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Jaune Chat's Life, the Universe, and Everything

Fanfiction and General Musings

28 December
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  • jaune_chat@livejournal.com
Howdy! I go by the handle of Jaune Chat (yellow cat), a name taken from my own lovely feline, Timothy. I'm thirty years old, live in the American midwest, and am currently employed at an aluminum rolling mill. Yes, that's about as exciting as it sounds. More junk about me can be found below.

I'm very interested in fan fiction, and I have several stories based on the movie Sky High and a few I'm working on for the TV series Heroes. I write both comedy and angst, deliberations, deep thoughts, consequences, and seeing the other guy's side of things. I don't write strictly dark stuff on a regular basis, but you'll find it sprinkled throughout my writings.

If my writings were a movie, I'd have things rated from G to NC-17. Most of what I write falls into the R category for language and gore alone. I also have some pieces that have an explicitly sexual focus, so if that's not your bag (or you're underage) pay attention to the ratings and don't read it! Some of those NC-17 pieces are slash, some are het, some have multiple parnters (or only one person alone). If any of these don't crank your knob, please, just look away.

I will also be including several pieces that are not fanfiction, but are actual true journal entries (gasp!). I have thoughts on Life, the Universe, and Everything, so I'll be expressing my thoughts on those from time to time as well.

And now a big more about me.

I'm a college graduate in athletic training (the prevention, management, assessment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries) though currently not pursuing that field. It's a long story, I'll write about it sometime.

I'm a big fan of Mercedes Lackey's Heralds of Valdemar series and Elemental Masters series, also Anne McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang series, and much of Piers Anthony's work. I read fantasy, science fiction, horror, and non-fiction. I've been known to read Tom Clancy and Steven King, peruse Bill Bryson, and pick up random books on interesting subjects ranging from Chinese footbinding to the number and nature of deaths in Yellowstone park. (Yes, that sounds morbid, I know, but it's very interesting.)

I used to whitewater kayak in college, and enjoy swimming when I can get around to it.

I play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) frequently, including DMing duties. I'm a big fan of the Eberron and Forgotten Realms campaign settings, and also enjoy Dawnforge, Planescape, and Birthright. My favorite third-party companies include Monte Cook's Malhavoc Press and the Wanderer's Guild (not a strict company, but their material is awesome). I'd love to write for WotC or another D&D company someday. I look upon the advent of 4th edition with guarded trepedation and may have to a grumpy gronenguard.

I collect crabs and lobsters (statues, toys, antiques, dishes, salt-and-pepper shakers, etc), Isabel Bloom statues, and things relating to Ancient Egypt.

I have a great interest in fairy tales and folklore and have a reasonably large collection of books on said subjects.

I enjoy an eclectic collection of movies, including bloody horror, horrific terror, offbeat comedy, action, sci-fi, fantasy, and true-to-life stories.

I play piano, occasionally sing, and have a music collection as strange as my movie selection, ranging from Disturbed to Deep Forest.