario: The Fringe team has done all they can to find some of the alternate universe agents. They need another angle to help find them. Tapping the resources of the government, Broyles gets them some profilers to give them a hand.
Fandoms: Heroes/Criminal Minds Scenario: While working a peculiar case, Agent Hotchner comes across one Noah Bennet, an agent of an unspecified government agency, who is looking for the same people he is.
Fandoms: Heroes/Firefly Scenario: The crew of the Firefly takes on several unusual passengers, all with odd abilities...
Fandoms: Leverage/Supernatural Scenario: While Eliot is trying to take out some guards during a job, he unexpectedly gets his ass handed to him by the weak-looking but black-eyed guards. When two brothers show up wielding holy water and salt to save him, Eliot is determined to figure out just what the hell is going on.
Fandoms: Star Trek/Heroes Scenario: As Jim Kirk is used to dealing with talened, reckless geniuses, he's assigned several "special" new cadets.
Fandoms: Firefly/Dollhouse Scenario: After the failure of Jubal Early to collect River Tam, a new operative is sent. Once River recognizes from her time in the academy as being called "Echo."
Fandoms: Star Trek/Fringe Scenario: The Enterprise crew is highly trained in dealing with very strange things on a daily basis. But every now and then something is so bizarre you need an expert's opinion. Enter the Fringe crew.
Fandoms: Star Trek/Heroes Scenario: The latest planet the Enterprise crew explores has a long-lost colony of human settlers living on it. But something in the air or on the planet has caused the colonists to develop fantastical powers over the generations. With a power struggle going on between different groups of colonists, can the Enterprise crew broken a peace between such powerful people and bring them into the Federation?


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